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The Sculpture of India – New Series in Doordarshan by Benoy K. Behl

‘The Sculpture of India’ is a New Series directed and produced for Doordarshan by noted art historian, photographer and filmmaker Benoy K. Behl. He along with associate director Latika Gupta and Assistant Cameraman Gopal Prajapati traveled over 80,000 kms to shoot the series. This huge project of 26 films takes the viewer from the time of the Indus Valley civilization in the 4th and 3rd millenniums BC till the 17th century.

The series details about the development of the art of sculpture in the country and how it is closely related to the cultural history of India. ‘The Sculpture of India’ traces the development of various concepts and themes in the making of temple idols and other images. It also throws light on the various traditions and how it evolved over a period of time.