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Major Archeological Find at Dwarka

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has found a wooden block at Dwarka, Guajarat, which can help in dating the structures found here. The wooden block was found in its original place at a depth of two to three meters near seashore. ASI's Underwater Archaeology Wing (UAW), which has been conducting excavations in the area, found this wooden block.

Dwarka is associated with Lord Krishna and legend has it that the city was swallowed by sea when Krishna returned to heaven.

From The Hindu

Alok Tripathi, Superintending Archaeologist, UAW, who led the excavation, said: ‘The discovery of this wooden block is of great importance because these submerged stone structures are known for the past 40 years. But no material was available from these structures, which can be dated. Stones cannot be easily dated. Dates given earlier were based on different interpretations."

The block, made of local beach wood, would be sent for carbon-14 dating and "it will give the final date for the submerged structures at Dwaraka," said Dr. Tripathi.

In February 2007, the ASI team had excavated copper coins and figurines from the area.