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Valentine's Day and Hindu Religion

For a decade on Valentine’s Day, Hindus are reminded of their rich cultural tradition through vandalism. Valentine's Day is not associated with Hinduism and neither is it a traditional Indian event. Several Hindu organizations and Regional political parties have objected to the celebration. But Valentine’s Day has found many takers especially in metros and in big towns.

Shops selling Valentines Day cards and gifts have been smashed in the past. Restaurants and Hotels celebrating the day have not been spared. More and more people came to know about Valentine’s Day in India mainly thorough the moral policing and mindless violence carried out by some organizations. I don’t think even today more than 20% of the youngsters in India know what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Valentine’s Day celebration in India is nothing but a skilful ploy by the business community to rake in some money. We can express our love all the 365 days not just a particular day.

Now, if a youngster wants to celebrate it, he/she should be allowed to do so. Can a Valentine’s Day celebration blow away Hindu culture?