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Book - The Power of Dharma: An introduction to Hinduism and Vedic Culture by Stephen Knapp

The book ‘The Power of Dharma: An introduction to Hinduism and Vedic culture’ is a good introduction to those who are eager to know about Hinduism. It provides an overview of the basic concepts in Hindu religion. The book is written by Stephen Knapp. He has been associated with Hinduism for more than four decades and his studies in Vedas are highly appreciated.

The book touches the important aspects of Hindu religion like customs, traditions, worship, festivals, yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Simple an easy to read, excellent presentation of Vedic truths, the book is faithful to Vedic philosophy
  • A concise overview of Hinduism, tradition, major principles and teachings
  • All important and common questions about Hindu customs and teachings are answered.
  • The book is good for a novice as well as a for a practitioner of Hindu religion. 

Few excerpts from the book:
Vedic culture, more popularly known as Hinduism today, has spread everywhere and is followed by over one billion people around the world. Every seventh person in the world is a follower of the Vedic tradition, which equals 13.7% population. 
Vedic culture is the indigenous culture of India. It is not merely a code of religion but a way of life with something for anyone, regardless of what level of consciousness or inquiry into spiritual truths that a person may have. 
So what does it mean to follow this Vedic path? It generally means to learn the ways of a spiritually progress person. This includes understanding one’s spiritual identity, knowing that he or she is not the temporary body but is spirit soul, that there is karma or reactions for one’s activities, and rebirth in another life after death in which one reaps the reward or punishment for his or her own good or evil thoughts, words and deeds.