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Hindu Scholars to Improve the Collective Consciousness of Israel through Vedic Chanting

Three hundred Hindu scholars practicing Transcendental Meditation have applied for visa to go to Israel. Their aim is to ‘reorganize the Israeli chaos’ through Vedic chanting and meditation. Dr. Alex Kutai of the Institute for the Science of Creative Intelligence in Israel is behind this novel idea.

The Jerusalem Post reports
According to Dr. Alex Kutai, yoga and chanting are the new technologies for defeating terror, solving national problems and promoting prosperity, peace and invincibility. Kutai is a doctor of the Maharishi Research European University in Britain and an expert in the science and technology of natural law. 
‘The chanting has to be performed with a certain mass of people who are the root square of one percent of the number of the country's population,’ he said. ‘In Israel this number is 300,’ said Kutai, asserting that the resultant positivism and harmony would ‘help prevent future dangers and intensify the good fortune of the nation.’