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Brooms as Offering in Moradabad Shiva Temple - Pataleshwar Shiv Mandir Famous For Curing Skin Diseases

It is said that the Lord is pleased with anything that the devotee offers. Lord Krishna was happy to eat ‘the last leaf left’ in the plate of Draupadi. There are numerous unique offerings in temples throughout in India. At the Pataleshwar Shiv Mandir in Moradabad devotees offer brooms and they believe this will clean their sins. The temple is famous for curing skin diseases.

The temple is located at Sadat Bari village in Behjoi block in Sambhal District, Uttar Pradesh.

 Pataleshwar Shiv Mandir is more than 100 years old. Along with milk, water, bel patra, people make the offering of broom here.

There is strong belief that those who offer broom to Shiva at Pataleshwar Shiv Mandir will get relief from skin diseases.

During Mahashivratri, thousands of people visit the Sadat Bari Shiva Temple and offer brooms for getting their skin diseases cured.

A huge mela is held on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

The shops located near the temple sells broom along with other regular pooja items.

Story of Pataleshwar Shiv Mandir 

A person in the nearby village was suffering from a terrible skin disease. He offered prayers to Shiva daily for a cure to the rare skin disease.

On night, Shiva came in the dream of the person and asked him to worship a Shivling located in a nearby forest.

The person went with the villagers to the nearby forest and discovered the Shivling.

They tried to uproot the Shivling by digging to take it to the village but they could not find the base of the Shivling.

The person then decided to worship the Shivling there and clean the area using a broom. He then started to build a temple around Shivling in the forest.

Within few days, the person was completely cured of his skin diseases.

From that day people started worshipping the shivling. As the person got cured after cleaning the Shivling, people started offering broom symbol of cleaning along with other puja items.

Thousands of people have had their skin diseases cured after offering prayer here.

It is also believed that those offering broom even if they do not have skin diseases will never get one.

Apart from Shivratri, the temple attracts thousands of devotees during the Shravan month.