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What is the difference between Hindi and Hindu?

What is the difference between Hindi and Hindu?

Hindi is the national language of India. It is spoken  by more than 310 million people in the world and it is the fourth largest language spoken in the world.

Hindu (Hindus) is a person who practices Santana Dharma (Hinduism – Hindu Religion). There are a billion Hindus around the world and majority of them live in India.

(I know many Indians and Hindus might find this post odd but I get numerous mails asking the difference. There are also numerous articles written which use Hindi instead of Hindu and vice versa.)

Even google used to be confused early when we type in Hindi and Hindu. There used to be lot of problems but they have corrected it.

The name Hindu itself is the result of a wrong pronunciation of the River Indus. The name Hindu was coined by the European colonizers of India.