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YogeshKumar Bhatt, CharDham Hindu temple and his new Hinduism

Yogesh Kumar Bhatt wants to build a 30,000-square-foot temple on Coddington Road in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Here he wants to establish his own branch of Hinduism. The neighbors of the proposed temple have several fears including the fear of people thronging their peaceful neighborhood. He has failed to convince the neighbors for the third time.

CharDham Hindu temple is a multimillion venture and Bhatt has agreed that it could cost an estimated $5 million.

The Hunterdon Review reports
Pressed repeatedly by Barden to specify how his version of Hinduism would be unique, Bhatt testified that when new members join, “In the beginning it may appear to be similar with other faiths but if you go deeper with the religion and philosophy you will realize it is different.”

Bhatt needs a translator as he is not fluent in English.

In a democracy, people have the right to create a new religion and practice it. But what is this new Hinduism?

This whole talk of new Hinduism is nothing but a means to lead a life of luxury without working. I pity the educated people who fund such monstrous concepts.

The core principle of ‘Santana Dharma’ or Hinduism is individuality. It asks each individual to tread his/her path. Teachers and holy texts are only your guide. You need to find your path. But many people want to attain peace and bliss through shortcuts. Remember when you are following a person, you are become a sort of slave to his/her ideas. Your individuality is lost and that is not Hinduism.
Five million dollars could change the life of hundreds of poor Hindus. Why create temples when we cannot maintain the existing ones? Instead of building new temples, use that money to create job opportunities for poor Hindus.