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Jesus Comes In Dream and Asks To Stop Making Hindu Medallion - Conversion Tactics

Usually, Hindu Blog ignores such age-old tricks employed by Christian missionaries.
There are numerous websites which constantly publish articles deriding Hinduism. The ‘caste system’ is the main weapon used to attack Hinduism. Next comes the religious practices of Hindus especially that of the poor rural Indians. Even mainstream news portals are enthusiastic to report about certain practices of rural Hindus.

This particular incident is being reported by the Catholic news agencies which always find space and time for chiding rural Hindu practices.

From the Indian Catholic
An abandoned hut on the outskirts of a central Indian town has become a prayer center at the instruction of a 10-year-old boy who claims to have visions of Jesus. Rohit Rajan Toppo, a sixth-grader, initiated the center in a village near Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh state, 1,300 kilometers southeast of New Delhi
Toppo's father, Gyan Prakash, said the boy had his first vision of Jesus on 3 March 2005. In that vision Jesus promised he would bless Toppo's family and also asked the boy to tell his grandfather to stop making thawich, a Hindu medallion, recalled Prakash, who keeps a record of happenings related to and messages given to his son.
Recently, several newspapers reported about the mass wedding in Delhi. But what caught the attention of these newspapers was the astrologers.
“30,000 Delhi couples heed astrologers and tie the knot” (From Guardian UK.)
The intention is very much clear Indians still believe in astrologers and obey them.

But what about the great vision of the rural Indian boy. Perhaps it is forward looking because the boy saw ‘Jesus.’

This news item will never appear in mainstream media because the boy saw ‘Jesus.’ Had he seen some ‘Hindu gods’ … well you would have read this story in mainstream media. Perhaps with a conclusion – ignorance still prevails in rural India.

When it is Jesus it is forward looking, when it is Hindu gods it is ignorance.