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What is Hukamnama in Sikhism?

Hukamnama are the religious edicts in Sikhism. The meaning of word ‘hukam’ is a divine command. In Sikhism, the Guru’s commands are looked upon as the mandates of God Himself. Thus, the commands of Gurus are Hukamnama. A large number of people follow the daily Hukamnama Sahib from Shri Golden Temple.

The available ancient Hukamnamas are:
  • Two by Guru Har Gobind
  • One by Baba Guruditta
  • One by Guru Harkrishan
  • Twenty Two by Guru tegh Bahadur
  • Two by Mata Gujeri
  • Thirty Four by Guru Gobind Singh
  • Two by Banda Bahadur
  • Nine by Mata Sundari
  • Nine by Mata Sahib Kaur.
Hukamanamas are also issued by takhts, spiritual and temporal seats of Sikhs.

All the Hukamanamas have great religious, political and spiritual significance in Sikhism.

An example of a Hukamnama

Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru, said in his Hukamnama date October 2, 1707:

To the entire congregation of Dhaul, you are my Khalsa. The Guru will protect you. Meditate on the Guru. Your human birth will be redeemed.  We were received her by the king and honored with a robe, jeweled dagger and sixty thousand rupees. Other tasks are also being accomplished by favor of Guru. We are also returning to you in a few days.

To the entire community of Khalsa my command is keep unity in your ranks. When we come to Anandpur, the entire Khalsa should come armed into our presence. Send two tolas of gold worth rupees forty. If the messenger delays, turn him out of the congretation.