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Jasmine Oil Offering in Hinduism – Chameli Oil

Jasmine oil, locally known as Chameli ka tel (oil), is an important offering in Hinduism to certain particular deities. Chameli oil is offered to Hanuman, Kuber, Goddess Kalaratri, Maa Bhavani, Panchamukhi Hanuman and numerous other deities on special occasion.

To solve family related problems, five wicks are dipped in Jasmine oil. It is then lighted on a bronze lamp. This lamp is offered to Hanuman on Tuesday.

To overcome health issues in the family, jasmine oil is donated to a married woman.

To attain success in love and romance related matters, a lamp is lit before Bhagavan Sri Krishna. A small amount of honey is mixed with jasmine oil and the wick is dipped in it. The lamp is then lit using chameli oil.

Chameli Oil Use in Hindu Religion

Donating the oil to a poor woman will help in solving professional and career problems.

Offer the oil to Goddess Lakshmi, and then keep it in locker or in the spot where money is regularly kept. This will help in solving financial problems.

For luck in money matters and for gains in stock exchange, light five wick lamp with chameli oil in the morning before Lord Kuber. On the same day feed a cow with ghee roti. Do this for 21 days.

Students who wish to perform well in exam should meditate on Hanuman by lighting lamp using chameli oil. This should be done an hour before sunrise. After five minutes of puja, they should start studying. They will help in retaining all that is studied. Memory will improve.

Mix jasmine oil and sindhoor and light the lamp using it. This will help in improvement of personal health; and to over a serious illness. One wick is preferred. Chant Hanuman Chalisa 11 times in front of the lamp for 11 days.