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Origin of Hinduism - I

If you ask about the origin of Hinduism to a person who has perceived the essence of Hinduism, the answer will be a simple smile. This is because Hinduism has no history, it believes in the present. This might be hard for a common man to digest because we live in a world which gives so much importance to history. If you are looking for dates and other facts you can find it in these articles – Year of origin of Hinduism and History of Hindu religion and Origin of the term Hindu.

The great sages who gave us the Upanishads, Vedas and other Holy Scriptures, never talked about the history of their clan or kingdom. This is because history is of no use to the mankind. But the great thoughts found in Upanishads are eternal and have practical use in everyday life. They knew very well that history creates nothing but wars and tension.

Our world is dominated by monolithic religions. These religions have a proper beginning and founders. But Hinduism has no founders. Simply because it is not a religion but a way of life. It talks more about day-to-day problems. It deals with questions that every human being ask at sometime in life like ‘Who am I?’
The question of origin of Hinduism arises because other religions in the world have an origin. Modern education also might prompt a person to ask about the origin. So, many Hindus are forced to give a period of origin or a particular era.

Theories and dates of Origin of Hinduism can be found in the successive posts.