Mithuna Masam 2016 – Midhunam Month in Malayalam Calendar in 2016

Midhunam, or Mithuna Masam, is the eleventh month in a traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Mithuna Masam in 2016 is from June 15 to July 15. The famous Oachira Kali will be held on the first two days of the month.

Full Moon and No Moon Day
Karthuvavu or Amavasi – July 5
Veluthuvavu or full moon day (Purnima) – June 20

Ekadasi Fasting days in Mithuna Masam are June 16, July 1, July 15
Pradosham Fasting days are on June 17 and July 2.

Sashti Vratam is on July 10.

There will be the usual monthly pujas for the first five days at Sabarimala Temple from June 15 to June 20.

Next month in Malayalam calendar is the Karkidaka Masam also known as Ramayana Masam.