Nahai Khai Ritual during Jivitputrika Vrat

Nahai Khai is the first day of three-day Jivitputrika Vrat or Jitiya Fasting observed by mothers for the well being of their children in North India, especially in Bihar. In 2016, Nahai Khai ritual is on September 22. Women eat the last food on Nahai Khai day before the beginning of the Jitiya fasting on the next day. The food is taken after proper purification of the body.

The last food can be taken during any time of the Saptami day (seventh day of the waning phase of moon in Ashwin (Bhadrapad in other regions).

Jivitputrika Vrat or Jitiya fasting is observed on the eighth day – Ashtami day (September 23, 2016).

The fast ends with the Paaran ritual, the time of time of Paaran ritual is the beginning of the ninth day – Navami day - Time of Paaran in 2016 is at 4:48 AM on September 24 - as it is middle of night you can do it in the morning of September 24.