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Ashta Panchami – Importance of Ashtapanjami

Ashta Panjami, or Achtapanchami, is a highly auspicious day as per traditional Malayalam Panchangam and Kerala Astrology. Ashta Panchami occurs on the ashtami day (eighth day after full moon) in Chingam month. In 2011, Ashta Panchami date is September 21.
Ashta Panchami is something quite similar to Akshaya Tritiya or Pushya Nakshatra. The day is considered highly auspicious to buy new properties and houses.
Ashta Panchami day is presently marketed by real estate agents and flat builders to sell properties and flats.


  1. Dear Abhilash, Do you know that a website is copying your content and also spreading lot of wrong information on Hindu customs.

    He just changes titles and two three words of your post.

    I have written about this to you in mail. But you did not respond. Why are you not doing something about this?

    Do you know such things are serious issues on internet?

  2. Namaste Rakeshji...I had replied to your mail. I feel you meant why I did not publish your earlier comment. This was because you had named a particular website (blog) that copies our content. We did not want to malign anyone so we did not publish the comments in which you named the particular blog.

    I am not here to pick up fights. Let them do what they want.

    I will perform my Dharma and Karma. I had written this blog when i had 0 visitors and i will continue to write the blog till i have the capability to do it.

    Thanks for your concern. Let us focus our energy on more constructive purposes and in spreading the true values of Sanatana Dharma.

  3. Thanks for the reply. But i am not that lenient i won't tolerate such things. Hope you atleast warn such people.

  4. Ashtami is considered to be inauspicious. Ashtami represented to lord of the lords saying that all are avoiding the day. Lord Vishnu said to Ashtami that "Don't worry! I will take the form of Krisna and people will definitely celebrate the day." And that's how Ashtami got popular. Nowadays all are trying to exploit it differently.


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