Chithirai Pournami 2015 – Chitra Purnima – Full moon day in Tamil Month Chitirai in 2015

Chitra Pournami, or Chithirai Poornima, is Tamil ritual observed on the full moon day in the month of Chitirai (April – May). In 2015, the date of Chitirai Pournami is May 4. The Pournami begins at 7:22 AM on May 3 and ends at 8:30 AM on May 4 (Indian Standard Time). Chithirai Pournami is dedicated to Chitragupta, the keeper of deeds in the house of Yama, the Hindu god of death and to Indira, the leader of the Devas.

People perform holy bath in rivers and sacred ponds on to wash sins away.

Special pujas are offered at important temples in Tamil Nadu on the day. Devendra Puja or Indra Puja is held on the day at Madurai Meenakshi Temple.