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Third day of Navratri Dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta on October 4, 2016

In the nine-day Navratri festival, the third day is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta. She is worshipped on October 4, 2016 during Navratri. In this form Goddess Durga depicts the angry element of her. The name Chandraghanta or Chandra-Khanda is from the semi-circular moon (Chandra) which appears like a bell (Ghanta) on the forehead of Her. Durga is also worshiped as Ashtamukhi and Shorashi in different parts of India on this day. The first three days of Navaratri puja are mainly dedicated to Goddess Durga in most parts of the country and this is the last day of worship of Durga.

Chandraghanta form of Durga is depicted with 10-arms and she rides a tiger. This form of Durga follows the mild forms of Shailaputri and Brahmacharini. Thus Durga represents all the three aspects of nature.

Goddess Durga is also worshiped as Shorashi in some parts of Western and Northern India on the third day. Another form worshiped on third day is that of Ashtamukhi.

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