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Trinidad Hindu Temple in the Sea Attacked and Idols Mutilated

Sewdas Sadhu Shiva Mandir, the famous Trinidad Hindu temple in the sea at Waterloo, was attacked by vandals on Friday. Idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesh, Hanuman and Goddess Durga were damaged in the attack. The doors, windows and other items in temple have been damaged and the total damage is estimated to be around $100,000. Desecration of the Temple in the sea was the motive as no valuables were robbed.

Bainnati Rajkoomar, caretaker of the temple, said she closed the temple around 6 p.m. on Friday and when she opened the building yesterday morning, she was shocked by what she saw.

"I was shocked and sad to see the state of the building. I could not believe my eyes. Four murtis were [bundled] together on the floor, the whole place was desecrated and there were signs that an attempt was made to burn the building."

Rajkoomar said it was not the first time people had damaged the temple: "It was vandalized many times before but this time was the worst," she said. (Trinidad Express)

The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha has decided to replace the desecrated idols with marble ‘murtis’ from India.

Devant Maharaj, coordinator for the murtis project, said the donors-Nal Ramsingh, Thirbhawon Seegobin, and Sat Maharaj have ordered them and they are expected to be installed at a special Hindu ceremony next February.

Maharaj said the murtis that were vandalized were made of concrete but the replacements will be made out of polished marble and will be made in India.(Trinidad Express)

The Trinidad Temple in the Sea is the result of unwavering dedication of Sewdass Sadhu, an indentured laborer. Sewdass Sadhu was imprisoned for building a temple on a farmland. He then decided to build a temple in the sea as the sea belonged to none. Sewdass Sadhu used to carry small blocks of stone to the sea after his work. Slowly an island rose from the sea and Sewdass Sadhu built a small temple on the island. Sewdass died in 1970.

The dedication and determination shown by Sewdass Sadhu cannot be mutilated by any force.


  1. you know its really sad when people attack others religion in this way. Is this what their relgion teaches them?

  2. The sad part is that vandals are there in all religions.

  3. dear atman,
    though it is very sad, similar thing once happened in dubai, and the government there, was so strict to the criminals, that they found them and gave sentence to all. and got made the repairs in from there own side.

    second thing what every hindu can do is to take a pledge to build a very strong mandir in their respective houses, and in their hearts, and do paryers more intensely. that can be right answer .

    and people should talk and advertise these things, so that the world should know, the the biggest peace lovers on this earth are facing the problems.

    i am not able to think something else.


    ashok das

  4. It is a bad example.Government should take serious action against it.It is a shame for the honurable majority members of other religion who can not ignore the responsibility of such bad work.Probably their religion or devotee of that religion inspired them to perform such activity.There are some countries where Hindus are majority.If Hindus reacts what will happened.


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