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Wrongly quoting Bhagavad Gita to explain the mass destruction caused by US and its allies

An article appearing in FPIF on the mass destruction caused by United States and its allies quotes Bhagavad Gita to explain the nature of destruction. The article written by Conn Hallinan is titled “The Vishnu Strategy” (no idea what that strategy is) and quotes from the Bhagavad Gita.

The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy.” According to the great Hindu text Bhagavad-Gita, Vishnu delivered that speech to Prince Arjuna before a great battle almost eight millennia ago.

The author seems to be influenced by Robert Oppenheimer who quoted from Gita to describe the explosion of the atomic bomb. Firstly, it was not Vishnu who delivered Bhagavad Gita but Lord Krishna. Since Krishna being the incarnation of Lord Vishnu for argument sake the statement can be accepted.

The above said quote is from the eleventh chapter of Bhagavad Gita (verse 32). And Conn Halliman has not taken the entire quote but mutilated it to suit his article.

I am death,
The mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy.
Even without your participation all the warriors
Standing arrayed in the opposing armies
Shall cease to exist.

Kalo’smi lokaksayakrt-pravrddho
Lokan smahartum-iha pravrttah|

rte’pi twam na bhavisyanti sarve
ye’vasthitah pratyanikesu yodhah||

The term used for death in the verse is ‘Kal’ which also means ‘Time’ so the verse also means

Time am I, that comes to destroy worlds, grown mature, engaged here in subduing the world. Even without thee, all the warriors stationed in the opposite ranks shall not be. (Translated by Shakuntala Rao Shastri)

Krishna is here removing the ignorance of Arjuna by pointing out that ‘Time’ or ‘death’ will anyway consume all those that you are worrying for. When Krishna says ‘Time am I’ he is saying that he is Brahman or the ultimate truth.

So what is the article dealing with?

An Israeli commander recently expressed regret on the recent war against Lebanon by Israel.

From the article

The latest channeling of the Hindu god can be found in an Israeli commander's evaluation of last summer's war with Lebanon: “What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs.”

The commander was decrying the way Israel, the United States, and Great Britain wage war these days, which has increasingly become an exercise in mass destruction. In the last five years, Vishnu has visited Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon. The result has been death and ruin on a biblical—or more aptly, a Bhagavad-Gita—scale.

The writer concludes that US and its allies are employing Vishnu Strategy.

What does this mean? What has Bhagavad Gita and Lord Vishnu to do with the mass destruction carried out by fascist governments?

Krishna did not ask Arjuna to kill innocent people but asked to fight for his existence. Shying away from defending one's existence is against the law of nature. Every living being has the right to live in nature until nature consumes it. Often human beings out of his/her ignorance do not perform the required duty. Krishna was only removing the ignorance of Arjuna which was acting as an impediment from him performing his duty.

If United States and its allies are creating mass destruction it is out of the ignorance of the ruling class.


  1. Very pertinent & good blog. Thanks for the actual gita quotes & translations!

  2. Thanks for the blog. It helped me alot and I greatly apreciate it. It will help me in my religion project!

  3. These poor people are trying to defame the Sanatana Dharma for the sake of money, but it may also make popular the Bhagavad Gita & Hinduism

  4. an expedient blog. its very nice to know that people from other countries taking great interest in GITA. but its very unfortunate that they are modifying the meaning of age old gita according to their personal necessities.

  5. Very good topic and very good explanation. People around the world misuse hindu scriptures to justify their actions. We should not allow other religions to take hindus and hinduism for a ride.

  6. Great and an apt article.Thank You. This can as well be seen as an apt time to project Hinduism as the way of life,a religion for living not a bunch of people following some rituals! The authors thinking they are taking support out of our scriptures are quoting it wrong.But lets see it as a platform they are providing us to debate and prove that the understood meaning of our scriptures is wrong and this is what it means in a wider and better sense. Nowz the age of reasoning,lets fight it out & vanish their prejudices about us & our culture.It's good one way that western authors atleast know the something like GITA exist in Hinduism.Let them provide the platform and let is reason it out & explain them what actually it means.That way the world can equally see the right intention & meaning as well as the manipulated version of it ;compare & understand themselves.

  7. I think the point about the misuse of the quote is correct as is the observation of Robert Oppenheimer's use of it leading to these poseurs.

    The silly notion about America and England are only the work of Islamo-fascists who unlike these two democracies show no tolerance for Hinduism and it's principles.

    Please don't mix asinine Islamist propaganda with good scholarship on the misuse of Hindu religious beliefs.

  8. There are so many unauthorized versions of our scriptures due to this many people are misinterpreting our scriptures.

    The word Hinduism ,Aryan itself is a misnomer.Hindu name is given by invaders.Aryan race was coined by Max Muller.

  9. Nice and illuminating article. unfortunately The priceless, timeless and ulimate truth as illuminated by the Sanathana Dharma had not been appreciated even in India till recently. It is the most liberal and democratic way of life and quest for truth. The world is now slowly but steadily realising this fact. This is the only solution to the world torn apart under the weight of conflicts and destructions that various barbazic and violent civilisations have brought upon the universe.

  10. Search for a pdf article titled "oppenheimer and the gita" published by american physiological society (APS) - the author explains that Oppenheimer understood not only the 'gnana' argument (that the world is maya, and only atma is eternal - so killing someone is not killing the atma), but also the 'dharma' and 'laukika' arguments. Dharma says that innocents should not be harmed.

    In my thought oppenheimer understood it well, but many do not understand oppenheimer

  11. Extermely informative, thanks

  12. Very informative article and well said. In response to the comments left by others involving misinterpretaions, I must say this...Every religious text has been misinterptreted. From the bible to the Qur'an to the Bhagavad Gita and so on and so on. The only ones who know the true meanings are the writers and those who are pure of faith. I agree that a common meaning must be implied but to reach that meaning with others hearts is a task not easily done.

  13. Thanks for the clarification on That verse. But I know many in America, especially those who converted to Buddhism, who have read Gita and have great regard for it. Only people who just copy/paste and form opinion based on one verse speak in an ignorant manner.

  14. Everyone here seems to be in agreement over the misinterpretation of Hindu texts, which is true in a lot of cases. However, there is no reason to get so up in arms about this man's article. I believe his metaphorical commentary on the world has,likewise, been largely misinterpreted.

  15. Dear,

    Thanks for your information.
    Forget the all fake translations.

    Try to read the 'BHAHAVAT GITA AS IT IS', AC Bhsktivedanta Swamy Prabhu Padha, Founder Acarya of International Society of Krishna Conscuousness. Here only you can see the real God words with out any contamination.
    So please advice to the people, who really wish to know Vedic Culture and Lord Krishna.

  16. this brings back memories of my high school world history textbooks in america. it had the most horrible lies about hinduism, like the idea that the vedas contained "magic spells". it also quoted Hindu scriptures totally out of context. among the numerous lies were several about Sri Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita - saying that Sri Krishna was not God but half human and "speculated" what might be a good idea instead of teaching the truth, and misquoting the Gita to make it sound like He was telling Arjuna that he should become a killing machine. i could not tell you how angry i was that not only did we have to read these lies, but also study them and memorize them for tests. i complained but my complaints were ignored - and the teacher recommended that i memorize the lies for the sake of acing the final exam.

    this was in texas, but if i'm not mistaken california had a similar problem with even worse books. there was one section in their books that briefly summarized the Ramayana (from a secular view) and then said that Hanuman the "monkey god" was always present when the Ramayana was being told, then instructed the children to "look around - see any monkeys?" implying that Hanuman doesn't exist. it was full of strong insults and lies about Hinduism. when parents and teachers complained about the books, the school board made minor corrections but still left lots to be corrected in the books.


    Dear Editor:

    I was frankly distressed to learn that the Asia Times has removed my commentary, "The Vishnu Strategy," from its web site because it received a number of letters suggesting that I was insulting the Hindu religion. I assure you that was not my intention. The title of the commentary came from a remark made by Robert Oppenheimer following the detonation of the first atomic bomb at the Trinity site in New Mexico. His exact quote (from Richard Rhodes' The Making of the Atomic Bomb, page 676) was:

    "I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita: Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him he takes on his multi-armed form and says, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of the worlds." I suppose we all thought that, one way or the other."

    In researching the quote I found that Oppenheimer had edited it slightly. The most accepted translation (found in Chapter 11, verse 32) is "The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy." I also found that the speaker is actually Shiva who takes on the form of Vishnu (the Shiva was dropped in the editing process).

    The concept of "destroyer" is a powerful one, and one that many religions use. One letter writer said that I should have used the Christian Armageddon (I assumed the writer thought I was a Christian. I am not.), but Armageddon is not about destruction per se, it is about the great battle to be fought in present day Israel between the forces of Zog and the followers of Jesus. It would supposedly bring on the Second Coming. The suggestion by the letter writer is, I suppose, as casual as my use of the phrase from Oppenheimer. The letter writer is wrong, but I certainly take no offense.

    What I was doing was using the words in the context that Oppenheimer used them: What have we done? What have we unleashed upon the world? That is the context that he used it in (he also compared what his team had done to Prometheus). The United States, Israel, Britain, and some other nations have increasingly resorted to being mighty destroyers. I also referred to the ability of those nations to unleash mayhem of "Biblical proportions." I hope that phrase does not offend Christians, but it is a phrase based on the kinds of destruction the Christian Lord rains down on any number of occasions.

    I am disturbed that the Asia Times withdrew my commentary based on the fact that people didn't like it. Isn't the idea of commentaries to provoke discussion? Shouldn't the Asia Times have printed the letters and let people debate the question? Granted, the focus of my commentary had nothing to do with religion, but still and all, debate is debate. Maybe there are others out there who happen to have a somewhat different view than most of the letter writers. How will we know this? If we censor ideas because we fear they may offend someone, why have different ideas? There are certainly Christians who would take offense at one writer's casual suggestion of substituting Armageddon, and maybe me using the Bible to describe what the United States does in Iraq and Israel in Lebanon. Do we not run the writer's letter because those people might be offended? What article will be withdrawn next?

    Lastly, the tone of the letters directed at the commentary and myself is revealing. There is a whiff of fundamentalism in them that chills me. Debate, disagreement, and correction are what we should be seeking, not attack and denunciation. The last thing this world needs is more sectarianism. It leads to the very kind of policies I was attempting to challenge.

    Conn M. Hallinan

  18. I agree with Conn Hallinan. all debates should be healthy and we should stop trying to fit religion into our way of thinking. instead we should expand our thinking to understand the message of these great texts. it is a fact that arjuna had to kill his near and dear ones on a massive scale under the guidance of god. and i believe george bush said the same thing - that he was going to war because god told him to do so. if you're a hindu, you feel arjuna was justified in what he did. and if you were a fan of george bush, you believe he was justified. all in all, the ultimate "doer" of everything is god and perhaps there is a very good reason for everything happening as it does.

  19. Dears, All doubts will be clear, once you read 'BHAGAVAT GITA AS IT IS by Srila Prabhupada Gosawmy', published by Bhakti Vedanta Book Trust, ISKCON. It is available in all language. Please dont go with sake translations / abhinava pandit. Actually they are doing very crual to social. Here DC Books also Right in their translation. But you read Bhagavat Gita As it is, you can see its explation and rewiew with other upanishads, purnas and Sri Shankaracharyar, Chaithanya Maha Prabhu...
    Thank You,

  20. Dears, All doubts will be clear, once you read 'BHAGAVAT GITA AS IT IS by Srila Prabhupada Gosawmy', published by Bhakti Vedanta Book Trust, ISKCON. It is available in all language. Please dont go with sake translations / abhinava pandit. Actually they are doing very crual to social. Here DC Books also Right in their translation. But you read Bhagavat Gita As it is, you can see its explation and rewiew with other upanishads, purnas and Sri Shankaracharyar, Chaithanya Maha Prabhu...
    Thank You,

  21. Dear Friends,

    Hello. I would like to share a comment about quoting the Gita.

    It is one thing to misquote the Gita and another thing to misinterpret it. To misinterpret is worse than to misquote.

    Even a saint can misinterpret scripture. For example, the Upanishads have three main interpreters: Madhva, Ramanuja and Shankaracharya. All three are saints, but their interpretations are different.

    What usually leads a disciple to a certain saint is philosophy. And it is the philosophy that they struggle to uphold.

    That is all for now.


  22. Dear Friends,

    Hello, again. I hope you all enjoy the following interpretation, commentary, on Sri Ramana Maharshi's following quote.

    "Equality does not mean ignorance of distinctions."

    It is said that one should treat everyone with respect, with equality, but what exactly does that mean? Should one respect hatred? Should one respect ignorance and selfishness? Certainly not. It simply means that one should treat every behavior accordingly with respect, with equality,towards the person at "heart". When one has a genuine attitude of selfless love at heart, then one can never disrespect anyone, no matter how others may perceive it. And anyone who ever feels disrespected by another is not a jnani. People may disrespect a jnani and he knows it, but he does not feel it. He always feels bliss in himself. A jnani distinguishes behavior from the Self, but an ajnani identifies himself with it, because he sees himself as the doer, the mind-body ego, the "behavior". He feels respected or disrespected because of this false identification.

    Proper interpretation is much more important than proper quoting. I think I have satisfied both. What do you think? No opinions, please.


  23. Namaste Arthur, you have captured the true essence of the quote of Ramana Maharishi. And what you said about Jnani and Ajnani regarding respect is absolutely true. This is the proper interpretation,


  24. I am a student of the Holy Gita and I really do regret the way many people around the globe interpret the Gita. viz- In Kerala, it has become a popular message that " What ever had happened was for good. Whatever is happening is for the good. And whatever is happening is also for the good." All the people in kerala believe that this is a quote from the Gita. But if one studies the entire Gita too, he won't find anything atleast a bit similar to the message given above.
    I think some hyppocrites must have developed this message and when he found people don't agree to his message, he must have gave a propaganda that he have quoted the same from the Holy Gita. This is the worst thing that one religion will have to ever encounter.

  25. I wish not approve on it. I over nice post. Expressly the title attracted me to review the unscathed story.

  26. Nice fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

  27. Destruction is necessary part of the cosmic equation.Vishnu was there in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and was also there in Iraq,Lebanon and Afghanistan. Destruction is necessary for the spiritual evolution of the

    races and forward movement of civilizations and mankind.Without destruction there will only be stagnation.

    The problem here is a lack of a proper view of the whole matter.A lack of a clear perspective.There is destruction brought about by Vishnu to aid the forward movement of the evolving species and then there

    is destruction brought about by Falsehood and the forces of Darkness. We need to surrender to the destruction brought about by Vishnu and oppose the destruction brought about by the forces of falsehood.

    But even the destruction brought about by asuras are there to serve a purpose and would not happen without Vishnu's will. The difficulty here is recognising which is which. Is the destruction brought about by

    Americans and their allies a divine destruction or it is a destruction brought about by falsehood ?

    Time is the insturment and ally which helps us sort this matter out and help us see the difference between divine destruction and demonic destruction. Time gives us the clear perspective, it is the instrument

    which the soul can employ to know its place in the cosmos and also the movement of the Divine Spirit in its action to speed up the evolution of the races and establish justice and spiritualise the material world

    (dharma-samsthapanathaya), for which sake the Supreme Purusha descends in every Age. Time helps us surrender to the divine and back the divine destruction and oppose the asuric destruction.

    But today we do not have this clear faculty of the perception of Time thanks to the very many illusionist schools of thought like Buddhism which have sought the transcendent and have developed methods of

    Yoga to lose the soul in timelessness. Timelessness is the quest of Advaita and Buddhism and as a result of the spread of these philosophies, mankind has lost the ability to seperate the divine from the

    demoniacal and has therefore come to the conclusion that all wars are wrong and non-violence and peace are the only solution to mankinds problems. But destruction is necessary for spiritual advancement and

    this rejection of wars has only multiplied the problem and so we face today even greater destruction and a multiplication of wars. It is Buddhism that needs to be blamed for the present day violent world for

    they have kept mankind ignorant about Time and its usefulness as an instrument to know the Divine.

  28. yes kal means time not kill, the person who wrote the Bhagawad Gita misinterpreted it, Bhagawad Gita states that in this world noone can kill noone as soul never dies so how can he conclude the lord will kill when soul is eternal with no beginning and no ending. You can read my post on bhagawad gita on

  29. Krishna said to Arjuna: "All those born are already dead, and why he is bothering about people who are already dead". There is no meaning in killing anybody or destroying anything. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It is all there.

  30. Sudha@
    Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, it is all there, well the problem wid this line is that science has added a line there and it says "energy can never be created nor be destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another", if u go with the above statement then u cant say the soul is energy as soul is never created nor destroyed but how can a soul be converted from one form to another, is it possible for a soul to be converted from one form to another, i suppose not so, soul is even subtle then energy, soul is brahma, the eternal and infinite consciousness, energy is prana and matter is aaakash, so soul aint energy as well

  31. Yes, you're right. Blogs of this kind remove ignorance of general masses. Good blog! Thankyou

  32. Firstly, there is nothing called as Hinduism. This is a western coinage and has no reference in the vedas. Vedas talk about Sanaatana Dharma or the eternal laws of nature with cause and effects, a way of life. These laws help us understand the cosmic order and how to integrate our actions in conjuction with the order leading to emancipation. Will appreciate people refering it as Sanathan Dharma than Hinduism. Religion (Darshanas or viewpoints) are only a subset of it.

  33. @Suree Sharma...the sad part is that even majority of Hindus don't know that their religion is known as Santana Dharma. So many Hindus are forced use the term Hinduism and Hindu to reach to their own people.

  34. Nikhil, Everything is energy or matter as scientifical proven by Enstein. Also that the law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a system (Universe) is constant. but consciousnes is the substartum. what is soul? Soul is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. Existence of a thought is suppose indicate a state of ignorance irrespective whether it is a good or otherwise. Now there are 2 categories, Jivaatma and Paramaatma. Whats the diff?? The former is bound by this thoughts and hence slave to it while the rather is not.

  35. Nikhil, What is eternal is consicousness. Soul is not consciousness it is a bundle of thoughts.

  36. Deepak, Religions tend to become dogmatic given the imperfections of the people who speak about it. Thats why over a period time avatara of gods or avataara purushas come to clarify tthe right understanding. santana Dharma is universal and thats the truth. I was hearing a talk by Karen Amstrong on TED talks where she appealed to religious leaders to bring the universal understanding in their respective faiths. Now the problem is the imperfect cannot see the perfect and to be the perfect, you need to go beyond religion. People clearly need to have faith on Seers who have gone beyond religion and seen the the truth.

  37. Seems we have a similar hobby of clearing up misinterpretations/ misrepresentations of 'hindu' knowledge. Check out my wordpress page. I will be adding more as time goes on.

  38. @ Suree,
    I guess u need to refer to a good dictionary on Sanskrit before commenting. Also understand the Vedic terms properly before starting to argue.
    1. Soul is not a bundle of thoughts. If it was, then you should remember what you did i your previous life & prior to that.. and so on.
    2. Difference between Paramatma & Jivaatma can be seen from 3 view points, viz
    a. Advaita
    b. Visishta Advaita
    c. Dwaita.
    Based on principles mentioned above, the difference can be explained. Let me know which ne you can understand & we shall discuss accordingly.

    @ Nikhil,
    The soul does not change form. it moves from one body to another body after the death of the first body.
    The body it takes on afterwards is based on the Karma done in the previous body.

  39. Good to see that people are so much interested in "Hindu dharma", "Sanatan Dharma", explanation of "Bhagwat Gita"....
    These days I am going through the chapters of "Bhagwat Gita". This book attracted my interest. I read it to understand the truth of the world, probably universe. Also to get an idea of right way of living, to find the difference between right and wrong and to understand what God actually is, what we, human beings actually are.

    While I read the book, I find, there are some "shlokas" which can be interpreted in many ways. But what I think is truth cannot b many, truth is truth and all other interpretations are just opinions.

    Nikhilji, Shreedharji, Sureeji all are discussing about soul. Well, I myself am not much clear about what soul is. I am not saying that soul is energy, but let me try to find the similarity between soul and energy. Nikhilji said, "energy can never be created nor be destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another". Similarly, as I understood Gita says, soul can never be created nor be destroyed, but moves on from one body to another upon death. Gita doesnt say, that it is necessary that a human in his/her next birth will be a human being. Gita mentions, a person with "Raja guna" can be born as insect. Gita also says as "aakash" takes on different colors depending on the time of the day or weather condition, soul can also wear on different forms while in body. Doesn't this imply that "soul can never be created nor be destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another"?
    What say Nikhilji?

    Hey, I have so many questions regarding Gita's shlokas. If anybody can help me, I will b grateful

  40. Yes,it is rightly said, misinterpretations make all confuse and fight with each other for existence. BHAGAVT GITA is not an advise book it is a book of the FACT OF OUR TRANSACTIONAL LIFE, of which human is afraid of. When KRISHNA says I AM THE DEATH it does not mean that he kills, but he points out a fact that is pertained to this transactional life.At the same time he says nobody can kill nor give life but it is the ORDER OF TRANSACTIONAL LIFE. In this ORDER one has to play a ROLE and do not attach the doership to the role. While you are playing a ROLE you can be away from the results by the ROLE PLAYING. If one thinks he is the doer then all confusions arise. If you accept the ORDER and play the role you will not do anything for the sake of doership and the fear of death, which is a part and parcel of the ROLE PLAYING. That is one has to exit after the play.
    In order to play the ROLE effectively and efficiently one has to under stand that even after the exit from the role YOU are not perished. That means even after the so called death YOU are not perished. It can be explained very simply in the following way.
    If one can understand and accept this as the Fundamental Fact of this transactional life one can play the role and can be detached from the results.
    Then there is no worry about who has done it or why has done it. Whether VISNU has come to destroy or somebody to save from destruction.
    It is very difficult to explain this in few words. It will take years together to understand this properly.
    Thanks and regards
    Vasudev Nair

  41. dood, you may be correct as far as their misinterpretation of the Gita is concerned, but how correct are you about your own interpretations? Bhagvad Gita must be read AS IT IS. There is no question of any interpretation - When Krishna says, "Time I am", he means it literally. Where does this "Brahman" stuff arrive from?

  42. It is such a shame that many Westerners misinterpret and misquote Hindu texts even in this age when understanding can be easily acquired with just a little probing online.

    Thanks a lot for your clarification and I hope it reaches the intended mis-intellectual.

  43. Could you please put a date with article Hedaline so that one can read it context of tiem related matters. When is last year

  44. Thank you for bringing such an article on the Internet for the help of the masses. Well personally I believe that such articles are u-s-e-l-e-s-s as there seem to be no use to read or listen such bogus "INTELLECTUALS" who don't have mind in constructive activities or thoughts but will always find some or the other way to malign the Gods.

    Shree Krishn is Vishnu Avatar and is called YOGESHWAR, which means he is the Lord of the YOGI.

    Such people and the cheap mentality guys, who do NOT happen to be Yogi, have hundreds of points to malign the Lord including the Raas Leela, His multiple marriages as well as unmarried affair with Radhaji.

    But it is hard thing to understand by people like these. I am trying to start a community on this soon at Http:// soliciting inputs from Vaishnavs and Krishn Bhakhs in General!

    *** Jai Shree Krishn ***
    Chant "Shri Krishnashray" & Leave all to the Almighty :)

  45. yeah that's right... ppl have bcome dull headed when it comes to quoting the scriptures as if sanskrit is problematic.i m not spking about others this is the same indian race .
    why do ppl always quote half sanskrit verses & even "explain" them in such a way that they know everything bforehand (sab pehle se pata hai na yaar)infact these ppl wud claim they were present in the battle of kurukshetra.
    for eg the most quoted verse by self made scholars is
    "karma karte jao fal par ki chinta mat karo" that means
    do ur prescribed duties as recomended but do not be attached to the fruits of the results.
    the problem with this thing is that it is half quoted., now what about the rest of the statement which continues as "surrender all fruits of results unto me" as said by krishna.
    u see! now this bcomes half eaten truth.
    the person just wants to find an excuse to work hard like hogs for petty bodily pleasures &
    ignore the actual spiritual messaage in this verse which is a serious problem.this is called a paanwaala's interpretation of the truth
    the essence of bhagvad gita is surrender & dedication . if the reader is selfish enough not to dedicate the fruits of his results to krishna & surrender himself he shud better be reading some film magazine
    now herein the bhagvad gita loses all taste for the reader reads it to fulfill his own personal motivations & translates it as per his own personal whims.the bhagvad gita shud be read in a spirit of surrender to purify one's existence from such personal motivations or whim's & become a pure devotee of krishna with a correct understanding.

    indians have the habit of eating their own stuff.which country are we living in,forget the mlechhas interprtation, this is the same country which bcomes illiterate where ppl do not stand by their own scripture & subdue the bhagvad gita as per wish.
    the bhagvad gita is readymade message of god ,spoonfed by god...& not like kuran or bible where it gives utterly ridiculous interpretations.

    if hindus knew the correct interpretations of gita
    ,such mockery of bhagvad gita by bogus charlatans & ignorant persons wud never have happened.

  46. The westerners and US people are matured only in money not in mind and sense. They are such a culture less idiots not at all having some discipline except cleanliness in their external appearance. They are simply guise of a bad culture. They should learn everything from bhagavat gita, the wonderful gift of Lord KRISHNA.

  47. Namaskar, In my Guru ji's Gita Translation The eleventh chapter thirty second verse reads
    Those whose intellect is under the spell of darkness actually consider goodness to be evil and evil to be goodness. Ignorance clouds their vision and, therefore, they stumble in the wrong direction. (32)
    The Eternal Song Goes On
    Vijay Acaraya.

  48. Om Sree Ganeshaya Namaha

    * Urgent information needed

    Do you have any idea about nine people still alive from "Mahabaratha" Days.
    Only one person I know that is Aswathama ......... rest can you enlighten me.

    Hari Om

    Ramesh N
    Sion (East),
    Maharashtra State
    Mobile # +91-9892431176
    Residence # +91-022-24020059
    E-mail -

  49. @ Ramesh N...These nine are known as Chiranjeevis they are Sage Markandeya, Mahabali, Parashurama, Vibhishana, Hanuman, Jambavan, Sage Vyasa, Kripacharya, and Ashwattama.

  50. @hindu-blog
    This is an excellent post......
    I appreciate your attempt to clarify the misconceptions about hinduism! Lack of religious/spiritual teaching among hindu community has left them with no knowledge about their religion! They are not able to understand the evil thoughts of those who utilize words from these sacred scriptures to justify their evils!

  51. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is not made by any Guru or a man but truly a GOD MADE for the welfare of human beings. Criticising Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is the work of enemies of Hindus. A man can't design Geeta it is a GOD's message. Hence Shrimad Bhagavad Gita's criticism is the criticism of GOD.



  53. why do we have to read between the lines, shoul'nt we just beleive in the scriptures and follow, why question?

  54. You guys enlightened me

  55. I suggest those people who try to misinterpret Bhagavat Gita they should start chanting the mantra Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare then an only they can get the real meaning of Gita.


  56. Sir,
    This website as you mentioned hindu-blog is meant for posts of hindus.. But the adds here are of Christianity.. I don't think they are paying you.. I can't tolerate


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