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Why did Ancient Hindu Temples have Sex Sculptures?

Sex symbols have been associated with Hinduism from an early stage. These symbols were mainly part of nature worship. There is difference of opinion regarding the exact reason for sex sculptures in Hindu temples. And the notion of Hindu sex temples is wrong. A Classic example is Khajuraho were only 20% of the sculptures are sex sculptures that too they are depicted along with other aspects life.

Kama (materialistic living which includes sex) is one among the four paths suggested in Hinduism to merge with Brahman or to escape from rebirth (Moksha). Many scholars think these sculptures were meant to explain the ‘Kama’ aspect to people.

A closer study of Hinduism will reveal that sex was never a taboo during the ancient period. Some believe they were meant for sex education and there is nothing unnatural for temples to have them. In fact, the sex sculptures are all seen outside the Hindu temple along with other sculptures depicting materialistic way of life.

Buddhism had completely devoured Hinduism during the initial phase of 1st millennium. But soon the rigid Buddhist way of life began to create problems in the society. It is said that Hindu sages saw this as an opportunity to revive Hinduism. To invite people into family and sex life these sculptures were created.

The ancient Hindu kings of India were noted for their extravagance. Some scholars believe the sculptures were part this luxury.


  1. Its very wrong the way Hindu society thinks today,
    The religion which prays the Linga Phallus piercing out of the Yoni(the asna Of Linga As it is called) of PArvati The religion whichj ion the basic ethics understands that The trinity is within with this yoni.
    Sex is the way of the Hatth Yoga & the Tantra.
    Its the victorian prudishness & the Moslem filth which has actually led the downfall of the Hindu ethics,
    In the moslem period, The First job they did was to destroy all the Hindu scriptures.
    The rest was done by the British Invaders......

  2. How can sex be bad when it has the power of producing a new life ? Sex is not for enjoyment, the purpose of it is much higher..

  3. it is us who have insulted this gift of God and brought it down to the level where people feel ashamed to talk about it

  4. the ony problem is that we dont strees our religion in our daily lives ...hinduism is indeed the best and oldest religion and todays muslims all at one point of time were hindus too....but we should be more united as hindus and not let other castes ridicule our religion....hindustan means a living place of hindus ....

    1. It should not be entity that i have come of hindu or christian or muslim family so I should hold my patternal religion blindly.We should study neutrally & minutely with apprupruate comparison and we should recieve comperatively fittest ideology though that is against our patternal religion.

    2. I agree that Hinduism is oldest and unique and there is lot of depth which need to understand by each and every hindu, there are so many people who inturn following or converting themselves to other religion, one need to understand that there is no seperate god, Muhammad or jesus or budhha has preached the good things and want to eradicate the ignorance but they never said that they are God and they are going to create a new religion. who and what is his status that he can say that this god is good or bad.

  5. Then why our GOVT is stopping porn TV or cinemas. Sex is holy only when it is within wife and husbands not on posters or temples. It is alwyas acceptable to say " it is better to be away from the things that are forcing us to do bad". If children see at sexual posters will you allow, then what about these at temples.

  6. The whole issue of Porn and the sex described in article are 2 completely different concepts and have the same similarities of sand and water, in that they are at each extreme.

  7. Would say sex is part of life. Ideally was only for reproduction. But we have taken it in a very different direction. Now, sex is more for fun, enjoyment.

  8. Sex is the most important in our life. This is the fun and enjoyment and relaxble play

  9. These temples were constructed in ancient times when people respected the boundaries made by the society and the elderly. Lakshman recognized Sita's anklet only as he had never laid eyes beyond his sister-in-law's feet.

    Different places of worship were meant to be visited only at certain times in life. My understanding is that the temples at khajuraho were meant to be visited only after entering the Grahasth Ashram (getting married) when they would become institutes of learning to enjoy a happy married life. This education (due to the dignity of relationships) could not have been imparted by the elders in the family.

    As and when you come across a doubt about your culture, try finding a reason that is scientific because a culture, a religion that has survived thousands of years without the video tapes and the publicity of film stars or the politicians, despite the atrocities of foreign faiths and beliefs, with millions of conversion camps from the other side and still having none to convert people to Hinduism, MUST HAVE SOMETHING GREAT ABOUT IT. Feel proud that you are the product of such a culture. PLEASE don't denounce it.

  10. These sculptors has nude and sexual figures because the creator of these sculptor (sculptor maker) has shown his passion, his love, by printing his desire in it. In the ancient time the king used to be very rude, and to build a temple it used to take 14 years. The builders has to build temple on time or as soon as possible. For years and years away from home, family, there love, wife, they printed there imagination , there desire, passion there love on the stone.

    1. Very true. The sculptor must have got tired of making idols of only gods and goddesses... his imagination ran wild and he started doing his own thing which was beautiful. Now whether this can be equated to vulgar graffiti in a public place, is another debate. Only adults should go to these temples.

  11. this cant be a true religion

  12. I am a novice to Hinduism but I feel only a great religion will address all the problems in Nature without any inhibitions. A religion that openly talks about sex must have had great saints who had truly dropped the ego and reached the path of self-realization. Really great religion but I guess some of its recent followers has not understood the true meaning of this great religion.

  13. Hello , i was searching sculptures and found a similar site to this then i wanted to find out more so i re-searched it. I found this. It tells you more about what the Hindus beleive about sex and how they interpret it. It can teach us alot about ourselves.
    Ruby Preander.

  14. The reason of having this sculptures in the temple can be explained in a different way. Have you seen a mother feeding a baby? does that looks valgure? have you seen a poor woman roaming without proper dress? does that seems valgure. but the same thing can look valgure. So it is on our state of mind how we see the objects. So the reason for having this figures outside the temple was if you find this figures to be valgure, your state of mind is not pure and you cant reach the god inside the temple. Jut going and bowing before thr Deity does not means you have reached god. to reach god your heart should be pure. if your heart is pure, this sculptures wont look valgure to you. It will be just like you see others

  15. Hi Whatever the purpose of the sex symbols in temple may be but one fact is as clear as the truth of our own existence that is celibacy or continence is as important as water for a plant.
    It should be taken care of that the younger generation of society do not get effected in a negative way because of these pictures

  16. i think the old indian sculpture was of a golden age and that we need to get back to that and be free. But we have to accept the current age too. I was having trouble trying to meet an indian bride on recent trip to mother land and was admonished by a woman for attempting small talk with her subordinate. Also i felt concern at other interaction scenarios with women of similar age but hey i am a horny young anglo indian giv me a brake!

  17. Good discussion going on. As far i am concerned, sex, one of the most important parts of human experience, will go with us where ever we will go.
    So let it be the way it is.

  18. Hinduism is a way of living. Sex is one of the four scared aspects of living life HINDUISM way. There were rules laid down by the epics for SEX. Individuals of ancient Hindu society had great respect for the rules and the culture. Unlike the western culture, where sex is just as FUN and there are no rules / ethics for SEX in western society. In good earlier days, SEX was a means to reproduce new life and contribute to the society. HINDUISM is the greatest religion / culture of the world and modern day science can never prove the truthness of the Research and development done by millions of RISHIS / MUNIS of this culture. The modern day world will probably take thousands of years to understand the importance of these values.

  19. Sex is a part of Life not "THE" important part of life.According to Hindiusm Sex is one of way to gain "moksha".Sex is not meant for every day.It has a time and set of rules to be followed.Sex is the only process of creation.In olden days people used to have sex have only when they planned to have kids.That too they plan the birth day of the kid according to stars and fix a good day and time for the creation(muhurtham).Sex education is now introduced in schools.Any subject has to be taught with utter most care.The suject should have a purpose to serve.Govt banning porn site or posters is the right thing.Because these sites give a wrong illusion and creats a lot of problem.If sex knowledge is gained through wrong means it leads to destruction.This knowledge gained through ill practice leads to the down fall of a person.


  20. I am working with a Director on a long form, sensitive documentary that bucks the trend of traditional thinking about the Devadasi system. The project has been researched for over two years and it will look closely at the Devadasi's historical connections to the temple, dance and to the Gods. We are looking to examine how the system was pulled apart by Victorial morality during the British occupation.

    We are looking to speak with people who have themselves been dedicated or know of anyone who is likely to be dedicated in the future within their family or community, either here in the UK or in India.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you and feel that your input would be invaluable to the film we are making.


  21. If any body support sex sculptures in the temples, he has to shy for that, because for Example if Kajuraho taken, group sex and sex with animals are shown in the sculptures. can any one support this, it is hurting the human ethical values


  23. Sex is termed as evolution of life.. the sculptures represent that people should be induldge in the biological creation of civilisation and understand its meaning, its not a bad thing...its a gods gift for people to enjoy in the huge world created by god and to derive the pleasure because humans are created to feel all the sorrows and happiness and drive in the wheel of life cycle which is very hard and to drive the wheel of life...its one of the necessary thing and thus its a gift for us by god to enjoy the life and grow the civilisation...Every things comes from the pleasure and thus its the most iportatnt thing which boasted by the hindu culture in temple art.

  24. I have read a post about the origin of Hinduism...!
    Actually, there is not a religion named Hinduism existing on earth. By no means. Then how it can be ancient? Or older than any other religion?...

    One should have some historical firm grounds to make a statement like this.
    I want to know in which ancient book there is a mention of the term Hiduism or Hindu? Who was the first prophet of it or its founder?
    in which continent it started?
    all these questions are clearly answered if asked about any other existing religion or ideology.
    But hinduism... there is no such an ism actually.
    So, no one can answer those questions confidently.
    First of all, a religion or an Ideology is named with a noun or combination of nouns which gives a meaning by itself, like 'christianity' or 'kristhu matham' (religion of Jesus Christ)or Islam (submissiveness, submission or obedience)or religion or ideology of Buddha.

    You may argue: "Hindu Matham" is the name of Hinduism.
    I will ask you: What it means?
    You will answer: The religion of Hindu (as the word-combination really means in Malayalam language).

    Then the next question is what is 'Hindu' or what that word does mean?

    (If I ask what is 'Buddha', they will answer: that it is the name of the founder of the religion of Buddha; and if I ask what is 'Islam' they will answer: that Islam means 'submission or obedience in Arabic language, after which the religion of Islam was named, because the religion of Islam is the submission of a person to his Creator as He ordered; and so on..)

    According to Indians, the word hindu has no meaning in any of their languages. (Some new meaning or explanations is still to be introduced).

    But, as to the derivation history of the word hindu, the word was pronounced by Arabs for the first time to mean Indian subcontinent, when they traveled through East-Asian territories. Arabs are still using this word (Al-Hind) to denote India. ('Al' is the 'definite article' (the) in Arabic. Any previously known or proper noun (name) may follow 'Al' in Arabic according to the context).

    Indians themselves heard this word firstly from Arabs, as it is nowhere mentioned in any ancient or medieval religious or historical books of India. Even the books like Geetha, and Ramayana and Upanishads which are clamed to be the sacred fundamental books of the so-called Hinduism do not mention it at all.

    If any friend has anything to produce contrary to what I stated above may kindly send it to:

  25. We all know that there is no religion called Hinduism and about the origin of the term Hindu but sadly we need a name to write about Sanatana Dharma....Majority of the Hindus are also not aware of the term Sanatana Dharma...So we are forced to use the term Hinduism and Hindu....

    Against the religion column in India we don't write Sanatana Dharma...we write Hindu or Hinduism....this is accepted term by government and majority of Hindus.... Similarly which term will we use instead of 'Hindus'....

    Name does not matter and what matters is the universal teachings of Sanatana Dharma...You call it by any name the teachings in the Upanishads, Gita and Yoga Vasishta and numerous other scriptures are not going to change...they will remain here....

  26. Anonymous said...
    ((the only problem is that we don't stress our religion in our daily lives ...Hinduism is indeed the best and oldest religion and today's Muslims all at one point of time were Hindus too....but we should be more united as Hindus and not let other castes ridicule our religion....Hindustan means a living place of Hindus ....)) December 18, 2008 2:06 PM

    Reply to this from gladnews If the friend who posted this is not pretending to be blind about facts, I would like to say that the 'Hindu' and 'Hinduism' is a concept, not a concrete reality. Let me explain what I mean below.
    Before hiding under the self-produced darkness, like an ostrich hides its head in sands to escape from its foes, (the ostrich is thinking that 'no one can see me because I can't see anyone when my eyes are under sands'), one should think about things calmly, otherwise, one may find out in future that his life (I mean Janmam) itself has been an attempt to escape from something he did not know really. And that realization will be too late to recover.

    (There was a former boss in my office who knew, only before two days before his retirement, that computer has games too. The poor guy gone crazy and spend the whole two days in front of his computer cursing himself for the last 28 years of ignorance in service, busy in playing as much as he can within that short time, and nothing else was disturbing him at retiring time).

    I was in a consignment of some studies on basic Indian Religions and Myths. Actually, I was keeping a mistake in my mind, that 'the Hindu Matham' is the religion of India. But, as far as my study activities progressed, my concept started to change slowly and excitingly.
    I knew that:
    1 - The basic communities of India are the backward black/brown colored people living in the remote valleys and villages called Dravidians (originally, adivasis - as they call them -, Tamils and other backward communities).
    2 – The Brahmins who are supposed to be the priests of so called Hindu Matham are migrant Aryans.
    3 – There are many ancient unorganized religions for the basic Indian communities. Snakes, Trees, Stupas, Sreekrishna, and so on are their symbols.
    4 – The more civilized migrants brought their cultures to India and adopted so many of the Indian basic symbols and ways of worships and there derived an unclear sphere of more civilized modern community (not religion) who replaced the places of worship ('Kavs', 'Kovs', caves, 'Stupas' and 'Nagas' of Dravidians) to the modern human-built temples and Idols. Borrowing the word 'Hindus' from Arabs the people started to call themselves 'Hindus'. (It is difficult to find nouns ending with 'oo' sound in Indian basic languages like traditional Hindi – not modern Hindi, because the 65% or more of spoken Hindi words of today came from Urdu-like languages. Urdu is a mix of Arabic, Pashthune, Hebrew, Persian, Punjabi and more.., the language emerged itself when soldiers speaking the above-mentioned languages gathered in military camps of modern invasions employed by modern Muslim Empires.

    Briefly, the (sanadhana) antiquity of Hindu Matham is a mere lie. An establishment with no base may be anything but never a religion.

    A religion:
    1 - Always found to be deliberately founded/introduced/taught/ reinforced/ coordinated by someone or some community with someone leading it, backed by some unique inspiration or general temptation good.
    1 - Is always found as a system with a legitimate task of leading/coordinating/ directing/ruling a society for the sake of its good.
    2 - Always introduces a set of laws/regulations/rules/conduct/code of life to be followed by the members of the society to achieve the goal of justice in it. It contains teachings for almost every or main aspects/contexts of human life.

    …. Continued…
    with sinsere love and friendship
    (sorry for any spelling mistakes)

  27. Hindu was a term used to refer to people who lived below the indus river...
    The spiritualistic roots of the concept and beliefs of 'Hinduism' lies in the vedic scriptures which are hundreds of years old.. Plato and other greek philosophers were eductated in the vedic principles from the Nalanda university...
    Ayurveda and Yoga originated from Vedic idealogy...

    Hinduism: is not imposing.. but rather it runs in parallel with the way of life, it does not condemn anyone else's beliefs, but rather helps them see a way to co exist with fellow human beings...

    Live and let live... religion is a form of faith to anchor the human mind and psychology into a stable platform during the testing journey life takes us through...

    as long as each human being is content with his or her own beliefs we can all co-exist.. it only goes wrong when you try to force your beliefs on someone else for whom it might never make sense and may never let them realize their innerself...

    to conclude.. we are all taking different paths to the same destination.. please be happy and content with your faith and not create discord to yourself and someonelse by destroying someone elses peace of mind and there by make them lose their way towards the same destination...

    May god bless you all...and keep you safe and happy for ever...

  28. ''as long as each human being is content with his or her own beliefs we can all co-exist.. it only goes wrong when you try to force your beliefs on someone else for whom it might never make sense and may never let them realize their innerself...''

    What is the real motivation (psychology) of this statement? When you feel someone is forcing his religion on others? Where and when did you felt or experienced anyone insist on a person or a community to follow his beliefs forcefully?
    Every ideology conducts missionary activities as any man has freedom to propagate his ideas, religion, and thoughts in any community. Just like any person do enjoy the freedom to reject. freedom to reject or accept any idea or way of life whenever he desire. So, where is the possibility of impossing?
    When you hear that some convertions occured somewhere, how and from where you get the idea that there occured a force? Did you find anyone who is so week to protest, complaining to be compelled to accept a religion that he does not like?
    I don't belive that.

    Whenever there occure a convertion (especially from hinduism to any other religion) we ever hear a complaint that the convertion was compelsory.
    I just wonder, how, in a country like India, do someone convert himself to another belief or religion by someone els' force? Why we dont hear ever some news that someone was killed by some imposser for not accepting his reliogion? We hear that someone was killed by someother in a quarrel for favorite tv channels. preaching or propagating is not impossing. let them propagate. we are just free to reject. If someone converts, why you are bothered?
    The matter is absolutely a personal affair of the convertee. You have nothing to do with it. But there is another side that if the convertee is your friend or relative and you knew that he was making a big mistake, then you have the right to try to correct him. You can advice him, ask him whether he was forced to convert etc. If he told you that it was his own decision ot convert, then you have no right to force him to go back or blame others for his choice.

    Force, in either side, is contrary to freedom. Force is a crime when it is against the freedom of a person or society. Force against a voluntary self-decided convertion is equally criminal like the force to convert.

    with sinsere love and friendship.


  29. Public nudity
    (Sex sculptures on temples)

    The question of demonstrated sex is the question of public nudity. Always, when there is an issue, the reasonable approach will be the best or the only way to the solution.

    (The reasonlessness is the brother of folly).

    The lust to enjoy is the basic instinct of human or non-human animals. For non-human animals, there are no restrictions. They are not questioned. They are not supposed to be committed to anything. They are not supposed to think and plan their life. -I, personally, will not agree with the statement that animals are unable to think. I have my own reasons for that. Many of you also may have their own experiences of witnessing an animal that thinks matters to an extant of its own. I think a cat can think, learn, and perform tasks, for example. And there are a lot of other domestic or wild animals who, in circumstances, think and learn small or big things. The difference is in quantity and quality of thinking-.

    The real difference between human and non-human animals is 'emotion'. Non-human animals were -though, depicted in literatures but- never proved to be emotional. But human has sentiments, feelings, non-physical pains, affections and much more in the category of emotions.

    That is why, only that's why, obeying our mere instinct of sentiments, we deny to demonstrate the pure-privacy of our personal life in public. Because we, as social animals, are supposed and committed to be meeker. It's our civilization that prevent us from doing on public road what we do in our bedrooms. Nothing prevents animals from doing the contrary, and we never blame them for that.
    To make the total idea more transparent, I may depict it concentrating more realistically.
    I had had a few friends (room-mates) when I was working in some remote small city of a middle-east country. One of them I can never forget, who, as far as I know, is working presently in United Kingdom, because he was the nicest, cleverest, ablest and finely crooked in a nice way. (Let me call him..


  30. -continued-
    ...'X' from now onwards). I loved him as he was open in almost everything, understanding, patient-to-hear in serious matters and mysterious when mysterious with a mild, not-easily-discoverable, lovely smile on his face. I had ever thought that it's only me who could discover that miserable smile hidden between his lips.
    However, the story is that once we (4 room-mates - let me hide their names) were walking to a hotel as usually for our lunch. There appeared a girl coming from the opposite side to pass us bye, wearing Hijab (as it is usual about any lady in that country – be citizens, foreigners, Muslims or no-Muslims), the moral dress of Muslim ladies covering every part of their body except eyes. When she was about 10 or 15 feet away from us and walked keeping a good distance from our path, Mr. X told in a whispering way: "Why these gals cover everything? Why she can't walk a little more nearer to us opening her face?"
    Even though I was so cooperative with a wide range of good-for-nothing or evil things that my friends undertake, I had ever been firmly insisting that we could never hurt others' feelings or disturb them with even the mildest form of disturbance.
    So, I was helpless to keep from expressing my protest. I told him that he should not say that and he has no right for that. The matter was not supposed to lead to a quarrel if Mr. X did not respond or at least did not justify what he did. I asked him what will be his response if his wife, sister or mother was asked by someone to do on the road what he wished that lady do for him. He answered carelessly that he will not be bothered and that this lady is not his sister or mother.
    There is no doubt that nobody will tolerate to see his wife, mother or sisters be humiliated by others, or displayed for the pleasure of hungry eyes. It is intolerable for us to see others enjoy the sight of our wife or sister, while we insist others' wives and sisters should be more liberal to entertain our eyes.
    I think this attitude is a crime that can never be justified and those who favor this type of argument are anti-socials.

    The sex sculptures or any sexual privacy when displayed publicly is just the same crime. Because, any person who is mentally normal cannot imagine his mother or his little sister to watch them along with him, accidentally, in their way to the temple, especially if he is brought up and cultured in India.

    To be frank, it is still to be made a deep analytical research about the temple sex sculptures in India, as to where developed, existed and progressed this type of a civilization. What was the cause and inspiration behind etc..

    With sincere love and friendship

  31. beauty and pornography are entirely different people plz note that first


  33. By shocking us, the sex sculptures can help dispel false mood of piousness that prevent us from seeing the Real and the True

  34. I am concerned about the comments from "DUMBrep" in the above discussion. It may be true that the term Hindu was not coined by Hidustanis but it did gain the reference from Indus valley civilization (to my knowledge it is the most advanced civilization at that time) and I am proud if Hindus had their origin linked to this civilization (to my awareness i believe it is true based on the present research). Coming to the discovery of the term Hindus by Arabs, it may be as true as it appears and surely they have done nothing good except giving the term Hindu, infact history says they did more damage than good to Hindustan.
    Now, even if we consider that a religion is originated from an individual (gods of their religion) these gods themselves might have belonged to some other religion before they started a new religion, that means they got converted, should this indicate that they were from a different religion. My point is Hindu religion is from practice.
    Undoubtedly this is the oldest religion on earth, and the practice is followed with a parental and teachers discipline, and thats why I believe Hinduism is most deciplined. If one reads Bhagwadgita and absorbs the best atleast by reading few lines, one can sense the simplicity strength and potential of this religious practice. To my knowledge nowhere in Bhagwadgita one can find any compelling matter forcing to stick to this religion, but rather the truth and versus illuminate ones thoughts and thus they practice the religion.
    And about the Upanishads and vedas which "DUMBrep" is discussing, surely they wont mention the word of Hindu in it because the religion is through practice which gives more value to teachers and parents and one learns the religion from them. This practice of inheriting the knowledge through ancestral lineage is phenomenal here. The upanishads and vedas are so ancient that Hindu term from Arabs could not be included in them, and they teach the practice of path to self realization and peace.
    I feel religion is abstract and surely one cannot say to which religion a dead body belongs to, its only the practice that makes a human religious. I also believe that to get something from practice, we do not need books for that. The knowledge from vedas and upanishads was taught to students and kids in ancient Hindustan which was a religious practice again.
    Coming to the main topic of this blog "sex statues in Hindu temples" it relates to the art of sex and there are some disciplines and rules in it thats why the term "Kama Sutra". Surely those sculptures are not for sexual provocation.
    The importance and need for sex can be realized only if one can understand the Hinduism. Also it is a good observation that these sex statues are outside on the walls of the temple. Hinduism does say that one can approach god only when a person relieves himself from the earthly pleasures such as sex, money, luxery etc. Considering the creation, every living creature needs to sex to continue their lineage which includes insects and dogs and plants and every living being. May be its like dont live to sex, only sex to live.
    I will end with a simple note, that the religious gurus can teach the supernatural knowledge where one can see things beyond the opaque objects such as what color of inners a person is wearing. This art still exists but needs purely HINDU practice. There are few great gurus in India even today who experienced the power of Hinduism. Every thing relates to KARMA, probably this is a bottom line.

  35. Sex is natural phenomena which both inanimate and animate beings are gifted to reproduce. Its therefore a biological event that is for a specific purpose. We generally tend to look upon sex as something of oddity and a taboo. That is the reason different interpretetions are being given. Its a normal function of the body which in this case does the repoductive function like all other parts of the body which are doing their designated functions. so why should we make a hue and cry about this function which if used properly is only meant for procreation as medically defined. Its when its used outside of this function that it becomes a taboo. like for ex having sex before marriage which is not socially and medically acceptable. so that means anything out of its place is something which is not acceptable. given this theory, I dont find it a big deal to blow up this simple act of nature which again is in exercise of one of the senses of mankind. Religion need not be involved in interpreting our modern analogies of sex. Relegion is centuries old and we have no authoritative to comment on what was practiced and preached by the ancient rishis and gurus. Its again faith that drives our quest for knowledge in a positive or negative way. If the fundamental basis is on faith we will not have such doubts about the purpose of sex.

  36. GladNEWs; From your urge and drive of it you are a Christian Malayali. Good for you. But please do not attempt to negate the truth that Sanatana Dharma is false. Please read Vedas, Upanishads and of course after all destruction we still have 1280 books left.

    Hindu is a term used by Persians while addressing folks living beyond Sindhu river. Persians by the way cannot pronounce 'S'. At the time of Hinduism there was no organised religion so there was no need to give a name to it. Even today Hindus say do not go against DHARMA.

    Dwaraka was always a Myth for colonial historians during until 1972 when it was unearthed. You should see the research being done in Oxford and Cambridge. I have seen programs in BBC while in UK. The place is much more advanced than Indus Valley. Conservative estimate puts this place at 5400 years old. The Bible forced the colonial westerners to always ensure every other civilization was just 3000 years old due to the 6000-years-old-Universe belief imposed by Vatican. Best example is of French historian Champolion who struggle to get his research on Egyptians out in early 1800. Read about him before you comment.

    So every date and theory about INdia is viewed from this perspective. You want to believe White men but wouldn't believe your own ancestors? Strange.

    Now to the science in Hinduism that attracts me to it.
    1. Vishu Das Avatar is Evolution. No religion believes Charles Darwin's theories by the way. We endorse it.
    2. Big Bang Theory: Shiva's Nataraja's statue is Big Bang theory. Read about it. Carl Sagan has done research on it.
    3. Solar System. Nava(9) grahas in temples. Accepted by science. Not kiddish Flat Earth theory by western beliefs etc.
    4. First form of Medical system Ayurveda.
    5. Concept of Atom. there is no world for atom in all olden languages. Only Sanskrit has the world ANU.
    6. First form of architecture. Read about Vaastu Shastra and then comment.
    7. First University in the human history at Taxila and then in Nalanda. Nowhere else in the world there were universities.They were not doing pooja but were doing research.
    8.Rituals are all with a scientific purpose. THe concept of Kumbabhishekam is nothing but periodic maintenance of Kalash at Temple towers. Why? Temples have invisible radiation field. Read Vaastu Shastra. The idea of people getting divine power is nothing but the kalash is basically
    metallic conductors intercepting electro-magnetic radiation. It is sent to the the Mulastana where deity is kept. The flag post at the opposite end of the tower is also a conductor. The energy field betwen these two inducing energy in human beings. The prasad given is all charged because of this.

    I can go on like this. But Gladnews you have your right to defend your faith but no right to attack others'.If you like Christianity good for you. Do not try to trash other's belief It only reflects your ulterior motive for Conversion. And that too without understanding it. For no reason this Hindu civilization is the only one to have survived this far. World cannot boast of any other.

  37. After the invasions from various outsiders into India, sex has become a taboo subject where, apparently, in the ancient world, it was considered to be a normal part of life...

    Something to think about huh?
    Outside influences always wreak havoc when forced upon any nation/peoples.

    I don't think it was to entice youngsters to actually engage in the act but I do think these images were created in a bid to actually educate the young and old back then...

    Could be wrong, but who can say for sure as no one from that time is around to tell us anymore!

  38. "Hindu was a term used to refer to people who lived below the indus river..."

    In response to this.
    The word 'Hindu' is actually a derogatory word used by the invading Muslims (if I'm not mistaken) for those who live in Bharat...
    I think the correct term for our religion or way of life is Sanathan Dharma...

    (No offence meant if it is taken. Just giving my input based on my knowlede! (",))

  39. well guys, more interesting inputs to understand hinduism & sex,& thanks for that...

    well then, but I feel Sex is just like breathing, the moment u want oxygen we start breathing, just like that, the moment we feel the urge for sex we go in search of it, and as we all know anything done by force is illegal, so i don't see anything wrong in having sex with someone with consent or masturbating, cos that is how we are biologically created, maybe any religion u belong to, we still need sex for pleasure and we can't deny that...
    We just have to accept the truth of sex and live with it, everyone feels horny @ some point so there's no religion that comes to the pic and asking us to stop feeling horny, we are biological beings so lets embrace that and have a sex pleased life... I know i'm one horny guy wanting to fuck everytime everywhere, but that's what i'm biologically made of... And also let me tell u guys, Love is the only medicine that will stop u from having all sorts of illegal sex that we think is illegal, i mean sex only with wife or lover... I do seriously believe Love is the medicine, when You are in love its tough to touch another man/woman... wat say? However, let me just put my thots, Sex is sacred not when 2 bodies merge but Sex is sacred when 2 minds merge for the universal feeling of oneness within...:-)
    I belive in this... & no force for anyone to take this thot, criticisms are welcome...

  40. I would like to bring up the issue of homosexuality and the fear of gays and lesbians in the minds of certain people in India.
    Homosexuals and gay sex have always been part of the Indian culture. Kamasutra has described gay sex.
    It is only with the advent of the (biased) British rulers that we got the infamous anti-gay law, IPC Article 377.
    Some people assume that gays and lesbians seem to only think about the act of penetration and sex with each one they meet. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Gays and lesbians fall in love with the appropriate member of their own gender and want to live a life of holy matrimony with that person.
    Just as heterosexual marriages are a lot more than the act of penetration, the same way, a homosexual union is a whole world of its own.
    Just as some heterosexuals compulsively think of sex all the time and have sex with many, similarly SOME homosexuals do the same. The vast majority of homosexuals in India would like to settle down with ONE person of the same gender for their entire lives.
    Please do not follow the misguided thoughts of some, so called, religious leaders who propagate that homosexuals are against the Hindu or any other religion.
    Scientifically it has been proven that between 2 - 5 percent of every population sample is exclusively homosexual. By that statistic there are 2 - 5 crore gays and lesbians in India.
    Next time you come across a gay or a lesbian Hindu Indian, please try to understand that person and sympathize with him or her. Society has been very harsh on homosexuals and all of us, as Hindus, should show understanding and compassion.
    - Deep, Mumbai

  41. hey., heyy., HEYYYY!
    Please stop. This blog is specifically on sex sculptures in Hindu temples. This is not on sex maniacs masturbating or gays. Please stay away from here.

  42. Agree with santh. Good man . I liked your reply . I want to know he mr. Good news has done some research work . Has he done it not from india . Which religion you follow or. Good news

  43. Very informative and thoughtful post. But does the author mean to say that there is no "conclusive" research done yet which would tell us what was the real purpose behind such art forms?

    Yes, sex was not a taboo during ancient times in India/Bharat.

    And to correct the comment#1: Shiva Linga is not a Phallus symbol.

    "Lingam" means "mark" or a "sign" in Sanskrit. There is a legend related to holi Trinity, where there was a rivalry between the three, or when Vishnu and Brahma got too proud about their self. And then, Lord Shiva, in order to break their pride, formed himself into a mark / column of light and asked the other two to go find their ends. Vishnu went inside water while Brahma went in air, but they couldn't see any end to this column of light. Ego broken, they understood the lesson. Afterwards, devtas prayed to Lord Shiva to allow them to worship Him in the form of the same Shiva Lingam - Divine Column - and he agreed. That marks the beginning of worship of Shivalingam. Now I too have heard from some non-believers, ridiculing our religion saying Shivalingam isa phallus symbol. While it is possible to look at the Shivalingam in this manner, I wish we had the capacity to search and find the whole truth. There is so much 'symbolism' in Hinduism that most Westerners never get to understand it. In any way, Lord Shiva is a symbol of renunciation - he never craved for or went about worldly creativities like sex. So I don't think the reference to it was appropriate. Even Swami Vivekananda has strongly said that Shivalinga is not a phallus symbol - as propogated by the Britishers to defame our dharma.

    And yes, our dharma is better called Sanatan Dharma, but Hinduism is the name by which it is widely known in the world today. If anyone has slightest idea od etymology, then one would understand that meanings of words change with time. The meaning of the word "Hindu" has evolved and changed with time. Earlier it indicated about a geographical location, now it is about our religion.

    I think Khajuraho should not be "generalised". It told more about the culture of "that particular point of time", than about our religious concepts in general. The temple of Khajurao was not open to all, like children, and would have a special and limited purpose. Some of the thought shared in this blog post seem to be very fine, like the one on post-Buddhist era society. The fact that these sculptures were depicted along with other aspects life, explains all. There are attempts by other religions to malign our dharma, so we should be watchful not to fall in their trap. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma is way ahead of any other in its philosophical content and spiritual aspects.

  44. "hey., heyy., HEYYYY! Please stop. This blog is specifically on sex sculptures in Hindu temples. This is not on sex maniacs masturbating or gays. Please stay away from here."

    well, i am gay. and i am a strong believer in hinduism than most of the people. my sexuality has nothing to do with my belief in god. i guess once more some godly priest like annammaya should teach you not to treat us like achuuts like people have done long ago. sorry to divert the topic but i cant stand injustice in anyway.

  45. The tradition of phallic worshipping existed almost in all parts of the world among various clans of prehistoric era, even before the advent of Lord Shiva on this Earth. Before the advent of Lord Shiva, there was no well-knit social order in any region of the world and the backward and brute people of the prehistoric clans had been engaged in continuous and relentless struggle for existence and supremacy , between one another for thousands of years. The whole atmosphere on this earth was vicious and turbulent. In that vitiating and turbulent environment of continuous and relentless struggle, enormous loss of life and property of any clan was a common phenomenon. All the clans had to increase their number in order to counter the attacks of the rival clans. This phallus has a great role in increasing the population and hence the people of the prehistoric era would worship this phallus. It was purely a social worship and it had nothing to do with the religion during that era. During the life time of Lord Shiva, the struggle between different clans had ended and in the post Shiva era, the circumstances of the prehistoric era especially the pre-Shiva era, were almost absent and people lived in a most peaceful and friendly environment. Therefore, the people forgot the basic concept behind phallic worshiping of the prehistoric era, even though the phallic worshipping was still continuing in the masses. During the Jain period, this phallic worshipping was associated with Lord Shiva and a glorified interpretation was given to it:
    “Lingyate Gamyate Yasmin Talingam”

    Source of information - Book : Namah Shivaya Shantaya – By Shri Shri Anandamurti

  46. so true.the most striking factor of hinduism is its openess.As hindu iam free to know about any religion or faiths.but sadly in other faiths like for eg:penthcross christians and muslims it is consider taboo to know about hinduism.A girl i know personally ,a penthecross christain even did not watch tv thinking it was a ancient india we had a strong culture and everything was open to questioning even the views of your gurus.hinduism teach us to openly debate,discuss and find truth it is not a restrictive religion .Whereas i dont find this tolerance in any other faiths.that is sad fact beacuse it is as if the preachers are worried or scared if their followers once they get true knowledge will openly question them.more than proud iam happy to be born as a indian.At least iam free to seek truth

  47. ‘Phallic Worshipping’ - A Historical Aspect

    Source – the ‘Namah Shivaya Shantaya’ – By Shri Shri Anandamurti

    In the prehistoric era, the tradition of ‘phallic worshipping’ existed in all parts of the world among various clans even before the advent of Lord Shiva on this Earth. Before the advent of Lord Shiva, there was no well-knit social order in any region of the world and the clans of the prehistoric era had been for thousands of years in a continuous fierce and relentless struggle with each other for survival. The whole environment on this earth was hostile and turbulent. In that turbulent environment, enormous loss of life and property of any clan was a common phenomenon.
    Since the huge loss of life and property was a matter of concern, therefore, all the races had to increase their population in order to counter the attacks of the rival groups. The phallus has a great role in increasing the population. Hence the people of prehistoric era would worship the phallus as mark of procreation. It was purely a social worship at that time and it had nothing to do with Dharma (the religion).
    In the Rigvedik period, the phallic worshipping was performed with a feeling of increasing of population and this phallic worshipping had been continuing in the masses during the post Shiva era, even though the struggle between Aryans and non-Aryans had ended and the people lived in a most peaceful and friendly environment. So in the absence of the hostile circumstances like the days of Lord Shiva, it was natural for the people of later days to forget the initial concept of phallic worshiping. During the Jain and Buddhist period, the phallic worshipping was associated with Lord Shiva in a most glorified interpretation:
    “Lingyate Gamyate Yasmin Talingam”

  48. There is another explanation of the hindu temples which have sexual acts on the OUTSIDE of the temple.
    It should be noted that the sexual activity is carved on the OUTSIDE of the temple, never on the INSIDE where the deity resides in silence a d without any turmoil.
    The explanation is as follows.
    The outside represents the superficial life the lust, the pleasure which is not bad since it is possible to live one's life that way. However, the siginificance of the INSIDE of the temple is that, once one turns inside his/her own true nature, GOD can be found.

  49. Hello ,

    The significance of lingam inside the yoni is just this. It is a symbolism of shiva -shakthi. The saying ( Thanks to rebert svobodha for his book Aghora) This symbol signifies that the spirit that is elevated to the of shiv does not not ejaculate or is tainted even when teh lingam is inside teh yoni. Such is the control of the God! Totally unaffected, in samadhi even when externally appearing to be in the most material ACT!

  50. First thing first... Hinduism is not a religion (as some people define religion as a philoshopy started by an individual to make oneself god), it is the lifestyle (way of living) of the people living in the banks of Sindhu river. It is not just one philosopical teaching but a collection of many.
    Now back to the main topic.. about exotic statues and carvings in the temples, i strongly believe that these are the methods of teaching the joys of "Ghristha Jeevan". Such carvings are found not only in Indian temples but in all the places where people used to practice sanatan dharma (Oldest Religion). In the age where knowledge was limited, and when there was no internet for mass knowledge sharing, using symbols, statues, and carvings was used to communicate different paths of life and death to general people, who could understand that.

  51. my friends
    hinduism is not a religion
    its a culture
    dont abuse any religion
    each and everyone has their own belief
    so let us live with our own belief

    1) They portray that, for seeing the deity, one must leave his or her sexual desires outside the temple. They also show that divinity, such as the deities of the temples, is pure like the atman, which is not affected by sexual desires and other characteristics of the physical body.
    2) During that time, religious following was at peak. Means people should have thought of getting converted to Jainism/Buddism, means renunciation from material life. This would have given a good thought to the King to construct this temple with 10% of sculptures to depict sexual pleasures - just to remind people to practice materialist life
    3) Earlier days, we did not have websites or communication channels as we have now. To host websites pornography for sex education. Also there was no tradition to construct a sex temple specifically. So this would have pre-empted to build as part of this temple for sex education for those who need.

    This temple has been constructed for 200 Years with all dedicated experts in sculpturing.
    While excavating Khajuraho Alex Evans a stone mason and sculptor recreated a stone sculpture under 4 feet that took about 60 days to carve.
    Roger Hopkins and Mark Lehner also conducted experiments to quarry limestone which took 12 quarrymen 22 days to quarry about 400 tons of stone.These temples would have required hundreds of highly trained sculptors.

  53. First SEX, people who denounce it, remember, everyone including you is born coz of this beautiful part of existence. Second, people who say women covering up from head to toe is decency need to know, that its just exploitation of women(by the way I live with a girl from Iran who tells me horror stories about men dominated societies and why they are forced to cover up). If men are decent in any society women could wear what they want. Third, Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is the only reason why people from all over the world, who were being killed or forced by their own people, to convert to any religion could take refuge and carry on their life in their way. Such a tolerant society, such an open minded society, it is something I am so proud of. We even pray to GOD in both male and female forms as we know GOD is beyond sex and beyond any religion.If anything, people of all religion should try to know their own religion and then read Geeta and they will come to know that this ancient text has all the knowledge in their religion and much more as its the same GOD who has created all of us and all the religions!

  54. Hinduism is a way of life,not exactly a religion.I would like to highlight on following points here:
    1)we Hindus are proud to be born in such a great land and religion.
    2) The only religion which is open,free and not compulsive.
    3)In Hinduism unlike other religions neither is there any biasing done based on sex like not allowing women to enter their holy place,nor are there any rules like other religions to mandatorily attend prayers held on sunday or any special days.
    We follow Hinduism because we are proud of it and willingly do what we have to do,we are not forced to do prayers or have preachings on how to convert others to Hindusim.
    4)The problem with Hindus is that we silently listen to people like Mr Gladnews or Goodnews and help them try to corrupt some one else's belief by their own.
    Mr Gladnews we dont need your opinion about Hinduism,You can continue with your Sunday Mass/Prayers peacefully as we Hindus dont shake some one else's beliefs.


  55. I am in support of Mansi

  56. Kama Sutra documents the sex practices of Nyai Roro Kidul: the goddess of the South Seas.

    She regularly collects young men
    from the Javanese shores for
    orgies and sex parties., the
    Medusa, the Mermaid, the ultimate

  57. people should try to be consistent in whatever they do. If you have some system of philosophy as truth then that should explain for you whatever is around us to begin with and things to hapen and things which have happend in the past(i am not talking of astrology or any such thing by the way). If somebody is proud of some philosophy, she/he is free to do so. Just one thing that person should always ask: What will i get after death(its not a mere question of hwat your parents told you or what you are proud of, its about searching the truth rather than fighting with everybody and imposing or atleast advertising ki they or on truth).

  58. Hey you gladrag or news what ever.
    First try to understand what Hinduism/Dharma is. Read all possible books or comments in the section. We are proud to be hindu's & follow our dharma not like others who say only their God is superior and there is moksha only thru Jesus or Allah.

  59. Hey Gladnews u id...t
    dont poke ur nose into our clean hinduism ,which is way of perfect living.

  60. Yes Hinduism is just a way of living ...and certainly not,this fact is wrong-- Muslims and Christians were once upon a time were Hindus....The real fact is that the Hindus and on the whole MUslims and Christians of India just dont belong to this very land just that thousands of years ago the so called Aryans and Dravidians came to this land and then established themselves on this very land.And gradually there was a need for a faith,a need to take care of the future generations,a way to live on...Some called it and live by Hindu way of living,some called it and lived according to the invasion of Christian rulers and some called it and live according to the religion of submisssion to the will of God.....this applies to other relegions and faiths...

  61. Shivlinga is not a sex symbol as is commonly thought of. The word "linga" means a symbol. It is a symbol or substitute to actual sacrificial fire or YadnyaKunda. The pedestal is a substitute to the Vedi and the actual linga a substitute to sacrificial flame or Agni in those remote places particularly the great heights of Himalayas where the sages went about and where creating a constant Agnihotra was not possible. This is how lord "Shiva"(meaning pure as absolute knowledge = Agni, Jataveda ) evolved and became associated with Himalayas. Please dont associate "Shivalinga" and lord Shiva with Sexual Congress because just common observation shows it does not even remotely match Sexual congress in any way! If it really did match sexual congress, the Phallus must originate outside the Yoni and penetrate into it, unlike the Shivalinga which actually originates from the ground and rises upwards like a flame of fire.

  62. About Khajuraho, we all need to understand that neither was lifestyle of the chandelas of Khajuraho a part of mainstream Hinduism nor has Sexual imagery ever been and will ever be accepted into mainstream Hinduism. Let us be open minded enough to accept that whatever might have been acceptable in some small part of Bharat at that time and in a small sectarian followership, (else temples like Khajuraho would have been found all over India )has not been and is still not acceptable to mainstream Hindu society. However due to principle of "Sarvesham Avirodhen" (without opposition to all ) such temples were allowed to be built and cherished in localised spots. Considering the level of depth, tolerance and variety of Spirituality in Sanatan Dharma, there is no need to conclude that just because a small part of Hindu sectarians followed unrestricted sexual practices the whole of Bharatvarsh actually followed it likewise. Debasing Hinduism by considering unChaste Sexual practices and perversions to be part of routine practices of Hinduism would be utterly foolish. Such attempts are usually done by muslims and Christians posing as Hindus!

  63. i happened to read this post and the last comment of sundaram is wrong

    ""About Khajuraho, we all need to understand that neither was lifestyle of the chandelas of Khajuraho a part of mainstream Hinduism nor has Sexual imagery ever been and will ever be accepted into mainstream Hinduism."

    the scuptures of khajuraho is on temples at every part a bharat and thus it is mainstream .

  64. i just happened to read

    @ sundaram

    """About Khajuraho, we all need to understand that neither was lifestyle of the chandelas of Khajuraho a part of mainstream Hinduism nor has Sexual imagery ever been and will ever be accepted into mainstream Hinduism."""

    temples in every part of bharat have such sculptures - that is mainstream

  65. @Anonymous
    Could you list out such temples which have sex symbols on them from Kashmir to Kanyakumari ? Also, provide photos of such temples along with the so-called sex symbols. Mainstream Hinduism has never accepted and will never accept Sexual sculptures as a part of Culture.

  66. @ anonymous
    What do you mean by every part of Bharat ? In What parts of Bharat are these temples found apart from trace influences of Tantric Sects like Panchamakaar Sect ? Apart from influence of ancient Chandela and Ganga Dynasty empires influenced primarily by Tantra (and unfortunately misused by the Kings and their kin), can you show any significantly large number of temples constructed before 8th Century and beyond 13th Century and having Erotic sculptures ? What is the percentage of such Temples in comparison to other more ancient temples constructed elsewhere in same period ? These temples have always been localized and away from the mainstream.

    The tantras describe several kinds of sexual postures to be depicted over to hide the actual "Yantras" and "mantras" in order to make them efficacious. Readers are requested to refer to Shilpa Prakash, the tantric Spiritual Text which deals with several aspects of spirituality such as warding off ghosts, negative energies and spirits through use of various mantras and yantras. It is a requirement that the actual yantra be hidden from uninitiated laymen by covering it with Kamakala postures.

    Such tantric influences have always remained a distinct minority in ancient India.

  67. Hi All, I am mainly replying to a few:

    1 - Who says Aryans came into India?
    There are 3 theories, 1 that says Aryans came into India, and 2 of them says Aryans are native to India

    Please read this -

    2 - In "Sanathana Dharmam", we are not against Gay / Lesbian. I am straight, and I will not discriminate or view Gays any different.

    3 - I am the proudest follower of Hinduism and being born in a great country like India

    4 - Only the religions which say anything else is wrong or not to question what their religion says follow the adage - "Keep people in dark and uneducated to keep them slaves". If you want truth, question anything and everything...

    5 - Those who ask questions about after death, Hinduism has more logical answers than Heaven / Hell (How big is Heaven / Hell, how many people can it fit?, what about a rapist who believes in Jesus, will he go to heaven?, who has been to heaven / hell and come back to tell us whats there?, Bible was written 6 decades after Jesus's death, how can we belive its the word of god? Koran / Quran says its ok to have sex with a kid? is that right? first answer these before answering questions about hinduism and our belief about sex...)

  68. so much complexities... this new generation ought to be moving away from this aspect...

  69. If you want to know some secrets have a look to this link:

  70. The world was peaceful and free from conflicts in the begining.Love & forgiveness prevailed everywhere.There were some wrong doings also.But it is quite natural. It is only after the advent of Christianity and Islam the whole world came under stress and people started witnessing religion based violence.Priests and Maulanas became crusaders and in stead of spreading love and peace they adopted new role of military commander.Today world is full of hatred towards each other and no one respect anyone.Trust is lost.Christians say their religion is best,Muslims say theirs.In fact their religion is limited to persons and certain books.Their thoughts are locked in boundaries.We need streaming of thoughts.Thoughts which must be free from power of money and power of weapon.Now the world need rest and respite from these religions who are self satisfied that they are the best and need no correction.Followers of such religions have turned blind.Please open your eyes and stop arguing on the internet/blogs.Open your heart and accept everyone as human being.Forget the traditional forms of religions.They make us quarrel.Only religion is the cluster of virtues.Speak truth,be non violent in all forms,be kind,learn to forgive,renounce the ego....accept the Brahma which is the ultimate God...which is the only Allah...surrender yourself .
    A person as blind as Gladnews(the blogger)can not and will never understand the meaning of sculptors at Khajuraho Temples.Only a true and faithful Indian can make him understand.may God give Mr.Gladnews a peaceful mind and heart.

  71. Hey guys,

    Christianity originated in Asia and not in the west as many of you proclaim. The war mongering done by the western countries (Alexander the great was much before christ) is a result of thier DNA and not their Relegion. Why, Israel (Palestine) was a colony of Rome when Christ was born. Actually Christ was a revolutionary who showed courage to stand up against the mighty rome. the violence associated with the western powers were there before their current (christian) religion came into being. The same apply for Islamic countries also... they were like this always and the only thing that changed was their religion, not thier basic nature. Hindustani's are all of us who live on this side of Sindhu river and our social, cultural ancestory is the same. We have the same DNA irrespective of what relegion we follow or what language we speak. A man who wears a dhoti is no less Indian than a man who wears trousers or vice versa.
    It takes guts to show people how to live life to the fullest, be it in matrimony or sex. We Indians had the guts to do that and we did not have to hide behind false victorian sexual etiquetts. It takes real guts to impart sexual education to your kids... Indians had it once... we lost it now and the result shows in our society.

    We have a legacy. We were forward thinking (much better than what we are now) We had a great culture, We had mastered science, astrology, economics, medicine etc, which was later destroyed by the westerners(not christians) and Arabs (not muslims). Lets strive together to bring our India,HIndustan, Bharath back to the days of glory. (A word to Indian Christians...Be proud of your heritage and culture. Indian christianity is Indian. Not western. ANd you are first an Indian.)

  72. i totally agree with greenroom we r indians first, irrespective of the religion or faith we follow as an indian we shud we more tolerant,..n gladnews do some researchwork abut india n its faith @ santh @ rahul i totally loved ur views ,i'm not good at words but as a dharam follower i take the positives of my dharam ...always be a student in every phase of ur life n follow the positives of the great researchwork done by ur ancestors n be ever-evolving...dont follow some so called philosophies which u cant follow in ur dailylife
    n abut the sculputures ...i come frm a very small village n here also in our state some of the temples r not visited by unmarried beings...i dont know why...n most of the villagers in this state first follow their guru,thier ancestors,then naturegods like sun,naga n lastly some god figure...
    and abut sanatan dharam according to me uses many symbols for everything n they can we viewed differently different is one faith which is open to all type of discussion from the ancient times but nowadays we r becomin very much narrowminded n rigid ...

  73. SEX signifies,
    The symbol of creation(nature)
    The symbol of focuss
    The symbol of extreme happiness
    The symbol of Unity
    The symbol of Love
    The symbol of divinity
    The symbol of satisfaction
    The symbol of life
    The symbol of procreation
    The symbol of purity
    The artist cannot specifically point out one symbol that can entirely depict all these feelings. Hence the symbol of a male and female in sex has been choosen.
    Now why all these feelings in a place of u need more explaination??
    feeling of love,unity,purity,focus,creation,happiness....Now what else we begor pray for at the place of worship...he stands for all of these!
    Some bad news for gladnews!! A HINDU should be born..the rest can be happy as they are...are else be a group of "sour Grapes". well there are many respectable millions of christians,islamists,buddhists and there are as well people like u gladnews just like rotten apples in a basket!
    Secondly...HINDUISM is a name given to a lifestyle by arab/persian/european invaders when they saw a large community of people inhabited in the land of "sindhu" river
    As most of these cannot pronounce sindhu...the name gradually been called "hindu"
    by pani

  74. mr thing about Hinduism is that u can still follow lots of the teachings like code of conduct, or right way of living,ayurveda,yoga or anything without being a Hindu.It is so multidimensional.I can still be a Hindu without even following any rituals.Then 2nd thing, u need to learn more about the origin of Hindi and Sanskrit.3rd thing,ARE U AWARE THAT IN ANCIENT TIMES HINDUISM WAS SPREAD ALL THE WAY FROM PERSIA TO AFGHANISTAN,CHINA,MALAYSIA,ALL OVER ASIA....GO READ SOME BOOKS FIRST..IM A RESEARCHER TOO....CONCEPT OF THREE GODDESSES AND ONE MALE GOD WAS THERE IN PRE ISLAMIC TIMES IN ARABIA....SO HINDUISM WAS BEFORE ISLAM....INFACT ITS THE BASE OF ISLAM IF PROVED IT WILL BE GOOD FOR U

  75. hi friends,
    The meaning of hindu is coming from 2 words ie- hiranyagarbha & Indu ie sun and moon = it says a sanatana dharma that will prevail till there is sun and moon

    and about hindusthanam
    there is a slokha for that too
    Himalayam samarabhya yaavad indu sarovaram tam deva nirmitam desham hindusthanam prachakshate

    The land which starts from himalaya and ends at the indian ocean is called hindustanam, and the persons who resides in that land is called hindus or those who followed the sanatana dharma, a way of living in harmony with the nature / without exploiting it.

  76. I have gone through the entire post, and i have to say that i haven't come across such a liberating post about a religion or religions in general in a long time. Three cheers to all the contributors to this post..To all hindus, muslims, christians...peace forever...

  77. Dear Mr. Glad News what is the need of explanation on the term ‘HINDU’ or ‘HINDUISM’. Rather, read the rich literatures of this great religion and you will definitely find much more on its greatness. You know, about 2600 years ago who were Buddhists? Similarly, 2010 ago who were CHRISTIANS? The Islam dates 1400 years back or so, Sikhism is either 600 or 700 years old.
    Now the question arises before the advent of Lord Buddha and revered Jesus Christ what religions existed? The reply to this question is the ‘Vedik Religion’ propounded by great ‘Vedic Aryan Sages’ of Central Asia (from 15000 to 7500 years back) and the great and benevolent ‘SHAIVA Religion’ of India, propounded by the magnificent and highly revered personality of India –‘Lord Sadashiva’ (the Tarak Braham, the Mahakaul and Mahasambhuti) 7,500 years back.
    Definitely, some people have doubt to the term - ‘Tarak Braham’. To clear their doubts, they are requested to read ‘Atharva Veda’ and ‘Skand Purana’ in which the word- ‘Tarak Braham’ has been mentioned (‘Tarakambraham’ in Atharveda and ‘Tarak Braham’ in Skanda Purana ---‘Tarak Braham’ the connecting point between ‘Qualified Braham’ and ‘Non-qualified Braham’).
    The present Hindu Religion is blending of Vedic Dharma, Shaiva Dharma and Boaddh Dharma. The other religions such as Christianity, Islam, Sikkhism and all other small sects have also emerged from the above three religions (the Vedik Dharma, Shaiva Dharma and the Buddhism). Buddhism is nothing but a transplanted religion of Vedik Dahrma and the Shaiva Dharma.
    The history is complete with concrete facts that ‘CHRISTIANITY’ is not out of the collective fold of ‘Vedic Religion’ and ‘Shaiva Religion’ (i.e. Bhagvad Dharma or Sanatana Dharma). There are so many words in English and other languages of Europe verifying the testimony to the fact that there is great influence of ‘Shaiva Religion’, ‘Vedic Religion’ and ‘Vaishnava Cult’ on the Christianity and Islam. For instance - ‘Simon’ in English language. This ‘Simon’ is in fact ‘Shiv Mun’. ‘Simund’ or ‘Simond’ is in fact ‘Shiv Mund’ (literally head and mind of Lord Shiva). ‘Ire Land’ is the ‘Arya Land’. Broadly, the Islam is constituted by two branches- ‘Shia’ and ‘Sunni’. The ‘Shias’ are in fact the Shaivites of the olden days.
    My sincere advice with due respect to Mr. Glad News – rather analyzing or criticizing this great religion, have a deep sense of respect for it – which has the several sub-cults that constitute to its uniqueness or specialty. This is the only religion which has scientific ‘Introvert Meditation Process’ (Atmik Sadhana Padhati) for unification with the Supreme Consciousness (the Macrocosm., the Supreme Cognitive Faculty) and in simple language meditation of ‘SELF-REALIZATION’. Religion, caste, creed or culture are no barriers for learning this unique and age old meditation process, here in our religion. The minimum qualification is, that one should be a human being, nothing else. So all are welcome to this GREAT AND BENEVOLENT RELIGION.

  78. the article and the comments show the bad way in which u all people think.... the sculpures were made just to check the self control and ur devotion towards god ... according to me temple is a great place and it just explains the nature and nothing is wrong in that sculpturese all the wrong is in the person who sees them with wrong intention

  79. Poeple may fight that their religion is great.And all false sages will raise. But the truth can never be changed.
    The true religion is very simple. Dont kill,steal,hurt,lie,cheat,think bad,and dont fight. The day humans leave mine/yours/theirs religion books etc and comes to understand this simple living. The world will come to peace! Coz seems like the time has come with time evolution that people dont understand books or if they do, they do to their own advantage. Lets be practical now and act out good rather then just reading and knowing and fighting for nothing!

  80. The word "Hindu" has come from the word "Sindhu", yes the centuries old Indus river, which borders India-Pakistan. The persians, arabics couldn't pronounce Sindhu, they used to say "Hind"/"Hindu"..thus the word came "Hindu", signifying the people living on the other side of the river & from it originated "Hindusthan", "India" etc.
    So, there is no religion called "Hindu", it is a form of living, a culture.

  81. @Gladnews: "When you hear that some convertions occured somewhere, how and from where you get the idea that there occured a force? Did you find anyone who is so week to protest, complaining to be compelled to accept a religion that he does not like? " I suggest you read some history to find out how the Christian and Muslim dictators forced conversion on the masses, where the only choice to the common man was "convert or die"

  82. hi sir iam hindu religion cast sahu, bihari, Teli

  83. My answer to the above arguments regarding Hindu is a religion or not?

    Imagine like this: long long ago, there are a lot of people lived. They have Gods, beliefs and worships. They did this in so many ways and everything was ok. They were not known by their beliefs but by their place of living; that is Indus or Hindus. But during this time some outside way of worship came and they told they are Christians and others told they are Muslims. So many joined with them. The majority of people were mentioned for the sake of saying as "people of Indus" or latter it became Hindus. Where there was no religion then there was no need of religious classification. The whole people were known by their country. So Hindu means the whole people of India. When other religions divided people by religious belief then the rest of the people were known as Hindus. Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma was/is a way of life for the whole people of India.
    I am a Hindu by birth only and not by belief.I accept good things from all religions. The fault is not with the religions and its principles but with some peoples who believe in various religions.
    Here is my other thoughts:

  84. gladnews, you seriously have been reading the wrong texts! hinduism is by far the eldest religion in the world today, look at out texts, our gods, the places on earth we hav which are hundreds of thousands of years old.. the term hindu just brings every aspect of the sanatan dharma together! yes we have like a gazillion definitions of god but we have a firm belief as there is sufficient evidence backing evrythng. go to the oxford library and there youll see sopme of the old texts of the religion etc. its not your fault, your just saying what youve read, simply get hold of the correct resources next time.


  85. In ancient times there were different tribes and different empires. Rulers of particular empire used their imaginations, manipulation, analyses etc... and done things which they wanted. Also those who built Khajurao were chandela tribe kings basically from where the word chandal arrives they basically were invovled in black magic kind of thing or some pakandi might have guided to create such vulgar things. Now, this does not means that all hindus accept vulgarism as there was never an uniform authority leader in Hinduism who have given orders that such and such things should be done and such and such things cannot be done. We had since ancient times different preachers who differed in their opinions, views

  86. Hey Friends,

    First of all thanks a lot to all of you for sharing you thoughts/knowledge. Its really worth to read.

    My understanding says SEX is part of life which is good/best to have at the right time in life. As we don't play throughtout the life; we don't work throughout the life; we don't cry/laugh/all the actions.. it has its own time. So, SEX, being the one of most critical part of life, has its meaning, importance, and much which can be understand when we look the whole life picture. One more thing i wanna share here which you can apply for everything. "Nothing itself a good or bad; its depend upon the way its used." Lets say about the SEX, if someone does it with his/her spouse to have child- this is the best miracle of the world; no other thing can make it possible. In a contrary.. i think you have the answer for it. So Thats it.

    And one more thing which i have learned and want to share with you about the life is that there are so many things to do in life and everything has its own best time to do. If you do it in wrong time it could be wrong for you. Thats it. Life is really beautiful.. I am born Hindu.. its a way of life we live hindu.. its not about following 100% or less.. its about living the hinduism with each breath.

    So i think the right time and right way could be the answer to it. I know there are many things can be associated to reach the conclusion. Thanks

    Any questions or concerns - please send me your mail on

  87. I do not know English but want to reply that the Hindus have no reason to worry about what ''other'' people say for them and their castes. They have Divine Incarnations and wise men to lead them. You will never be deprived of the sacred steps and they will solve in the teaching and example their, what, and if it does not work correctly.

  88. Sanatana dharma addresses all people, irrespective of caste, creed, color, country.
    It is the greatest wisdom given by our ancient RISHIS.
    As far as the sex sculptures in the temple is concerned, it is a mere reflection of GRIHASTH ASHRAM phase of life.
    Only people who are tainted with western culture, tries to interpret it wrong way.

  89. One thing is certain in all the primitive temples across the world, sexual rites were openly practiced. It therefore confirms that similar rituals must have been in vogue in sacred places in India.

    Temples in India are not much ancient as the ones of Greece, Sumeria etc. Megalithic temples of the tribals in India are much archaic sometimes dating back to the Neolithic and the metal ages.

    The dormitories of the tribals (the main and predominant citizens of primitive and ancient India) like the 'ghotuls' had a practice of sexual activity for three/four months among themselves which would curtail their over sexual attitudes in years to come.Therefore these primitive ghotuls were highly venerated and worshiped.
    Among the tribals and among the women folk of many non tribal,non Brhamanical villages there are many sexual symbolical acts that are still pursued.
    Our good old 'Holi' also has a sexual aspect to it evident from the blatant sexual abuses, songs and activities still prevalent in many villages.

    Why sexual asansas are sculpted in numerous temples is perhaps reminiscent of the old sexual practices in ancient temples.
    Another interpretation is that inside the temples there are no inscriptions, no drawings,sculptures either.

    As Hindu temples are symbols of the human body within which God resides Therefore inside him there are no languages,no words no drawings either. it is a world of complete perception.One can enter in his within (antaryatra) by leaving all the worldiness outside. That is why perhaps the sexual activities are made on the outside surface and not inside the temples representative of the human body.
    Subhashis Das

  90. sex was, is and will be the part of any human being's life including maharishis.But now every where there is a sex appeal. Now the question is , who is the culprit. the person who exposes the sex in ugly way or the person who is disturbed. Just like non vegetarianism should not be encouraged. Here who is wrong, the mutton stall owner or the consumer.
    Sex is thought produced by the mind, where intellect understands and directs to control to the limit of re productivity.But in the modern world the exposure of sex leads to a cancer of mental prostitution.
    Continuous thought process of sex reduces the capability and efficiency of individuals.
    This weakness of sexual attraction was exists from the ancient period itself. Even Acharya Shri Shankara's Bhaja Govindham have one vesrse,
    Saying that o foolish don't get attract and spoil by the navel and flesh manipulation of a women. It is the manipulation of flesh and fat. Remember this and focus your mind towards Hari.
    The professional success and materialistic things depend upon , how he over comes Kama and Krodha.

  91. In ancient Hindu Thought - God Almighty is the only Male and ALL OTHER CREATION - flora fauna and the humans and animals et al are all intrinsically ONLY females with an innate desire to become one with the Brahman - their only Lover.
    It is said those entities of the creation that are females as in their worldly manifestation are alredy 'nearer Brahman' and it is the males of the earth who have to 'get out of their male pride' and 'give themselves up to God Almighty as a bride to her husnband So the males are conxidered to be a bit farther away from God Ultimate.
    Prakruti meaning Nature in general is feminie and Purusha the MALE Supreme is the only Paabrahman the Ultimate Self.
    This is the reason that the Temple's outer wallsepresenting the worldly mundane arena of human life has explicitly represented feminine figures while the Inner sanctum sanctorum of such Temples will have a God-Figure which is Male-looking but in actuality an ANDROGYNE .. who is both a male and a female.... not a eunach... but a concept more endowed than either male or female taken separately and this Androgyne state is next only to the Ultimate Reality which is a Neuter and which cannot be perceived by the Senses. It is the
    TAT - THAT as the Hindu vedic thought describes it.

    Bangalore - India

  92. I want to ask only one question to the monotheistic religions (believing in one god & one prophet) like Islam Christianity. Why do you build up prejudice & hatred in your followers towards other religions saying that they are idol worshippers (equated to devil worshippers)? why do you teach your followers that you are the only one true religion & yours is the only one true God & one true book?? & that killing people who don't believe or follow is not a sin but a path to heaven?? the crusades & jihad are examples & the only reason for terrorists to justify themselves!!! Religion should only impart peaceful co-existence, love & tolerance!!

  93. sex is gift of god


  95. who d bloody heck iz diz anonymous...scared of giving identity...shame on u... u say hinduism is a g8 religion....hwz can u say so?????? in some comment u say one should never say our religion is good..den how can u???????? can u explain in full‘Shia’ and ‘Sunni’. The ‘Shias’ are in fact the Shaivites of the olden days. dat means if u say anything wich pronouces same is correct..gitar came 4m gita...sitar 4m sita...u say muslim hve 2 hindus hve many were u fight within ur religion...ur religion doesn;t hve any nature sign, bt only d antics wich r our religion proves by nature...

    Please this is hindu blog if u hve to praise ur it..but never raise finger on other religion.....bcoz it there beleive n feeling who opt for there respective religion....

  96. HINDUISM IS GREAT. WE are the teacher of the world. We found the world is in sperical shape befor 10thousand years itself through varaha avatharam.
    due to some sagunies only fight is coming in beteween the religion.
    WE found the aeroplane as puspaga vimanam during RAMAR period. Arjuna had the nuclear weapon as Bramaasthiram. Like this SO on. We have the details about when to have the SEX. By having that day baby will form. Dont speak like illitrate about hinduism

  97. Posting this link in response to few, who commented negative on Hinduism. This link is an eye opener , showing how dogmatic other religions are and how accomodative Hindu's are, and what its repercussions are-
    However, I do not advocate violence as a solution to this problem. And the message to all Hindu contender's is to make themselves more aware of their culture and take pride being one.

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  99. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma was not started by a single person but is the product of delibrations of thousand of rishis over the years who lived in complete austerity. The Rishis were all learned mens who engaged in scholarly discussions to decode the secrets of life death and so on. Islam Christianity are just children as compared to Hinduism(in terms of their age). But the teachings of those religion are also in line with hinduism. but hinduism discusses about things that these religions do not. If other religions think sex to be so evil how were they even born? They consider themselves to be the product of evil. but hinduism consider them to be manifestations of God. Hinduism has a very wide philosophy and narrow minded people can never understand it.

  100. Hindu Temples are modeled after the human body. The outer walls represent the physical body and therefore have all sculptures associated with the physical body. While muslims see only the sexual sculptures, also visible are sculptures of people doing battle, conducting business etc.

    The inner chambers represent the Spirit and show the Angels playing divine instruments.

    The innermost chamber is the Garbha Griha, and represents the soul.

    That is why the Hindus say "your body is your temple and keep it clean, so that it becomes the abode of God".

    By observing which part of the Hindu temple a person is paying attention to, we can get some idea of the person and his mindset and also his culture's mindset.

    Muslims focus on the sex sculptures and westerners on the inner chambers (due to their intellectual nature) and Hindus pay attention to the sanctum sanctorum or Garbha Griha (Soul)

    Muslims say that the temple is a place of worship so sex should not be there on the walls. Most Hindus do not notice those sculptures. Plus Hindus do not "worship" in a temple, but connect with the soul, the divine soul in the sanctum sanctorum.

    Sex is sacred to a certain extent, because it can create life,but more sacred than sex is the Spirit (intelligence) and more sacred than the Spirit is the Soul.

    Also calling sex sacred does not mean you advocate a hedonistic lifestyle.

    Muslims condemn the sex sculptures on the outer walls of the temples, but their own religion authorises a marraige system no different from prostitution (social contract) and their heavens are the by-product of adolescent fantasies of group sex.

  101. dont take that ease about hinduism.,,,நாசாவுக்கே தண்ணிகாட்டிய திருநள்ளாறு!
    " இன்று பல நாடுகள் செயற்கைகோள்களை விண்வெளிக்கு அனுப்பி வருகின்றன. அவற்றில் செல்போன் பயன்பாடு, ராணுவ பயன்பாடு,உளவு என பல்வேறு காரங்களுக்காக பயன்படுத்தப்படுகிறது. சில வருடங்களுக்கு முன்பு அமெரிக்க செயற்கைகோள் ஒன்று பூமியின் குறிப்பிட்ட பகுதியை கடக்கும் பொது மட்டும் 3 வினாடிகள் ஸ்தம்பித்துவிடுகிறது. 3 வினாடிகளுக்கு பிறகு வழக்கம்போல் வானில் பறக்க ஆரம்பித்து விடுகிறது. எந்தவித பழுதும் அதன் செயற்கைகோளில், அதன் கருவிகளில்ஏற்படுவதில்லை.இந்த சம்பவம் நாசாவிற்கு அதிர்ச்சி கலந்த ஆச்சரியதயை அளித்தது.
    இது எப்படி சாத்தியம்??? - என்பதை ஆராய்ந்து, கிடைத்த முடிவு நாசாவை மட்டுமல்ல, உலகையே மிரள வைத்தது.ஆம்! எந்த ஒரு செயற்கைகோளும் பூமியில் இந்தியாவின்-தமிழ்நாடு அருகில் உள்ள புதுச்சேரி- திருநள்ளாறு ஸ்ரீ தர்ப்பநேஷவரர் கோவிலுக்கு மேல் நேர் உள்ள வான்பகுதியை கடக்கும் 3 வினாடிகள் மட்டும் ஸ்தம்பித்துவிடுகின்றன. அப்படி நிகழ்வதற்கு என்ன காரணம் ???ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் ஒவ்வொரு வினாடியும் கண்ணுக்கு தெரியாத கருநீலகதிர்கள் அந்த கோவிலின் மீது விழுந்துகொண்டே இருக்கிறது.இரண்டரை வருடங்களுக்கு ஒரு முறை நடக்கும் சனி பெயர்ச்சியின் பொது இந்த கருநீலகதிர்களின் அடர்த்தி மிகவும் அதிகமாக இருக்கும். விண்வெளியில் சுற்றி கொண்டிருக்கும் செயற்கைகோள்கள் இந்த கருநீலகதிர்கள் பாயும் பகுதிக்குள் நுழையும்போது ஸ்தம்பித்து விடுகின்றன. அதே நேரத்தில் செயற்கைகோள்களுக்கு எந்த விதபாதிப்பும் ஏற்படுவதில்லை.இதில்குறிபிடத்தக்க அம்சம் என்னவென்றால் இந்த கோவில்தான் இந்துக்களால் 'சனிபகவான்' தலம் என்று போற்றபடுகிறது. இந்த சம்பவத்திற்கு பிறகு நாசாவிலிருந்து பல முறை திருநள்ளாறு வந்து ஆராய்ச்சி செய்து விட்டனர். மனிதனை மீறிய சக்தி உண்டு என்பதை உணர்ந்தனர். அவர்களும் சனிபகவானை கையெடுத்து கும்பிட்டு உணர்ந்தனர். இன்று வரை விண்ணில் செயற்கைகோள்கள்திருநள்ளாறு பகுதியை கடக்கும் பொது ஸ்தம்பித்து கொண்டே இருக்கிறது."இந்த செய்தியை கேட்டு பிரமிக்காதவர்கள் நம்முடைய முன்னோர்களை நினைத்து கட்டயம் பிரமிக்கவேண்டும். நாம் பல செயற்கைகோள்கள் கொண்டு கண்டறியும் சனிகோளின் கதிர்வீச்சு விழும் பகுதியை கண்டு பிடித்து அதற்கென ஒரு கோயிலையும் கட்டி , கதிர்வீசுகள் அதிகள் விழும் நாட்களையும் கணக்கிட்டு அதற்க்கான நாளை சனிபெயர்ச்சி என்று அறிவிக்கும் திறமையை,நம்மால் நினைத்துக்கூட பார்க்க முடியாத ஒரு தொலைநோக்கு பார்வை கொண்ட நம் முன்னோர்களை நினைத்து என்னால் பிரமிக்காமல் இருக்க முடியவில்லை.இதை விஞ்சும் வகையில் ஒரு விசயம் கேள்வி பட்டேன்.நீங்கள் எதாவது சிவன் கோவிலுக்கு சென்றால் அங்கேநவகிரகங்களை நன்றாக கவனியுங்கள். அந்த சிலைகளின்மேல் கட்டப்பட்டுள்ள துணிகளையும் நன்றாய் உற்று பாருங்கள்!!உங்கள் அறிவியல் அறிவையும் கொஞ்சம் தட்டிவிடுங்கள்!!
    எந்த கோள் எந்த நிறத்தில் இருக்கும் என்பதை நம் முன்னோர்கள் கட்டிவைத்திருக்கும் அந்த துணிகளில் கண்டறியுங்கள், பிரமித்து போவீர்கள் பெரியோர்களின் அறிவாற்றலை நினைத்து, இந்தஅறிவியலின் அதிசயத்தை அனைத்து தலைமுறையும் அறியவேண்டும், அதற்காக அவர்கள் நம்மை பின்பற்ற வைத்ததுதான் கடவுள் மார்க்கம் என்றே நான் எண்ணுகிறேன்...எது எப்படியோ??? நமது முன்னோர்கள் நம்மை விடகில்லாடிகள் !!!!எப்படியா ??அவர்கள் போட்ட புதிருக்கு இன்னும் விடை தெரியாமல்அலைந்து கொண்டிருகிருகிறோம்.. அறிவியல் வளர்ச்சியோடு.நமக்கு மேலே ஒருவனடா....ॐ..........சிவமயம்..........ॐ

    sorry i feel convenient to tell it in tamil.,

    but there is not even a single hindu friend without muslim friend.,.,(not for briyani).,.my best friend name is AZARUDDIN.,.,siva mayam.,.,by N.KAVIN RAJ.,.contact me

  102. enlightment is first step for feeling the existence of that case hindus are pioneers in meditation.,.i think the hindus have attained it larger numbers..,.so what our ancestors have taught us is true and we are in the right path.,

    i feel vadalur vallalar is much greater when compared with Jesus.,.his holy soul had vanished,by his knowledge,.,it is scientifically prooved ones.,.that his body undergone sublimation by purity in enlightment.

    let us dont fight who is greater in power.,.,the thing is whose faith is stronger and firm.there bakthi,self realisation every thing lies.,


  104. i have no idea abt what vedas say bt as far as my senses say sex is nt bad would it have been bad den y is a child called "bhagwan swarup" my words if i define its nxt 2 god.. sex is jus an art of expresing true love which is used since ages..n above all dz we hav lungs we breath we hav heart which pumps d blood similarly we have sex organs 2 wen other functions are imp 2 live den even dz is imp 2 live den y dz double standerds of people????????????

  105. Earlier in some post, they mentiones about sex and ethics. The thing which i am not able to understand is why do these suckpture depicts sex with animals? Is it ethical? Also there are lovemaking sculptures involving one many with many women, and one woman with many men. Are you saying these are the ethics of married life?

    May be someone can explain this. Thks

  106. I dont think it is in the books. But in this particular temple a self proclaimed Pujarie B Raghunath of Maha Kali worship - Toronto, Ontario is using the single women of the temple for sexual pleasures and money. He is married with multiple kids but telling these single women he has nothing with his wife and gets in a relationship with them for long periods and one woman decided to tell on him because the wife pregnant and she refuses to continue the relationship although the man denies the pregnancy. He is abusing the power of the Mother and her name, he denies it and his wife does not believe it although she has all the proof she needs. Should this man continue running a mandir of Maha Kali? NO

  107. it is very bad that if we talk any thing about the sculptures on Hindu temples.hindus will support always by telling some reasons like,sex is a holy act,it is a part of education....etc.but you hindus are the people always find the mistakes in the culture of other countries.its very funny...........shame on you.

  108. Lust is portrayed in today's media. Very rarely do you find married couples as role models. Hinduism and Taoism Sages, Gurus have engineered a divine hormone or serum that is emitted during sex. This was depicted on the temples and scripts. These were destroyed but have managed to survive. Kungu Fu and various martial arts teach of the preservation of the divine fluids.
    It's sad to hear people blinded by lust and desire for flesh. The porn industry and cinema supplies this addiction which is meaningless entertainment.
    Sex has a more divine purpose, those who understand it are winning.

  109. On the depiction of sex with animals, the answer (to those who have not yet been poisoned by the western idea of ponography and sex) is quite simple.

    It is no doubt that animals have been used to represent astrological symbols. Various animals represent various human egos and desires. It's an artists way of explaining the passion. Like all art there is a deeper meaning to the intelligent mind.

    If you see them as religious and divine elements of course u will understand the principles of the art. If you see it as mere figures of lust or literally then u have fallen victim to what today's media wants you to believe.

  110. Sex Sculptures on Walls of Temple => Sex is a loud truth but, in my opinion, not to portrait on walls… What civilized the stone aged people, was the control on emotions and expressions… this also makes the mankind different from animals… Every religion has some widespread moral values and ethics… all lay emphasis on to keep the moral values in limits, respect the rights of others, giving margins to others mistakes, merciful to humanity and to all the creation of God. Likewise, they also drew some boundaries on sexual interactions… Someone’s own emotions or imaginations can’t be a part of any religion. God created every mankind with one nature. Breathing, Thirst and Hunger are the basic instincts but never felt a need, in any era, by any religion to teach or to portrait on walls… even a newly born knows how to embark upon…
    In my viewpoint, sex sculptures on temple can not be the part of any religion. It might be an art in result of some frustration or sick mindedness or some conspiracy… No one, best of my consideration, even in this gallant society, likes to allow one’s dears to be a part of exposure for this instinct…
    Additionally, the precision of superior endeavor needs no enlightenment… sprite is as writing on wall and holds its own silent, justification inside… good for everyone, in every religion and for all school of thoughts… purely, un-debatable…
    I appreciate the patience if someone is not on the same page


  112. is there any proof that only the Hinduism is the oldest of all other religions? even one westron or an arab person can argue on this that their religion is the oldest;but who knows the actual things? in this world- where 'India' and other 2 or three countries are following Hinduism;what about the other parts?;there is no need of learn the cultures and other things from Hinduism!;every one has their own culture; here people are discussing about bloody things which are relevant to their culture(Hinduism) why some people are considering the other religions( Christianity or Islam);'humans' are not only in these places. Humans developed their cultures based on their daily life; it's not a property of one;" the thought that- Christianity and Islam are from Hinduism is wrong, and some people like 'hell' and some Anonymous what they mentioned as- Muslims are basically from Hinduism. what does this mean?
    You can show some examples that so and so foreigners following Hinduism, they adopted Hinduism.But simply i can say that it is quite common and natural thing-one will attract to ones culture;but it doesn't mean that our culture is the greatest one ; the same thing is happening in other cultures also; so one should respect all other cultures also,please don't consider the others in to this;it's your duty to spread yours,let it be continue...

  113. The reason for erotic sex sculptures and obscene scenes on temple walls can be traced to the character and preference of the builders and patrons of Hindu temples. Temples were built by kings who were mainly sex maniacs. They had their own harems. Temples were also used as dancing halls for the Maharajahs to enjoy the different postures of young dancing girls. Beautiful devadasis were used as concubines by the Rajahs. Who can question an autocratic Maharajah?

  114. They were Sculptured to guide the young ones at that age because it was awkward for a mother/father to explain what is sex and how are you supposed to do that...

    And about the disputes of who came first Hindu/christian/Muslim, The answer is Egyptians and Indus valley civilizations where the first on earth They migrated around and settled at different places and they also adapted to their surroundings Greek Romans all were once Egyptians while The Indus valley people migrated only around India because of its abundant resources most of the Details about Indus valley were all mentioned in 10000 year old tablets written in Tamil [A language used in the Indian sub continent] The people who speak tamil are mostly Hindus and languages like sasnkrit malayalam Telugu all are said to be sub-divided from it based on these facts Hinduism is the oldest

  115. In reading the main theme of this blog I have to analyse each part to make my point. 

    There 'a' or 'any' religion expressing carnal intent should not be considered a religion. Religion is purely intended as a guidance tool. As for nature worship, we can argue that sex is natural and yes it is, however it becomes unnatural when humans have sex with animals as seen on some of the masonry carvings. it also is unnatural that humans find it religious and pay reverence to sex in public view. Sex is inviolable only in its privacy, and not as public display, especially since youth are exposed to such and taught it being a religious place and act. 

    It's wrong in that it is considered a holy place and all those who believe it is are wrong. These ruins are evidence of early civilizations power and immoral lust which led to their very demise.  

    Those many scholars are assuming it has some religious reason when in fact it is historical artwork of people who were clearly driven by lust and favored sex offerings to the kings and priesthood, nothing else. These hierarchies took advantage of their labour forces woman because there were no apposing forces able to put an end to their nefarious rule. Until! It happened that eventually they were destroyed as history purports. 

    Sex is NEVER taboo, except if acted immorally and against natures intent. As for sex education - no man and woman would ever need sex education, it is natural and cannot be taught. It being an intrinsic emotion that drives an extrinsic act makes it natural and therefore is a myth that someone required sex education. One can justify that the Hindus treated it as sacred, I disagree and the evidence is EVIDENT that  extreme perversion was the order of the day. 

    It is usually the case with every religion at some point having a new religion born in attempt to destroy the old. Reason being that mankind grows so wayward and apathetic due to submitting their will to priesthood that another comes along hoping to revive the individual to self responsibility. Like with Buddha's teachings. The Hindu priest to advantage of the apathetic followers as it clearly seems and this is also found in every religion with hierachies. These facts should steer mankind away from religions and help them understand that religions hurt societies, pat and present. 
    Look around the entire world, and discover the failures of all supposed holy causes. People destroy that which is intended to uplift societies. Names, groups and labels destroy and divide us and never will bring about the peace all religions promise - impossible. So Bottomline there is no religion on this planet that is better, right or holy enough to solve mankinds difficulties. Only once all labels are dropped then will we find mutual respect.

    Clearly it was their luxury and clearly these ruins are evidence of their destruction. Which should be a lesson to those who attempt the very same will too be destroyed by conscious powers. 


  116. come to ancient south india and see the truth by your self...

  117. If Hinduism is a practical way of life, then how can it divide its believers into a caste system??? It is said to be intended to maintain peace, but what sort of peace is this?? For example, why are the Harijan the untouchables?? Why can't people from other castes share anything with them?? And then comes the part where people will be in the caste they were born in for the rest of their lives, and only marry in the same caste?? I mean, if someone loves someone from another caste and wants to marry then why is it a sin?? Where is the love and humanity in this system??

  118. Dear anonymous kindly read the ‘Smriti Shastras’; ‘Manu Smriti’; ‘Valmiki Ramayana-Bal Kand-Section section(sarga)-9, (reference of the marriage of Rishya Shring and Shanta,14 verses (shloka) 35, section 17 all verses (shlokas)-birth of Vanras (Monkeymen) ; Ayodhya Kand -63 all verses (shlokas) verses-50 to 52 very carefully’; ‘Kishkindha Kand-section 33, 34 verses 13 (Sugreeva a non-Aryan) & section 35’; Sunder Kand section 37-versus-62 (Hamuman a human being)’. In the olden days there was system of ‘Anulom Vyavastha’ (the system of marriage between higher caste men and lower caste women. I want to open your eyes that go through these books particularly the section mentioned in particular. I totally disagree with your thinking that the Hindu Dharma divides its followers into many castes and lower castes. Right, Hindu Dharma has ‘Varna Vyavastha’, but it was not so rigid as it has become today. The women/ girls from the lowermost castes (Harijan communities of today) were socially acceptable in the societies of the higher castes as their wives under ‘Anulom Vyastha’. I recommend you to go through the all old books of the Hindu religion particularly ‘PUranas, Ramayan and the Smriti Shastras’ closely and carefully, you will find the instances of ‘Anulom Marriages’ definitely there. Hoping your misconception is cleared. Thanks.


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