Hindu links for 9/13/2006

“Hinduism teaches assimilation and not destruction; peace and harmony and not dissension. One should live a life full of activity but the activity should not be self-centered and should be directed towards the well being of the cosmos.” Shantilal Karamshi Somaiya.

“Hinduism says that time will come when all people of goodwill gather at the foot of Mother Earth and pray together. This is what collective efforts are about.” Sri Sri Sugendra Theertha Swami Madhawacharya.

David Hart, the Anglican priest who converted to Hinduism in Kerala, is in conversion debate in the U.K. and the U.S.

This is the topic of a major conference in Montreal this week.

Most of them are associated with religious congregation. Include the stampede at Wai in Maharashtra in 2005.

Students study both Urdu and Sanskrit here. India needs more schools like this.