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Dasharatha Shani Stotram Story

Dasharatha Shani Stotram story is part of Hindu folklore and it chronicles the valiant actions of King Dashrath, the revered father of Bhagavan Sri Ram in the epic Ramayana. This story recounts how the sagacious monarch thwarted the malevolent influence of Shani, the celestial deity associated with the planet Saturn, preventing dire consequences for Earth's denizens.

The saga commenced when King Dashrath received a forewarning from Sage Vasishta, indicating that Shani was on the brink of transitioning from the auspicious Karthigai Star (also known as Krittika or Karthika birth star) to the Rohini birth star. This celestial shift was prophesied to unleash havoc upon the mortal realm, bringing forth calamities such as famine, earthquakes, floods, and myriad other life-threatening afflictions.

With unwavering resolve, King Dashrath, having previously fought for the Devas (the demigods) and possessing the boon to traverse the cosmos, embarked on his celestial chariot to intercept the impending catastrophe. Arriving at Rohini Nakshatra, he witnessed Shani approaching in a divine chariot, driven by a crow.

King Dashrath, fortified by the protective aura of Dharma, forcefully impeded Shani's progress toward Rohini. Remarkably, the malevolent gaze of Shani, known as Shani Drishti, proved futile against the king's righteous shield.

In a display of valor and kingly duty, King Dashrath beseeched Shani to spare the inhabitants of Earth from impending doom. Moved by the monarch's courage, Shani, the cosmic arbiter of destiny, acquiesced to the plea and pledged not to unleash harm upon the living beings.

It is said that King Dashrath then composed a hymn, now known as Dashratha Shani Stotram, as an expression of gratitude to Sani Bhagavan. Legend holds that Shani, in turn, blessed Dasaratha, declaring that anyone who recites the Dasharatha Shani Stotram would be shielded from the malefic influence of Shani.