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Dreaming Of Locust – Meaning - Symbolize

Dreaming of locust is a bad omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dreams of locust symbolize serious problems in life and many these are piled up problems or hidden or you were nurturing them. Dream about locust also means natural calamity or sudden problems in your house which will require renovation. Dreams of locust and you know from where you got it means strain in relationships.

Dreaming of locust on someone else property means you will hear about something bad to friends or relatives who are in a distant place. The dream also means there will be sudden natural calamities or pest infestation in your place. It is a warning sign and you need to do something to protect your property and wealth.

Dream of locust on your body means you should not allow problems to pile up and you need to settle all of them at the earliest. It also means doing things at the right time.

Dreams of locust roaming all over your property or family means you will face skin related problems.

Dream of locust in an unknown place means your enemies will employ black magic or other third party methods to trouble you.