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Panauti Unmatta Bhairav Temple – Nepal

Panauti Unmatta Bhairav temple is located at Panauti in Nepal and is located near to the famous Indreshwar Mahadev temple. The shrine is dedicated to Unmatta Bhairav form of Shiva. This is the most peaceful and most compassionate form of Bhairava, who is otherwise worshipped in his ferocious form.

The murti of Unmatta Bhairava is carved in wood. There are also stone or shila murtis of Ashta Matrikas – eight mother goddesses in the main sanctum. The utsava murti Unmatta Bhairava or the one taken out during festivals and rituals can be found in the sanctum sanctorum.

Built during the 16th century CE, the temple is a two-story rectangular structure with a single roof and resembles like a traditional Nepali house.

There are three sculptures of Gorakhnath, the popular Shaiva Saint, on the three open windows on the upper floor. The sculptures look towards the Indreshwar Mahadev temple.

The annual festival in the temple is held on Jyestha Purnima day (full moon day in June – July). The moveable murti of the main deity in the temple is taken out in procession on the day.

Like all ancient Nepali Hindu temples, this one also has intricate carvings and wooden sculptures.