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Dreaming Of Spitting Blood – Meaning

Dreaming of spitting blood is a bad omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means sudden reversal of fortune, secrets being exposed and health issues. It also means you need to be careful with all your actions in near future.

Dreaming of you spitting blood means sudden health problems in the family. It also means you will get opportunity to throw out certain things from your life that is really harming you but you have been ignoring them. You should also be extremely careful about your thoughts.

Dream of someone else spitting blood means certain actions of yours will cause harm to others. The dream also means you will get to know the true color of people through certain action of others.

Dreaming of spitting blood and you are happy means you will have suicidal tendencies. The dream is asking you to be cautious and to think before you act.

Dream of you spitting blood and if other people are happy means you will be poisoned. It also means trouble due to poisonous animals.