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Dreaming Of Cigarettes – Meaning – Cigarette Smoke

Dreaming of cigarettes is a negative and bad sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be soon having depression, mental illness and stress related health issues. It also means there will be lack of clarity.

Dream of cigarette smoke is a sign of problems in personal life. There will be lot of tension in near future.

Dreaming of you smoking cigarettes means personal tragedy. It also means you will pick up bad habits that might result in bad reputation. It also means you will try to find easy pleasure and this will result in problems in life.

Dream of someone else smoking and you are angry indicates you will have to go through some unwanted situations in near future.

Dream of someone else smoking and you enjoying it suggests you will seek pleasure at the wrong place and this will cause trouble.

Dream of simply seeing cigarettes means there will be temptation or provocation in life. It is a warning sign.