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Kuja Dosha In Marriage In Hindu Astrology

 Dosha in Hindu astrology is a blemish in the horoscope or the birth chart of an individual. The most significant dosha which affects marriage of a girl or boy is the Kuja dosha. This dosha is due to the affliction arising out of the unfavorable placement of planet Kuja (Mangal or Mars) which has a great role in matching the horoscopes of the prospective bridegroom and bride. Kuja is believed to be the son of earth in Hindu astrology.

Kuja Dosha arises due to the position of mars in the first, fourth, seventh and twelfth houses when judged from lagna chart, the moon chart or the Venus chart. When Mars is placed in any of these houses, the person is said to be manglik or mangali. In fact, when any of the inauspicious planets, apart from Mars, like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and the sun is placed in the above-mentioned houses, the person is believed to have this affliction.

Traditionally, it is believed that this is nullified only by the person’s partner who also having the planets of similar or matching strength in the same house.

Kuja dosha emerges a big hurdle in the marriage of girls having this dosha. Moreover, the bhauma panchaka (Mars and the other four planets mentioned above) affliction is also judged by the moon and other aspects. About 90 percent of the individuals may be denied marriage by this rule. In order to cross this hurdle, people since time immemorial have also found those yogas (or combinations) which may nullify this affliction a great deal.

There will be no Kuja Dosha if

Mars is in the second house identical with the houses of Mercury.

Mars is in the 12th house identical with the house of Venus.

Mars is in the 4th house which also is the house of Mars

Mars is in Leo (Simha) or Aquarius (Kumbha)

In this way, there could be endless number of Kuja doshas and mollifying factors as well.