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Dos And Don'ts During Pregnancy As Per Hinduism

From time immemorial, Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) gave prime importance to the experience of fetus in the womb. Nine months of pregnancy is a holy period in Hinduism. Emotional, physical and mental wellbeing begins in the womb. Here are few tips on what to do and what not to do as per Hinduism during pregnancy.
  • Emotions, thoughts, feelings and behavior of mother have direct connection with the unborn child.
Eg – Kauravas were born to Gandhari who nursed jealousy towards Kunti. She and Dhritarashtra wanted to have children because they wanted to keep the throne. There was nothing positive before the birth of Kauravas. There was only fear, anger, hatred, frustration and ego. All this led to Gandhari pushing out an unborn fetus, which was saved by Vyasa. And what did the children of Gandhari do; they only caused harm to themselves and others.
  • Real decisions should be taken before becoming pregnant.
Before getting pregnant, the couple should take some important decisions. They should make sure that they are prepared, ready and have the ability to bring a life into the world and take proper care of the child. If there is even a slightest of doubt regarding the ability to take care of the child, then you should work on it.

Become pregnant only when you want to. Do not become pregnant for parents and society.

Before getting pregnant, there should be peace, happiness and love in the family. There should be caring and love for the mother.
  • The fetus in the womb picks up signals. 
When the mother is happy and peaceful, it picks up positive signals. But when the mother is stressed, fearful, angry, anxious, moody or extremely passionate, it picks up the negative energy. Personality and character of the baby depends on the mother’s state of mind. Where there is calmness and joy through the nine months of pregnancy, such a child will have happy and calm disposition throughout life.

Along with good physical health and good habits, mother should be emotionally strong.
  • We are pregnant
It is not the wife who is pregnant. Both wife and husband are pregnant. We are pregnant. All grudges, hate and hurt should be buried before becoming pregnant. Forgiveness, love, acceptance and caring should be the dominating emotions in the relationship.

Husband and wife should never have negative and stressful conversations. Your baby can listen and understand what is happening outside womb.

Eg – Abhimanyu, son of Subhadra and Arjuna, listens to Sri Krishna while in the womb of Subhadra.
  • This is why Hindus believe in conversing with the baby in the womb.
Be careful about what you watch, read, and hear during the pregnancy. Avoid newspapers and news channels during the nine months of pregnancy. You will be stressed and you will make your child confused and fearful about the kind of world that it is coming into.

Listen to soothing music, read positive articles, watch happy and humorous programs.
  • Eat good natural food. 
  • Do not be superstitious. 
  • Never torture the body during pregnancy in the name of rituals and fasting.
  • Read the childhood stories of Sri Krishna.
  • Keep a picture of baby Krishna and Ganesha in the room.