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Thaipusam 2024 Date - Importance – Puja - Story - Information on Thai Poosam

Thaipoosam is an important festival dedicated to Lord Muruga or Kartikeya. It is observed in the Tamil month of Tai or Thai (January – February). Thaipusam 2024 date is January 26, Friday. In some regions especially in Singapore and Malaysia it is marked on January 25. It is celebrated mainly by the Hindu Tamil speaking community in India (especially in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh), Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and in many other parts of the world.

Lord Subramanya represents virtue, youth and power, and is the destroyer of evil. He is the wish fulfilling deity.

Highlights Of Thaipusam Festival
  • Large, colourful processions.
  • Carrying Kavadi
  • Carrying milk pots
  • Piercing body with small lances and hooks
  • Devotees seek blessings, fulfilling vows and offering thanks to Muruga

Legend has it that Lord Muruga, son of Lord Shiva, killed Tharakasuran and other demons who were creating mayhem on earth on Pusam star in the month of Thai.

Thaipusam Story

Thaipusam is celebrated to commemorate this victory of good over evil.

Sages were fed up with the troubles created by demon Tarakasur and his lieutenants on the living beings in the universe. They complained to Shiva and he instructed Muruga to help them. Shiva gave him eleven weapons and Mother Parvati presented the most powerful ‘Vel.’ Muruga killed all the demons including Tharakasuran on Pusam star in the month of Thai with the Vel. Thaipusam is celebrated to commemorate this victory of good over evil.

How Is Thaipusam Observed?

The most important event on the day is that of devotees carrying various types of Kavadi to the Murugan temples. The most important Kavadi pilgrimage takes place at the Batu caves in Malaysia.

Thaipusam is the climax of an entire month spent in spiritual preparation with a strict vegetarian diet. Some people do this Vrat or spiritual austerities for a year or six months

It is believed that only when the mind is free of material worth and the body free from physical pleasures can a devotee undertake the sacred task without feeling any pain. It is said that the devotees who undertake spiritual austerities before Thaipusam do not feel pain when the lance is pierced in their body.

Thaipusam In Singapore

Thaipusam is one of the oldest Hindu festivals in Singapore. It is not for public puja and long processions.

Thaipusam festival generally lasts for 2 days in Singapore. On the eve of the festival, the chariot procession with murti of Lord Muruga begins from Sri Thendayuthapani Temple at Tank Road to Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple at Keong Siak Road. The procession goes through 4.5 km road. 

The puja and rituals on Thaipusam day starts very early morning. As part of the ceremony, the first batch of devotees carry milk pots and wooden kavadis. Some pierce their tongues with skewers and carry a wooden kavadi decorated with flowers and peacock feathers balanced on their shoulders. Other devotees carry spiked kavadis that require elaborate preparation.

Thaipusam In Malaysia

Thaipusam festival reaches an unbelievable and unexplainable dimension in Malaysia, especially at the Batu Caves. One of the Sanskrit words for cave is ‘guha’ and one of the names of Lord Muruga is also Guha since he likes to live in caves.

On the Thaipusam day, the air reverberates with the chants of Vel, Vel, Shakti Vel and thousands of devotees carry kavadi, symbolizing the mountain lifted by Idumban. People start carrying the Kavadi from early morning on Thaipusam day. Women devotees carry the pal kudam (milk pots) and couples who had their wish for offspring fulfilled carry their babes in cradles supported by sugarcane sticks.

The procession to the Batu Caves also includes people who pierce their tongues and cheeks with Vels of different sizes and people who pull chariots with hooks pierced to their skin.

All forms of Kavadis and other offerings performed on the day are to the fulfillment of vows for wishes granted and others for getting their wishes fulfilled by Lord Muruga.

In Malaysia, Thaipusam is also observed at the Nattukottai Chettiar Temple and the Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Hilltop Temple in PenangJohor Baru Sri Dhandayuthapani TempleSri Subramaniar Temple in Gunung Cheroh and in Buntong Sri Subramaniar Temple.

Thaipusam In India

This annual festival coincides with temple festival in several Murugan shrines across Tamil Nadu and Kerala. All Murugan shrines observe the day with fervor and vigor. Apart from pujas and usual rituals associated with Thaipusam, there is also the pulling of the chariots of Muruga.