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Chandra Dosh Nivaran Pooja – How to Overcome Chandra Dosh in Kundli?

Chandra dosh in kundli or horoscope is the result of the bad position of navgraha Chandra – the moon god in Hindu astrology. The ideal Chandra dosh upay is perform the nivaran pooja dedicated to Shiva. Here is a brief idea on how to overcome Chandra dosh in kundli.

Below are some important Chandra dosh upay – you can make use of some of them to overcome Chandra Dosh.

  • Install silver Shivling in the north side of home. Do daily puja by offering drop of water and bilva leaves. On Monday, sprinkle milk on the Shivling, then sprinkle water.
  • If you are Vishnu devotee, the install a silver idol of Bal Gopal on the north side of the house and perform daily puja. A garland made of glass beads should be put on the silver idol.
  • Do not take silver gifts.
  • Donating silver by the person suffering from Chandra dosh is considered highly beneficial.
  • Donate milk but avoid consuming milk or milk products on Monday.
  • Do not showoff and talk about your charity. All charity done to avoid Chandra Dosh should be kept a secret.
  • Plant mango tree in the north side of the house.
  • Eat coconut daily.
  • Wear white color dress.
  • Do yoga asan known as anulom vilom.
  • Keep feather of peacock at home.
  • Blow conch while performing daily puja this helps in avoiding Chandra dosh.