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Vyadeshwar Shiva – About Vyadeshwar Form of Shiva

Vyadeshwar is a popular form of Shiva and is worshipped in the coastal region in Maharashtra. In this form, Shiva had given darshan to Lord Parashuram, an Avatar of Vishnu. The most important temple dedicated to Vyadeshwar Shiva is located at Guhanagar in Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra.

Vyadeshwar Shiva is the family deity of many Chitpavan families in Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Legend has it that Bhagvan Parashuram regained the land of Konkan after throwing His axe into the sea. He then asked Bhagvan Shiva to reside in the Konkan region and give darshan to him and devotees. Thus, Shiva came to reside in the region.

It is said that Parashuram brought 60 Vipras to reside in the area. One of the Vipra named Vyad installed a Shivling and it came to be known as Vyadeshwar Shiva.

Another legend has it that Vyad Muni installed and worshipped a Shivling in the region. When Kaliyuga started Shiva decided to reside in the Shivling and help those devotees wanting to escape from the problems of Kaliyuga. As the Shivling was installed by Vyad, Shiva came to be known as Vyadeshwar.

Three incarnations of Vyadeshwar Shiva
It is said that three small pieces chipped from the Vyadeshwar Shivling and dropped in three different places. Three forms of Shiva is worshipped in these three areas. Thus
Talkeshwar Shiva is worshipped at Borya Adoor.
Balkeshwar (Valukeshwar) Shiva at Asgoli.
Udaleshwar (Uddalakeshwar) Shiva at Anjanwel.