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Ratanti Kali Puja – Ratanti Kalika Puja in January - February

Ratanti Kali Puja is annually observed in Magh month mainly by Goddess Shakti worshipers in eastern parts of India. Goddess Kali is worshipped on the day. On this day Goddess Kali is worshipped in the form of kind mother. Ratanti Kali Puja 2018 date is January 15.

Ratanti means “beloved.”

Ratanti Kali Puja is observed on the Magh Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi or the 14th day during waning phase of moon in Magh Month.

Two other Kali Pujas that are observed in a year are the Falharini Kalika Puja and Kali Puja on Diwali.

Goddess Kali Puja during Diwali