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Beware of Fake Swamis and Hindu God Men

Fake Hindu swamis, sanyasis, babas, gurus and godmen thrive in a society which has not understood the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma (Hindu Religion). Therefore Hindus and other sections of the society which provide the opportunity and fertile ground for fraudsters in the guise of swamis to thrive in the name of Hinduism are equally at fault. Ignorant, miracle and fortune-seeking followers are the ones who help such fake swamis to prosper in our Hindu society.

Before Going to a Swami Read the Bhagavad Gita - the Greatest Guru

The Bhagavad Gita which narrates the essence of Hindu spirituality contains only 700 verses. There are excellent translation and commentary of Bhagavad Gita which cost less than 100 rupees. But majority of the Hindus have no time to read the 700 verses but spend thousands of rupees, hard earned money, energy and time visiting ashrams and spiritual centers of such fake babas and gurus.

If you make this an issue, immediately comes the answer, Bhagavad Gita is hard to digest for common people like us, we are ignorant.

It is for the common people that the learned and holy men of yesteryears have translated the Gita into all regional languages. They have provided excellent translations and have interpreted the great dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna into the simplest language.

Reading and understanding the Bhagavad Gita is not the real issue. If one has time and patience this can be easily achieved.

The real issue is that Gita doesn’t talk about methods to become super rich overnight. Neither do Gita have mantras to find treasures hidden underground or to get promotions or provide miracle cure to diseases. Gita also does not recommend pujas to destroy your enemies. And above all Gita does not predict the future.

Gita only teaches to you to attain Moksha and how to live a life of bliss on earth.

But the fake swamis and godmen only talk about future, money and predictions, pujas and innumerable homams to cure diseases where medical science has failed. Sadly, this is what many Hindus want to hear.

Majority of Hindus who go after Swamis are fortune seekers

Daily we get to hear about such fake swamis and their notorious activities – which include rape, illicit relationships, amassing wealth through dishonorable means – but this has not deterred many Hindus from approaching fraudsters in the guise of Swami. Why?

Both the fake Godmen, his followers and those who go after such swamis are fortune seekers. Godmen is using religion to become rich and conduct other antisocial activities. Followers are fortune seekers who want the help of an outside agency to reach God and bribe God and amass wealth, cure diseases, solve social problems and above all know the future.

The True Sanyasi

Shri Krishna never fought for Arjuna in the Mahabharata. Arjuna had to do all the fighting in Kurukshetra. Krishna is always there to remind us the Truth and give sane advice. The ultimate truth is that we have to do our work and no God will come to do it. Sadly this is not acceptable to many.

A true Sanyasi will never advertise. He/She is like a flower. People reach them following the fragrance. They will not even bother to talk to fortune-seekers. Silence is their best weapon which frustrate most fortune seekers in minutes. They might open up the knowledge treasure to a genuine seeker whom a true Sanyasi will easily identify – just like Ramakrishna identified Vivekananda.

A true sanyasi lives in the present - he will not have possessions - he might not even have the money to buy his next meal.

There is nothing new to say

Sanyasi and Godmen does not say anything new. Everything is found in the Hindu scriptures. All their words are borrowed from the Upanishads, Gita, Ramayana, Yoga Vasishta and Mahabharata. All these Holy Scriptures are readily available in shops and now on the internet for free. Pick any of these Holy Scriptures and read a few pages daily. Soon we will realize the futility of going to such fake gurus.

Hinduism believes in individual self realization and not borrowed or rented or bought self realization. Always remember the Brahman (God or Supreme Truth) that resides in the most respected guru or spiritual leader also resides in us. The only difference is that we have not bothered to realize it.

If we are falling into the trap of fake Sanyasis and Godmen, it is our fault.

And if you find that a swami is fake, never hesitate to report it to the authorities and write about it on the internet. Such fake swamis and God men should not find protection in Hindu religion.

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  1. The document is good for people who go to Hindu sanyasis and struggle to understand whether they are true or fake.. How about adding the lists of fake gurus/sanyasis in the BLOG for others to know at first hand information??

  2. Ha. You're missing the point. You must detect YOURSELF rather some is true or a faker. Asking someone else's opinion is just giving away your own inner power one more time.

    So many of the "godmen" just love to slide their hands (and other body parts) all over nearby females when they are along and think no one is looking...

    I could tell you many tales - even from the Kumbha Mela in Ujjain... so many are just dirty old men in private.

    You will find God in your OWN heart... all by yourself. For free.

  3. yeah i agree but thats doesnt mean that all are fakes many true and good saints are there... wherz good therz bad to

    in otherwords we should beware of those dirty missionaries who plans to spoil our great hindus saints name,because of these saints their crap work of convertion doesnt work

  4. Very true. I agree.
    We all are emotional by heart and we all are some way or other surrounded by some or other problem.
    These fake people(I do not want to use the word sadhu for fake person) psychologically cheat us and Our fault is that we blindly listen to them without using our mind.
    Believe in God - The Mantra
    Best-Wishes !!!

  5. Hi Friends,

    Thanks for nice views.

    The real reason i think for going to so called fake people is to avoid thinking and putting efforts in disciplining oneself for quicker gains and get cheated in processes & coming out as bitter not better person at end of transaction with so called fake persons not sadhus, correctly put by one of friend above.

    Its not the fake people who are solely resposible for ourself being cheated but our own desire to get benefits instantly without work.

    Personally like verse 1 of chapter 6 which describes a true sanyasi(sadhu) which is:

    "anshrita karma phala karyam karm karoti yaha,
    saha sanyasi cha yogi cha na niragni na cha akriyah"

    2 qualities described of sadhu are:
    1-engaged in action with an ideal
    2-not worried about fruits of action
    not one who avoids action , doesnot have fire(agni) or ideal or goal.

    So lets be alert with our own wishes of avoiding self effort, thinking for quick gains,to prevent being cheated.


  6. i have studied shastra thoroughly and been very close to many saints and after many years i have come to believe that there really are no such thing as saints or god-people, unless you go very close you will never know and unless you know any "sant" as well as you know yourself we cannot call them sant. grihasthas are more godly any day

  7. One criterion I use is this. How often is money asked for? One guru told me, "Spiritual Wisdom is never for sale."

  8. i was very closely invovled with a very famous spiritual organization and like anything else politically indian it is all about power and corrution, this is kalyug guys stay awat from them

  9. yes many people have had such experience even from reputed organizations but mostly they are all money hungry people who use shasta for their own benefits and how far they have sunk they do not even know

  10. You're right and wrong. So many people seem lost and seek help. So many people dream to become their guide. It's human life.
    As far as truth is concerned, it's not a problem. Who are we to say that something or someone bad is really bad. You see, even shit (like manure for eg) has its value and work to do.
    Nobody has never been lost. Moksha cannot be attained, otherwise you may be able to loose it, so it will not be moksha, pure infinity without boundaries.
    The fish can ponder and ask for advise. The truth is that the fish is the sea. And at the same time it has its own peculiar life to live.
    false and true is a dichotomy, its more a problem for abrahamic religions, not asian ones.
    All gurus are jerks, fake as long as you consider these being able to bring you to the moon. They can only show (live) the moon.
    When you are in truth, you are the truth.

    Now concerning this process to become conscious to be conscious. Yes, it exists, but it is only an experience, bound in time and space.
    Now if you want to know how it looks like, imagine..
    That you jump from an international flight ...without parachute. Or you touch the wires of a high tension pole. or you are on you way to the moon but you are tighten on the outside of the space shuttle.

    Nobody wxants to die, nor disappear. Its not a human process. So don't worry about fake or true gurus. They are jokers. That's why saainthood is related to laughter. When you are awakened, there is no separation, no division, no problemo.

  11. What is a guru ? A guru is not a man, belonging to a certain fold. A guru can be anything that instructs you. At the difference of abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Asian religions are not one size fit all stuff. It’s a private relation between you and God. Life speaks to you in many different ways. It’s up to you to listen and look.

    A guru can be a dead leaf, or the sunlight on a rose bud. He can be your annoying neighbor, your irritating mother in-law, a dog, a dog drop, anything. It can be a simple word or a thing or a person that has a connection with, that talks to you, at a certain moment. That’s why you can read all religious books without perceiving anything in them. And surprisingly, read a cookbook and find a real answer for you. That’s the beauty of a creative life.

    Man creates his own problems and then cries. There are no problems in life, only a swirl of energy, continuously unfolding, moving. And you cannot solve a problem. There is no solution for a problem. You have to get a new vision in which you drop the problem and adopt a new way that will be your solution.
    Man wants to be certain, secure, helped. This denotes his fear and confusion. Man believes he is a poor human being, alone in the universe. Man is full of godliness and in total connection with what is, the manifestation. He is already realized, accepted, dipped in life. The work of a human guru is to dispel his ignorance even if this hurts the follower’s ego. He is there to help him avoid hard stones on the path. A guru is a killer, he has nothing to do with you, (drop that loving image Amma, Sai Baba and Cy, gentle guru stuff from your mind – please, same thing as fake or true guru thing). Nothing to do with money (but what’s wrong with money?) or human desires and vices (but what’s wrong with desires). A guru has his life to live. He goes to bed at night, scratch his ass in the morning, poo, take breakfast, burp, shout or scream, pass urine, etc. He is a normal guy. Why do we want to see him as an alien coming from planet Mars? He has no wings attached to his back and can’t convert rupees into dollars (sorry buddy, choose Euro instead, dollar is a dead donkey).

  12. Last two comments from Anonymous are thoughts of wise! Good and evil are two sides of the same coin(Brahman)."To get the real, you must know what is fake"!It is called dance of duality.

  13. Very enlightening thoughts-Ananda-u have become our guru for the minute we took to read your deep comments-will like to discuss more with you-i get the impression though that one spiritual path will not be the same if one does not meet a human guru...

  14. Which is fake which is true None of or buisness. You so ever is takling about God is a step in your life!!. NEVER THINK Topmost step near roof is only Important. keep on steping the fisrt step was equally important. If you have fear of reaching saints just thinking they may not be true Hey man!! How will you become a discoverer. Well God bless you all in your search towards truth. Your own mind is gateway to hell or heaven!!

  15. Dear Friends,

    This is the test of genuine sincerity. Those who do not deeply desire God will get what they want. The fake in the name of the Real.

    Those who truly desire God never fail to get Him.

  16. So could any of you tell me what Amma and Sai Baba are teaching right or wrong? other words are they real sanyasins or fake?

  17. Dear Sujesh,

    If you truly desire to know whether Amma or Sai Baba are real, then look deep into your own heart. Only there can you find God, the Truth.

    It really doesn't matter what the objective world says. All that matters is what your divine heart says.

    Sacrifice is the key to knowledge and knowing is seeing. What are you willing to sacrifice for this knowledge, Sujesh?

    Do not follow the masses blindly because someone says that they are Gods. Find out the truth for yourself.

  18. Look with an unbiased mind, If you are convinced then you can trust them. If these people are for real you will understand or rather feel it. Think rationally and decide. Dont just believe if anybod says anything whether +ve or -ve.

    Word "guru" means one who removes the darknes. Darkness abt anything - lyf, god or anything at all.

  19. Yes,it's true that there are fake swamis.But they are many great gurus too.Just because many are fake,one should not distrust all.

    The "GURU" or the teacher is regarded highly in hindu religion,even equivalent to GOD.The underlying thought is that it's thru GURU that you know GOD.

    Like it's been brought out by the writer of this article("abhilash"),a true GURU never tells us how to get better in material life.But,it's seen that those who follow spiritual practices and are rooted in the self,will be provided more that what they ask materially also.

    The Bhagvad Gita and many books of Hinduism is not as simple as it is made out to be.T understand the essence of these books we really need a learned teacher(At least,I feel I am not intelligent enough to understand what these books say,they do create confusion at times,again I may be totally wrong in what I say)

    One problem which many of us face is that we keep doubting wether the "GURU" prcaitcies what he preaches.I feel if some one teaches you to do good and if he himself does not follow it,we need not bother.We should do good and not have doubt in the teachings.If a Guru does soemthing wrong,he will have to answer for that.

    I Just happened to bump into this blog,find it quite interesting and nice.Thanks

  20. Since Atman is within us all-when we read, study, contempate on what we have read-won't the Atman reveal the right path for us to understand Brahman at whatever level we might be in our present state?

    I wanted to see past Maya and so I did for a time give a far away guru money for advice, but as the cost rose I realized this was not the right thing to do- in the old sense of the guru/student role. But I could be mistaken-because the Vedas say we must preform sacrifices and give gifts (among other things.) What is a sacrifice or gift if money isn't involved in this modern day and age?

    I have come to understand a false guru as one who would lead us away from knowing there is God within ourselves, and as someone who does not treat his students as if they were already God. The finest example of a true guru was Sri Ramakrishna in my opinion.

  21. Many Hindus today believe that by accepting one (or more!) of the swamis who come to the scene like any advertised commercial service/product, they will be able to ensure, 1) a name in society as a good person irrespective of whether they have an unsavoury past record in this regard, 2) they will be able to ensure a front seat in heaven ( balcony if it is a cinema!) after their death through the Guru's efforts, just as we are able to get many things done in this world by bribing the right person for each thing, and 3) if they have much unaccounted money/wealth, the Guru's ashram will serve as a safe place to hide such wealth and ensure reasonable or even very high returns through stock-market operations regularly done by the ashrams (including the Kanchi mutt, which I know for a fact).

  22. Have any one heard about Swami Dyananda , he was the only person who saved Hindu Dharma and its holyness by providing rear vedas to all indians. In 1850 when there were around 2500 panth in India and so many bad works were going on like sati pratha , bal vivah , no education to girls , jati pratha , chua-chut etc, people were converting to other religion because the dase of Hindu dharm i.e. Vedas were not followed anly some literatures of pandits like puranas were followed and people think the brahman as God . That time swami Dyanand remove all those panth and spread the light of vedas all around and saved Vedic Dharma. For Future he make a institute known as Arya Samaj which works a lot for Hindus. They removes alll the bad rituals from hindu dharma. The first school for girls and lower casts was founded by Swami dyanand only.Every sanyasi give comments on the top of How to get God only , No one care about Human Being. After Swami Dyanada death his followers gave a lot of contribution in country independence , His followers like Lala lajpatrai , Bhagat Singh , Pan Prasad Bismil , Chandersekhar Azad , all were Arya samaji's. This time Graet Yog Guru Swami Ramdev is also a follower of Arya samaj and get his all education from Gurukula's which are run by Arya samaj followers. Before Swami Dyanand no one ( a family person) was aware about Yoga. But He and his followers made it.

    This is the biggest contribution of any Sanyasi ever.

  23. Ultimately it all comes back to within us.Fake or not one must be able to use ones judgement ..althugh some donation to upkeep the movement is O.K. Again unless one is on a journey to find -its useless to follow blindly

  24. This is a very good discussion with sensible comments. Modern technology helps us to uncover the bogus and the fakes. For example, night vision cameras have exposed seances with apparitions as being nothing but tricks with mirrors. Nobody does this trick any more since night vision cameras became commonly available. And a slow motion replay of a video camera exposed a so-called sadhu and maharishi who could change dirt in the palm of his hand into a lotus flower. It was nothing more than a sleight of hand that any competent professional magician can perform.
    My question is this. Are the sadhus and sanyasis all 100% fakes and charlatans, or are there some genuine ones living today? I am certain that you will not find the real ones in the kumbh melas - these events are show pieces for the media and an industry designed to rip off the gullible and rich.
    So where are the genuine ones? Do they exist? or are we genuinely surrounded by 100% charlatans?
    If you can name the ones living today who you genuinely believe are the real articles, I will be very happy to look into and report back.

  25. hey every saint and guru is not like this.See the ancient gurus you have just heard some of your relative or some family member speaking all this and wrote.Also in hinduism is told about the ego that is devil and the self and soul nedds to be one to defeatit.The ego is not to be destroyed but it dessolves itself when we are one with the divine.Are the gurus fake.You know who is the guru of people who have no guru,its SRI KRISHNA.So you do one thing go and don't even read the GITA as it is told by the ETERNAL MASTER SRI KRISHNA JAGATGURU.It s said that KRISHNAM VANDE JAGAT GURU ok and you tell fake that guus talk about wealth and all that is matrialistic then see the todays guru.The best guru today PARAM PUJYA SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR JI See the holinesss in him.See how he uttered the GITA at the age of four the second verse by himself untaught.You see his things taught then you will understand this thing.You know however you reside in yourself but when in need only GURU'S GRACE helps you.If you are working on something very much its taking too much of your time but with your GURU'S GRACE you won't need to work so long or practice something so longs.You will do a little and GURU'S GRACE will help you throughout.Same in KARMA.KARMA can only be cleared with the help of KNOWLEDGE and this knowledge is not the G.K. you read everyday it's residing inside and that's nothing without GURU'S help.OK.Go and see SRI SRI RAVISHANKARJI'S talks and you will understand what a real GURU is and you will surely get your questions's answer.See how this GURU answers your questions in secons.And atleast continue your work rather than complaining about he GURU'S.You don't have a GURU doesn't mean we also do not have ok good bye jai gurudev.OK i again tell you the meaning of JAI GURUDEV.It means victory to the big mind as big minds thinks of better things and not temporary happiness and materialism and this is the bigger nature and we have to get rid of the smaller mind and nature by saying JAI GURUDEV.Also if you follow fun misery follows you and if you follow knowledge fun follows you.I hope this was a good entertaining lecture for you.Only this much for now JAI GURUDEV good bye

  26. I am amazed at the way some swamis charging fee (200-1000 dollars) for a meditation session.In the name of donation to their organisation,they charge enormous amounts from naive followers.
    One doesn't need so many meditation techniques to realise bliss.Simple awreness of breathing if enuff.

  27. True godmen are like pearls which are found at the bottom of the ocean, And only garbage floats on top for everyone to see.

  28. Who is to decide true or false? How many of us householders are leading good lives? Do we worship? Are we truthful? do we have control over our appetites? And we are ready to criticize our sadhus.
    the greatest problem of hinduism is this stupid criticisim of our own people. And we run after monks and priests of other religions. Do you know how corrupt they are? Any idea?

  29. I am not sure, if all so called saints and sanyasis today are fake .. though I suspect most are fake ..

    Hinduism itself says that u need to have a Guru to make spiritual progress .. Right ?? Bhagavad Gita itself says that .. I forget the exact verse ..

    I have personally felt that -- Fake or not, the effect most so called Gurus have on their devotees is very positive .. I am not sure if the so called famous godmen from South India who are living today(u know who I am talking about, I dont want to mention names here) are genuine or not .. But their devotees are certainly more on the spiritual path than the normal Hindu .. No doubt about it .. I have seen many many ppl who have become so pure at heart after being involved with such Godmen .. They shell out their own money to do charities and help other people( remember its not even just dontaing some money) .. they do bhajans every week .. and they have God on their lips all the time .. Many of them actually try to carry out atleast some of the good teachings of their so called Gurus and change themselves positively both in their thoughts and in their actions..

    Irrespective of if the Guru is fake or not, most of their devotees strongle believe that their Guru, who is God himself, is always with them and no harm can happen to them when the Guru is with them .. And when some bad things do happen in their lives(like it will happen in everyones lives), they believe its due to their karma and move on ahead ..

    Let me clarify I am not the devotee of any living Guru, but I have had the oppurtunity to interact with many of their devotees closely ..

    Like the saying goes

    Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, Gurur Saakshaat Parabrahma, Tasmay Shree Guruvay Namaha ..

  30. can anyone help me give some media adress and contact number who can expose about fake swamis in hyderabad. I'm in urgent need of the same.

  31. The article completely rules out a good calibre Guru, rather it preaches that one should seek the scriptures to realize. If that was possible we won't be here. I have read many books multiple times, they mean different things until I experienced somethings under a calibre Guru the scriptures is just a wisdom statement. To give an example, Lord Krishna says at the end of Vishnu Sahasranama ;

    Yo mam nama sahasrena strotum ichheti pandavah! soham ekena slokena stuteva nasamshayah! Stueva nasamshayah om nama iti!

    There are thousands names sloka in the sahasrnama, it is difficult to remember them, so many ask this question to him. His reply is very simple, subtle and unambiguous ;

    Out of the slokas of these thousand names, if one can recite one sloka with no doubt, one can commune with him eternally ....

    How is this possible ? It is only possible with constant practise of meditation (pick a sloka, mediate on the meaning of it) with devotion for the divine for some time, the mind which is fickle by nature will mend and reach what the heart is looking for. This can be attained only by an assistance of (I repeat) a calibre Guru, it is impossible to reach God without a Guru, even avatara purusha had a Guru and if one has read the scriptures correctly, here is one from Guru Shankaracharya ;

    Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah! Guru sakshat ParaBrahmah tasmai Shree Gureva Namah!

    When the priest in the temple asks gotra during sankalpa, how many of us know who is being referred ? It is one of the SaptaRishi's (seven priomordial saints) or the lineage from whom we have descended. Every human being have a gotra, the scripture go beyond and tell if one does not have gothra, one can adopt "kashyap" saptharishi. But for spiritual progress one needs a living calibre Guru.

    Ofcourse there are many fake gurus in this world who are materially motivated, the onus to screen the Guru is on the sincere aspirant to find out if the guru will take from point a to b or is s/he after money or fame.

  32. Dear Friends,

    Hello. I do not know why I am putting the following personal comments in this section. I suppose part of developing trust means not knowing everything all the time.

    Friends, Baba has said that if a devotee has dedicated his/her whole existence to Him, then prayer is no longer needed.

    Personally, I know I have not fully done so. Do you know why? Because I fear. And why do I fear? Because I do not fully trust Him? And why don't I fully trust Him? Because I do not fully trust myself. This is my weakness.

    So, even though I continuously affirm that my life is a prayer, I pray. I pray that the Lord makes me a more dependent devotee on Him without fear. I am willing to fully surrender, but I cannot without His grace. The spirit is willing, but the flesh, the mind and brain, are weak.

    Is this not the same with all other genuine aspirants? Is this not a sign of a saint in the making?

  33. Dear Friends,

    Here I am again. I hope you all enjoy my interpretation of the following question and answer quotes.

    Q: "You are Bhagavan. So you should know when I shall get jnana. Tell me when I shall be a jnani?"

    A: "If I am Bhagavan there is no one besides the Self - therefore no jnani or ajnani. If otherwise, I am as good as you are and know as much as yourself. Either way I cannot answer your question?"
    Sri Ramana Maharshi

    Did Ramana merely shirk the question? Many would say, yes. Why? Because they would think that as an omniscient soul he would know. However, the important word to understand here is the word "cannot". Cannot does not mean know not. Therefore, the important question to ask is: why couldn't Ramana answer the question? The question was fully answered, but not all in words. Let me finish his sentence and then let us see if he shirked the question. "Either way I cannot answer your question" [with absolute accuracy, because the future is not predetermined].

    Ramana liked to play this game. He would often end a sentence and then allow a receptive spirit to finish it by following the Self. It sounds insane, doesn't it? The joy of this revelation is inexpressible, the Self.

    Only a jnani can understand a jnani.


  34. Actually, the omnipotent Guru always knows better when to impart knowledge to a deserving disciple. So it is wrong to ask Guru "When will I become Dnyaani". Instead one should focus on Spiritual Practice.

  35. can anyone help me give some media adress and contact number who can expose about fake swamis in hyderabad. I'm in urgent need of the same

  36. I know of one such fake saint : Dr. Dakshinamurthy Dixit from Kohir. Dixit..very popularly known as "Ayyagaru" is such a person who traps people into his vemonous loop by playing around their weakness, blackmails them emotionally and sentimentally and lures off their wealth. He destroyed many families and seized and grabbed many innocent people properties getting relinquished on his name himself. He even seized Sri Omkareswara Temple of Kohir. In the name of homas, pujas, this person lures people in the form of huge amounts of grains, gold, silver, and many precious ornaments giving the name as "Guru Dakshina". God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi themselves should punish this Dixit to such an extent that he should die a street dog death stoned by people themselves.Atleast this way, other innocent people lives and families will be saved. There can be no doubt that he had even grabbed and occupied the Kohir's Omkareswar temple. I'm a sufferer of this Dixit myself. He smashed my family life in the name of homa and pujas.
    Please help me in exposing this dixit and give an end to his drama once for all.

  37. i completely agree. for me it is AC bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada, a true spiritual soul, only here to serve krishna and spread his name. all those bogus asses, like sai baba (not the one who lived long ago (shedi)) but this other dude who is alive and in a wheelchair or something... that fag... but thank you

  38. Dear Friends,

    Hello, again. Here is some food for thought. How irrational is it to call a murderer a Christian?

    The following article heading is an example of how dumb, deaf and blind the world really is: "Two Egyptian Christians get death sentence for murder."

    Proclaiming Christianity does make one a Christian nor does it define a Christian. This statement holds good for all religions.

    You think that there are many fake swamis and gurus in this world, but consider the "billions" of fake disciples professing all sorts of religions. Worldliness attempting to proclaim spirituality is the Great Lie and also the Great Test. This is how God separates the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the lions from the sheep.

    Consider the gatherings of Sai Baba, for example. Do you honestly think that they are mostly all genuine disciples? Superficial kindness and respect is not a genuine consideration.

    Friends, genuine disciples are nearly as rare as genuine gurus. Seek out both. Unfortunately the reality is is that people want blessings and not Truth. How fortunate then for the ignorant to be in the presence of a real guru. However, a genuine disciple will give up even good fortune for Truth alone.

  39. Hello, friends.

    What To Give And What To Take.

    If one takes, one will be taken from. If one gives, one will be given to. This is the Law. This is Karma.

    Therefore, one should always strive to give love and take sins. This is how one blesses oneself and cleanses the world. This is what the saints do. This is God's work.

  40. ‘Taarak Braham’ - the ‘GURU’ (Spiritual Master)

    Today, the concept of ‘Taarak Braham’, ‘Taarak Braham Kee Mahasambhuti’ & and in taantrik language ‘Maha Kaul’ has gone oblivious. ‘Taarak Braham’ is the only the Spiritual Master – the ‘Adhyaatmik Guru’. “Gurur Brahama, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Gurureva Parama Brahama Tasmai Shree Guruvey Namah” signifies that ‘Taarak Braham’ is the only ‘Guru’ and it is Salute for Him. Non other than the ‘Taarak Braham’ is ‘Guru’. ‘Lord Sadashiva’ had appeared in capacity as ‘Taarak Braham’ [the manifestation of Supreme Consciousness in Human Form – the connecting point between Qualified (Sagun) Braham and the Non-Qualified (Nirgun) Braham - the relative world and the pure consciousness] on this earth 7500 years back. Thereafter another ‘Taarak Braham’ who inundated this Earth with His Grace was ‘Lord Krishna’ 3,500 years back in India.

  41. (Contd…....1/1 from above)

    The meaning of the word ‘Mahasambhuti’ is - that ‘biological body /form’ through which the ‘Taarak Braham’ expresses Himself. It is used in the sense as – “Mahasambhuti of Taarak Braham” denotes that the ‘biological body / form’ from which the ‘Taarak Braham’ (the supreme Consciousness) functions / acts. So ‘Lord Sadashiva’ and ‘Lord Krishna’ were the ‘Mahasambhuti’ of ‘Taarak Braham’ in different Eras on this Earth. Their biological bodies were called the ‘Mahasambhuti’ and their soul – ‘Taarak Braham’ which collectively denotes the ‘Supreme Consciousness and the biological body’. It must be understood that ‘Taarak Braham’ is the same Supreme Consciousness - not two or three. The pure Supreme Consciousness when appeared for the FIRST TIME on this Earth 7,500 years back was named as ‘Sadashiva’ and thereafter 3,500 years back, He was named as ‘Shri Krishna’ when He appeared on this Earth for the SECOND TIME. This name was given to Him (Lord Krishna) by one of His worldly (loakik) uncles and sage ‘Ramta Ram Garga Ji’.
    So the ‘Taarak Braham’ [who is a complete personality and capable of exhausting the unconsumed reactive momenta (Abhukta Sanskara)] is the only ‘SPIRITUAL MASTER / GURU’.

    (Note:- Reactive Momenta – the accumulated reactions of our actions in potential form – partly accompanied from the past lives and partly the reactions of actions done in the present life).
    Taarak Braham Kee Jai |


  42. ‘THE GURU’

    The word ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘ru’ to dispel So collectively the words ‘Gu+ru’ denote - that great personality who dispels the darkness. India is a country of spirituality. For the first time, the seed of spirituality sprouted somewhere in ‘Central Asia’- the abode of Aryans. All know, the ‘RIGVEDA’- the first knowledge on spirituality and relative world, ‘was propounded by the Aryans’. The science of spirituality is root cause for the origination of ‘RIGVEDA’. Presently, in Europe there is place by the name ‘RIGA’. So it will not be out of place to mention here that the name ‘RIGA’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘RIK’ thereafter ‘RIG’ – the ‘VEDA’ - that has ‘Rik’ & ‘RICHA’ in plural. So ‘RIGVEDA’ the holy book of oldest spiritual knowledge in India (which was brought to India by the Aryans). The present natives (our overseas brothers) of Europe must understand that they are the offsprings of Caucasians (Aryans)- the ancestors of the Indo-Aryans. From the spirituality point of view, all are the progeny of same cosmic father. Science and anthropology recognize us as ‘Homosapiens’. Be it -Aryans, Mongolians, Austrics, Negroids or Dravidians’ all are the ‘Homosapiens’.
    The point of our discussion is ‘Aadhyatmik Guru’ the ‘Master of Spirituality’. The word: ‘Taarak Braham’ is a Sanskrit word. In English language, perhaps there is no equivalent terminology for the words ‘Tarak Braham’ , ‘Mahasambhuti’ and ‘Maha Kaul’, etc. . ‘Kaul’ are those who have raised their ‘Kundalini Shakti’ (the Serpentine Force that is lying in a latent state at the lowest ending point of spinal cord) for the spiritual union with ‘Param Shiva’ (seated between the secret point of eyebrows) by dint of their own rigorous efforts / practice.
    ‘Maha Kaul’ were those who had not only raised their own ‘Kundalini Shakti’ but were rather still are authority over raising the ‘Kundalini Shakti’ of the average spiritual aspirants / practitioners (Aam Adhyatmik Saadhak) by a mere spiritual touch or on oral command. (Mahakaul can raise the ‘Kundalini Shakti’ of the animals also) The word ‘Maha Kaul’ is a esoteric (tantrik) language word. So, it is not known by the common people. In Kashmir, Kashmiri Brahmins / Pandits place the title ‘Kaul’ or ‘Kaw’ after their names. So it must be understood that formerly the ancestors of those Pandits / Brahmins were the follower of ‘Kaulachar’ (They were Kaulachari Pandits). ‘Kaulachar’ - the cult of spirituality that has the practice of raising the ‘Kundalini Shakti’. ‘Lord Sadashiva’ and ‘Lord Krishna’ were the personalities on this Earth who were authority over raising the ‘Kundalini Shakti’ of the average spiritual aspirants / practitioners by a mere spiritual touch or on a oral command.

    (Contd…….1/1……. below:-)

  43. (Contd…....1/1 from above)

    The meaning of the word ‘Mahasambhuti’ is - that ‘biological body /form’ through which the ‘Taarak Braham’ expresses Himself. It is used in the sense as – “Mahasambhuti of Taarak Braham” denotes that the ‘biological body / form’ from which the ‘Taarak Braham’ (the supreme Consciousness) functions / acts. So ‘Lord Sadashiva’ and ‘Lord Krishna’ were the ‘Mahasambhuti’ of ‘Taarak Braham’ in different Eras on this Earth. Their biological bodies were called the ‘Mahasambhuti’ and their soul – ‘Taarak Braham’ which collectively denotes the ‘Supreme Consciousness and the biological body’. It must be understood that ‘Taarak Braham’ is the same Supreme Consciousness - not two or three. The pure Supreme Consciousness when appeared for the FIRST TIME on this Earth 7,500 years back was named as ‘Sadashiva’ and thereafter 3,500 years back, He was named as ‘Shri Krishna’ when He appeared on this Earth for the SECOND TIME. This name was given to Him (Lord Krishna) by one of His worldly (loakik) uncles and sage ‘Ramta Ram Garga Ji’.
    So the ‘Taarak Braham’ [who is a complete personality and capable of exhausting the unconsumed reactive momenta (Abhukta Sanskara)] is the only ‘SPIRITUAL MASTER / GURU’.

    (Note:- Reactive Momenta – the accumulated reactions of our actions in potential form – partly accompanied from the past lives and partly the reactions of actions done in the present life).
    Taarak Braham Kee Jai |

  44. Dear Abhilash,

    Hello. I was wondering where I may add some miscellaneous comments. For example,

    What are a man's most valuable possessions? Are they properties, such as material wealth? Or are they loved ones, such as family and friends? Neither. A man's most valuable possessions are his thoughts, his "beliefs".

    I have realized that the hardest things for a person to give up are not his/her properties or even his/her loved ones, but rather, the hardest things for a person to give up are his/her cherished beliefs. A person's identity, existence, depends on it.

    Overcoming cherished beliefs are his greatest obstacles, because they are his most valuable possessions. A man would rather lose his life with his egoic existence intact, then to give up his attachment to cherished beliefs for fear of losing his identity. He diligently works to be a good somebody in this world instead of a divine nobody.

    For example, look how the different religions fight to protect their own identities as if their very existence depended on it. It is cherished beliefs that are at the core of their fighting. Is this not so?

    This is why it so hard to find an ego that is willing to sacrifice everything, especially its own beliefs on all levels of thought, for Truth alone. It is this desire that leads to the highest life and philosophy, the fairest of all God's flowers.

  45. @ can publish it as article itself...send us your articles and we will publish it say it has been contributed by you....You can also contact me via

  46. Hello, friends.

    I want to thank you, Abhilash, for responding. I will contact you via the gmail address.

    However, my purpose on this link is to comment on real and fake swamis and gurus. May the following words illuminate minds.

    "Do not judge according to appearances". A deceiver will see deception in another. A lover will see love in another. The self-centered will see self-centeredness in another. Etc., etc. We all see this world and each other according to "our own" mental and spiritual dispositions.

    For example, I "know" that Sai Baba is God. How do I know? Because I know the truth. I have experienced it. To "believe" in something is merely the first step towards knowing the truth of the belief. One must next seek to experience "subjectively" the belief. Do not build your houses on the grounds of belief, because like sand, the house is not based on a stable foundation.

    Those who believe in Sai Baba, for instance, are fortunate. But this fortune will be short lived if the believers do not experience the truth. They must desire to know for a fact. The greatest blessing is in knowing and not in merely believing. Knowledge is bliss, is love, in the highest. A believer can be deceived, but not a knower. It is the experience of truth which makes us know that is the basis of real faith. Yes or no?

    The world's "objective" approach to God is the result of its own ignorance. If this be the truth and nothing but the truth, then who am I?

  47. Well its true there are fakes around but there are also many genuine ones around as well.So we have to be careful that we don’t just give the impression that all of them are fake..Many times because of the anti Hindu groups involved and their influence in the media they like portraying Hindu holymen as fakes.You will notice the Indian media will go overboard ‘exposing’ of alleged scandals but soon as it turns out to not be true you wont hear a whimper because its better to keep the false rumours alive so people who don’t know the facts keep on believing them.. A good example was the alleged expose of Sathya Sai baba when he was falsely accused of child abuse by some American guy where even a BBC documentary was made over the issue..Few years later this same guy withdrew his case in the US when it turned out that most of his accusations didn’t add up and he was about to be exposed but did the media report that ? Not at all. So we have to be very careful with just giving general statements about Hindu gurus being fake..And at the end of the day who are keeping Hinduism alive to the masses ? The many Hindu swamis and gurus out here working day and night.Of course in-between there are some scammers but that’s in other parts of life as well and you just have to be cautious overall..

  48. A nice discussion. Good to see the various points of view. My belief is that a coin has two sides. So, is Nature.
    It is we who have classified things as "Good" & "Bad". What is good for me, can appear as bad for others and what is "bad" for others may appear as "good" for me?
    Isn't this the universal truth.
    Two Stand Out Sentences:
    "Shri Krishna never fought for Arjuna. Arjuna had to do all the fighting in Kurukshetra. The ultimate truth that we have to do our work and no God will come to do it is not still acceptable to many."
    "If we are falling into the trap of fake Sanyasis and Godmen, it is our fault."
    May be falling in the trap is also a way to realize the Truth :)
    Arthur's Posts were very much insightful. "What are a man's most valuable possessions? Are they properties, such as material wealth? Or are they loved ones, such as family and friends? Neither. A man's most valuable possessions are his thoughts, his "beliefs"."
    Finally, Abilash you are doing a great Job. Keep it up.

  49. Talking about Sanyasis -- we might see more fake than real ones. Reason? if they were real, they would have realized the meaninglessness of this materialistic life and wouldn't give a damn for publicity and they might live their life in "their own world" trying to find the truth about this life and teaching their findings to their Shishyas (students)! They don't need publicity or political power for that!

    My mom used to be a big believer of a "human god". He could bring gold chains etc from thin air! I used to wonder why he differentiates between Gold and other material? (I must admit that these human Gods do a lot of charity work compared to our politicians). Does God really care if you put Gold ornaments on him/her/it? Do you think God uses all that "bribe" you put in collection boxes in various Hindu temples? Who uses all that money? -- Hindus don't have a culture of charity work like (other) religions.

    So even in modern Hinduism it is all about greed -- for money, publicity and power!

  50. A true living Guru, who works hard and travel all over the palces is SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR. By simple yoga/meditation techniques and knowledge sessions he has helped millions around the world to understand the meaning of life and conduct life in more joyful manner. Art of Living foundation started by Sri Sri has been working in various humanitarian projects like, Education for Underprivilaged, Health to all, Organic farming, Women self healp groups, Alcohal/Drug addiction and many.

    Sri Sri is a true guru living as per the principles of Sanadhana Dharma

  51. This is in response to SATVIC's comments about "Sri sri Ravi Shankar".

    I certainly agree that Mr Ravi Shankar is doing a great job of trying to help people to lead a happy materialistic life. Not by his classes of breathing techniques (improvised Pranayama), but by the advises he gives about "Art of Living". Luckily he has not (yet) started claiming himself as God. I personally respect him as an individual until he start claiming that he is an incarnation of God. This is his business (for monitory benefits). Nothing wrong in doing that in this materialistic world, if you ask me.

    I have attended one week class of "Art of Living". It was not free. Nothing can be free in this (materialistic) world. What really moved me was - most of his "devotees" do not understand "Art of Living" even after attending the class. All of them go there just for one reason -- "networking". In addition to this "Art of Networking", all they want to do is some "breathing exercise". Thus Art of Living became synonymous to Breathing Exercise (like SATVIC mentioned in the above post)!!

    (.. oh well I guess I misunderstood the meaning of "Art of Living", otherwise I would have paid Rs 150,000 to "purchase" a teacher's job in one of "Hindu religion's" college fifteen years ago!! I was too adamant that even though I am also leading a materialistic life, I did not want to go down to their level).

    Even this materialistic world would have been a much better place if Ravi Shankar could make people understand the real meaning of "Art of Living" (without stressing too much on Pranayama).

  52. Seeking the Truth in any religion is difficult and a life long process. Fakes exist in all religions- one can be a fake in one's own heart and not even know it!
    God alone knows our heart and He alone knows our faith and love. Do I follow the Gita? Can I follow the Gita? Should I follow the Gita?
    I can, I should, I definitely try but fail everyday! Dark Inertia, passion? We all struggle everyday. Do fakes reach moksha? Only they will know, I must continue to strive for it myself, and someday I will be blessed my Krishna and be at His Feet!

  53. To the person who posted the comment on Jan 15.
    I wud like to inform u that, Sri Sri Ravishankar, is conducting classes(pranayama) and the people who taught u are never paid. The whole organisation is a Non profit organisation. Nobody in it is paid. In the fees taken from the class goers, 92% are used for charity purpose and the rest of 8% of it is used for administrative purpose only. There are many other god men performing similar classes or similar stuff and fetching money from the public for various utilities. But, Ravishakar, doesn't belong to that category.

  54. "The real issue is that Gita doesn’t talk about methods to become super rich overnight. Neither do Gita have mantras to find treasures hidden underground or to get promotions or provide miracle cure to diseases. Gita also does not recommend pujas to destroy your enemies. And above all Gita does not predict the future.

    But the fake swamis and godmen only talk about future, money and predictions, pujas and innumerable homams to cure diseases where medical science has failed. Sadly, this is what many Hindus want to hear."

    My dear friend little knowledge is dangerous thing. Bhagawad Geeta has a line in it which says never worship gods for material boon as it is temporary or in simple words never run after siddhi as this is not the truth of life, the main goal is liberation. But you are walking in the path of spiritualism and u want to reach the goal and you dedicate yourself to it but on doing so what if your health weakens?, you wont trade all those hard works with compromise, will you?
    so to cure insecurities tools like tantra and mantra were invented. Lord Krishna used them so did big rishimunis. The only problem is that people made a wrong use of it, its just like two people who bought a knife, one cut vegetables and another murdered his enemy, so next time u say something please make sure you are in complete sanity, please dont write articles that can mislead people on good subjects like tantra, mantra and sadhana, tantra, mantra and sadhana are used to get rid of obstacles that comes in your way when you are in the search for the truth, its just that people make an assumption without knowing the truth and friend you assumed, thats the problem that i have with you


  55. Actually no need forall these at all. There is GOD on earth calls Dr Commander Selvam Siddhar in Georgia. He is the only GOD in the whole western world. Simply say "Sri Sri Sri Dr commander Selvam Siddhar YE NUMAKA" in front of a photo of Dr COmmander Selvam Siddhar Swamji God and you will get anything yo want. Commander Selvam solves headaches and neck pains all over the body. He is also taking care of bankruptcy and court cases and immigration case and IRS problems for everyone. If you wants toknow more about him please go go google and put Dr Commander Selvam Siddhar.

  56. Anonymous said...
    please refer to comments on Nov 9th 2009 on Dr. Dakshinamurthy Dixit i am interested can u share your information on this blog

  57. Why people are so foolish running behind everyone who doesn't deserve a attention.
    From my Knowledge I believe " A true Swami or sanyasi will never expose himself to this Materialistic world. He never wants to get in touch or become close to maintain a rapo with anyone.He hates if people talk about future, Money & all rest of the things which feel are a must for a human being."

  58. More than all we have to note one thing in this. How fast and perfectly the Media and missionaries are working against us. Though there is no proof or argument provided from the Nithyanadha ashram side we cant conclude anything. But we should be aware how a bigger team is acting against Hindus and we are just becoming a prey in thier hands. There r many many fake fathers(in church) and Imam's are there but we dont dare to tear their faces. This is were we are lagging and we should get united to save our culture.


  59. Aha! well said. You have touched upon really important point here. Most of us seek God to fulfill our desires. I was reading Shiv Puran recently and there was a mention from Lord Shiva, that many followers seek him to fulfill thy desires. If not fulfilled they leave him. Though he still loves them.

    About Bhagtvat Geeta, its a legend. I believe very few people have read the translation by Bal Gagadhar Tilak, the Karma theory. Its amazing. I ha a tough time getting the book, and worst part I had to get it from :( Fortunately, I saw a new print yesterday in Landmark. Its an amazing commentary for those who are interested in Karma side of the Bhagvat Geeta.

    Last but not least, many thanks for helping clearing myths around our religion.

  60. Thanks all you pledging for cause

    as i understand..reading all shastra first is gud u generate a sense which works as litmus test..then only you can not be taken for a ride by fake guru..

    Svashyay aur Manan is important before you step out to search

  61. Hi friend,

    Only very recently i started blogging. hence this is the first comment i'm making.

    Your blog is nice and the efforts which you have put in are also commendable. keep up the good work.

    Also, i have written a post in my blog on the same topic. Even i am frustrated to see Indian heritage going from bad to worse due to such fake swamis.
    Here is my link, in case you may want to have a read.

    Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula

  62. Why bother about whether one is fake Swami or not. All Swamis have role to play in this world of Maya. If one is destined to go after fake Swami,due to his past karmic affiliations he has no choice till his time to be spent with him lasts.
    Instead of contemplating on Swamis, one can spend his time by repeating the name of God one likes. In due course the Almighty God will reaveal to you and His secrets. Have faith in Him. He will certainly reveal to you and guide you to proper Guru if needed. Dont hate any one. Dont harm any one. Control your anger and jealousy. Give love as much as you can. God and Love are not two but one and the same.

  63. I would like to respond to the comment at the beginning of the introduction, "if we are falling into the trap of fake sannyassis and godmen, it is our own fault."
    I feel although this is a logical statement that may be true, it seems lacking in compassion.
    Different gurus for different people. Sometimes a fake guru experience can bring you to a real guru. Sometimes those fake holymen are there as a small part of the puzzle.
    Even the people paying big money for retreats that teach meditation are often pretty genuine people who yearn for something more in life. In the beginning of the search, there is not enough discrimination sometimes to know the difference between the real and fake. Maybe these people are getting "initiated" into the 1st level of discrimination.
    Perhaps on the path of the soul's spiritual evolution it is neccesary for them to have this experience, to learn the lesson they need to make advancement.
    Also I think there are some sannayssis, sadhu, sant who do intense sadhana and acheive a certain level. This is seen as worshipable, especially if some phenomenon is manifested. People don't realize that these are just siddhis and don't have highest meaning.
    In the meantime if that sadhak is not free enough of ego and has people worshipping him, then it can be a very bad combination.
    It is that fake baba's karma to be a fake baba.
    The devotees of fake babas usually worship that baba because they want something, a miracle, a cure, a baby, to pass exam, a marriage...whatever.
    That fake baba will realize one day that the worship they recieve is fake and not out of anything close to real devotion or love.
    They will be alone and ashamed deep in their heart for pretending. sooner or later, it will become obvious.
    I think this is an important topic, but there is a lot of finger pointing and condemning that is going on here.
    I think actually there may be a percentage of babas who are actually quite innocent and their "promoters" pretending to be devotees are trying to make the racket.
    Brothers and sisters, let's help remind one another that if we hate too much these fake holymen, condemn them and judge them, we may end up becoming them one day. We have to experience our aversions and judgements to feel compassion.

  64. There is a verse from Ramcharitramanas which says "Sadhu charit subh saris kapasu, niras vishad gunmay phal jasu....." in which Tulsi Das has tried to help us identify the true sage/Swami/sadhu/Sant. In simple terms, any person who potrays "Lesh Matra" {even smallest traces} of affinity towards worldly possesions/pleasures, cannot be called called a sadhu/Sant. You can see the number of so called Sawmi's in this present time who travel and live in comfort, constantly pampered by followers. Such people should be totally shunned. As for reading scriptures, Baba Tulsi Das has written a beautiful verse , " Sumati bhoomi thal, hriday agadhu, ved puran udahi, ghan sadhu..." Two important terms in this verse are "Udadhi" referring to ved/puran as being sagar(ocean) and "Ghan" referring to Sadhu's as clouds. The ocean is the ultimate source of water for living beings, but humans cannot consume sea water. We need the "panditwa" (Special powers) of clouds who can deliver the same water in form of rain....just as ved/puran have vast knowledge which is beyond the reach of ordinary person. It takes the special ability of a true sadhu to simplify that knowledge so that the common man may understand it.

  65. The real guru's are very few in this world and it is very difficult to identify them. But,if one has a strong urge from inner core of heart to seek liberation, then the Lord certainly listens and circumstances would be created by the lord in such a manner that you may be close to the Guru. In the same manner as the sadhak anxiouly search for real Guru, likewise Guru searches for real and true sadhak.

    The association with Guru is very imporatnt, but only for the seekers of spirituality, not for the persons having worldly desires.

    For more on spirituality and meditation one may visit

  66. Reading the commencts made me want to post this;
    I married a babaji who told me to leave my first husband as I had relationship problems - 6 mths later after confiding in this babaji I married him as i believed in him and his link to god.
    4 years later he has still not acknowledged me as a wife, has used me and when i ask to live with him he suggests time ,god has not given him the direction yet.
    I am completely lost and have no confidence at all as all his followers beklieve in him and even his family do not seem to care he abused his faith.
    I feel being a 'godman', you trust them, but when one 'Godman' does something like this then the image of god is destroyed. I cry everyday as whenever i turn to god I feel god has cheated meand now i don't even go to the temple anymore.

  67. There is a swamiji called Dr commander Selvam Siddhar in Atlanta. Do anyone knows about him? He sayd that his temple is the largest temple in the world with the highest servicing preasts.

  68. Just so, Anonymous. Dirty Old Men are just Dirty Old Men... can be Catholic priests, "sadhus", etc.

    Devotee beware.

    I agree --- these guys help us develop discrimination - once we wash the stain of their lust and greed out of our hair.


    Why are there FALSE eyelashes? Because there are REAL ones.

    I wouldn't confuse some idiot "guru" with the real presence of the real God - who can be found inside the temple of your own heart when approached with love, respect, desire and humility.


    Dattatreya had 24 gurus - google the story - who helped him attain: Earth, Air, Sun, Pigeon, Water, Python... etc.


    Anybody with an organization has a hodgepodge of egos. A true seeker will have to wade through and dodge them all to get at the gold at the heart of the journey. ... ie discrimination ~

    Discrimination does not come cheap.


  69. A true seeker will always find a true master

  70. Beware of someone called "Guruji Mamaji" who operates out of an ashram in Santa Cruz, Mumbai and has connections in Ankleshwar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, etc. This so called guru and his daughter have ripped us off thousands of UK pounds. He is a conman claiming to follower Lord Dattatreya. His mantra is "Jai Girnari". Please keep your distance from him.

  71. Ramesh RamamoorthyApril 28, 2010 at 11:50 PM

    Not all are fraudulent. Lord Krishna who manifested as a Humaon being and who unfurled Bhagavat Geetha was a rich king himself.
    So there are still Avatars. We should follow our conscious in finding the genuine.

  72. most of the so called self styled godmen are fraud, even the known gurus have reflected malice practices. actually is some what practice against the course of nature so sooner or later it is going to revlot. sex is a biological need how far reaching control we may have on our nerves but still lure towards sex remains always there.

  73. Hi,all of you who commented here like me, are true in their own life. But, we should remember,everybody have different life with different perception.We should all try to understand this and digest this reality that no matter what you say for somebody or advice somebody for anybody,he/she will only do what he has to do.It's only us,who will be frustrated at the end if we try to control somebody in their life.I personally, never hesitate to meet any guru/saint/sadhu and bow him/her my head because i m not bowing to him/her body, i am bowing to his atma which we all know is part of brahma and it is pure. May be one day such guru/saint/sadhu after meeting you might feel something different and may change their way of life (anything can happen). so in that case, you will be his/her guru. so, i think, let it happen what's going on and just observe and follow your heart not your brain..Hari om

  74. I found your blog in google while searching the information on badrinath temple opening. But I am surprised to read here such a valuable information which is worth for our life. Yes this is very true that gita is the biggest guru. All fake swamis will go you to in wrong direction. Just go under the shadow of lord shri krishna and Read bhagwad gita. The immortal true you will get to know after reading the Gita.

    Thanks for your blog post.

  75. Your approach is good but you are information id insufficient. India today is suffering with this fake Swami's and Baba's mainly because people never read authirized Bhagavat Gita's and on of the greatest damage to Indian Vedic philosophy is done by Vivekananda and Ramakrishna although people worship them they are the one of the main causes of such fraudelents floating around.

  76. Dear Sir: To understand Bhagvat Gita in its entirity one has to accept Krishna as Param tatva as said by Krishna Him self and also Surrender to him these two things are extremely difficult but not immpossible. Once we become a true seeker and are not after mundane things he gives us the intelligence to know him. WE ARE PART AND PARCEL OF HIM NOT HIM. He is Vibhu we are Anu. Parmatma and atma are two things we are connected to him and have forgotten our relationship. A guru is the one who opens our eyes. In bhagvat geeta it self Krishna says that we should humbly approach such a guru do seva and then learn. I agree true Guru or saint is not after money but to do any project one needs money. If we surrender to Krishna we will get the intelligence to discriminate. Like a saint said we are cheated becuase we want to be cheated and thats why cheaters are thriving. I feel minimizing the importance of guru is not a wise thing to do and some times by out ward activity can not be predicted who is real sadhu. There are many examples in scriptures regarding this.

    I hope you understand my point and not atke any offence.

    Hare Krishna.

  77. Preaching Liberation is Bondage! Most of the modern day so called saints are Spiritual Entrepreneurs! Dive deep inside yourself you will find the 'GURU'

  78. the goal of life is not to attain moksa and enjoy while on the earth.the goal of life is to attain unalloyed service to Krishna,who is known a Jaganatha,Lord of the Universe,not Purinatha as many residents of Puri and priestly administation of the Jagannath temple declare.
    As spirit souls(jivas) we have the right to develop a relationship with Krishna,especially in the human form of life.Bhagavad Gita does not say hindus,a mohammedan term not a Vedic term for those living on the southern side of the Sindhu river, may approach the supreme destination.So to those new to exploring something about Ancient Indian culture be forwarned.Many in the so called Hindu community are befeft of knowledge and trying to profess their allegience to Nationalism more than sanatana dharma.I expect an argument based upon bias and speculation.However,my statements are supported by evidence in the Bhagavad Gita as it is,not by some pashandi or materialistic pretender...

  79. This is funny, very amusing indeed. Every Hindu says the same thing, claims that he is the most enlightened, & is the true guru, or that his guru is, & the rest are all fake. All want to be tube fed vedanta & vedas & scriptures much like the students studying english literature reading cliff notes (or is it Ramji Das & Raghukul Tilak in India, & I'm sure there are many more) instead of reading the literature & trying to understand it. No one wants to give an hour a day to just sitting & thinking about this all by yourself, without distraction from news & soaps & music. But will not let any one even sneeze while watching the episode of kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi that they missed while they were at work. this is just an example, you get my point. Hindu Religion will make a whole lot of sense if some one thinks with a keen mind, & not spend time in sermonizing & marketing oneself a la christianity & islam & many of the hindu swamis & gurus too. Their endeavor is pretty much reflective of their intent, which is not religion. Self realization is, any way, not even a
    shadow in islam & christianity...that for them means lording over & people by bullying & occasionally pretending to be "peace loving & loving & charitablE)

  80. The highest authority in Hinduism is Lord Vishnu and among the many avatars of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is the highest avatar. Since Bhagavadgita is the highest among the teachings of Lord Krishna, so the Bhagavadgita is unarguably the number one scripture of Hinduism.There are a total of 33 crore gods(including goddesses) in Hinduism and among these 33 crore gods, Lord Krishna is the highest. The Gita is superior to the Ganges river,the Gita is superior even to the 4 Vedas & the Gita is superior to the Gayatri Mantra.
    So, dear people of the world, please master the Bhagavad-Gita if you want to know the real Santana Dharma or the Hindu religion.

  81. Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

    Until I find my Guru, Sri Anjaneya shall be my Guru till I see Sri Rama.

    Fake Gurus like Jagat Guru Rampalji is killing the faith of people. Whatever God that lives honourably doesnt like His Name to be popularised by tarnishing the names of others. This is what the jagat guru rampalji is doing and this hindu blog is having his advertisements on the site.

    I hope jagat guru will come back to the true path of goodness. Only Sri Rama can do that, so I believe.

  82. Guys better instead of commenting...just try to implement...

  83. Dear all atmas,
    I am so sad to see, that SOME people are lost and totally way off the mark about how to approach getting truth, and about all the fake gurus of the world, is it so difficult to see a simple calculation, that in this world the law of opposites is a living fact, so in any situation while WE are in our mind space, means not reached enlightenment in attma space, one will experience the law of opposites, means fake gurus and real gurus. So why should it surprise that both exist. For most people are in their fake and real self both, means living in Mind and atma both at this point.
    Now the question one should ask is what are you really seeking. (ego creates pain and truth creates bliss)
    So do a lot of self study, for this is the message,daily contemplate what do I want, did I want to hear the things that fake guru told me, that is why you followed them in the first place, So now look deep and you will see that you were after some experience for your mind, and so that is what you one gets, but when a seeker is seeking not for any mind enjoyment at all, they are just truly deeply wanting to know who they are, and not what they can get. they will attract a true guru
    Now the 2nd point is about reading the ved puran or our shastras, by oneself, if some of you could not detect a fake or true guru, how are you going to detect or extract the deep essences of The Bhagwad Gita, which is a million times more difficult for ordinary people to grasp
    The true guru has the faculty which becomes active to see hundreds of layers below the words you read in any shastra or veda, and what you see in the book are just word beyond ordinary minds, why because they are just like this to give you an example only. THERE IS A HILL FACING NORTH WHERE THE TREES GROW THICK AND BIRDS NEST IN THEM. Now what can one get out of these sentences it makes good sense, but how can it transform you. how to get to this hill, so you end up reading these sentences and not getting to the hill after all.
    The same way if you read the great ved puran or Gita and find it really did nothing to transform you,you are not able to see via your minds understanding. So now the question is how does a person get to understand so much depth? As complete unseen information is not given about the depth of the meaning of any sentence so same way only and ENLIGHTEND ONE DOES KNOW AND THIS COMES TO THEM FROM THE DIVINE INTO THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF ALL THE DEEPER KNOWLEDGE And the true Guru has an energy that propells your consiousnesses journey toward your own attma, or truth to give you experiences of bliss love joy abundance etc.A TRUE GURU JUST THEIR ENERGY WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY, THIS IS HOW MAHAN AND GOD LIKE A TRUE GURU IS, MY GURU, WHO IS SHRILA PRABHUPADA, he initiated me privately and not as iscons, he gave me very different instructions of what to do, and he told me never to join his movement, so I did listen to him, All glories to my most revered most loved by me and god like guru Shrila Prabhupada.
    One needs to build this deep seeking and your guru will appear I can gaurentee this to you 100, be as pure as your consiousness.And also I would like to point 'One must have a bona fide good guru to guide the seeker who also must be a true seeker,for your lesson learned good or bad, it is a long journey to unfold this truth of who you are, so again all will have to evolve, with pain dissapointments or with love and goodness, but the evolve you will. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN IF YOU FIND A FAKE GURU TO STICK TO THEM.

  84. Seekers looking for Genuine gurus should probably visit:
    Swami Dayananda Saraswathi of Arsha Vidhya Gurukul [not arya samaj]
    or Swami Suddhananda of Samvit Sagar Trust.

  85. Hi has anyone heard of so called RANI MATHAJI OF MADURAI well she is a real cheat who uses swami ragavendra's name. Always saying she uses the money to build mantralya. Please check on her. Trust me

  86. I know one swami who can appear more than one place anywhere in the world. He can perform all the things that we believed only God can. He personally do not want any money, but the institution want all these, so what to do, poor God man.

  87. There are even Christian Pakandis, who come in TV and show that they can cure from diseases etc.. and people like fools get trapped in their CON, Later on they convert them to Christianity. Why there is no voice raised against these Christian pakandis by both civil society & rationalist society?

  88. In one place Muslim Dargha a lady shows that she is possessed by rolling allover the floor etc.. but when it is noticed that she was always conscious about whether salwar kameez is proper is exposing her body, so she used to hide her body. How can a person possessed is very conscious about his/her clothes or his/her body is revealed? This things are not highlighted by civil society and rationalist thinkers. All pakandis should be punished irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race, sect or gender.

  89. My dear friends,

    Truely speaking, most of us realize there is need for spirituality of every human but many times we do not get sufficient time to spend on religion or introspection. When we come to know about any such person we think we can get some spiritual benefit by getting in association with them. There are very few common people who are aware of who is faking and who is truely a spiritual master. Some even goto such meetings to get a guru to learn from as without guru, anyone's spiritual journey is incomplete. Hence we cannot blame on anyone nor can we have an institution to confirm if some one is a spiritual master or not.

  90. Mostly all nonsense! Each is on his own journey, whether so called true or false.

    Each is God in his own right, and in time, comes to that realization. In the mean time, he freely directs himself in whom to follow, and he learns on his own, according to his karma.

    The coming together of the right time, relentless effort and God's grace will reveal the true Guru in his own heart, but in the meantime, he is still following his own heart, right or wrong - never wrong until the time is right for his own transformation.


  91. We all have to be careful because we are living in Kali yuga and in this time there are many many people out for their own gain. i was born hindu but knew nothing of Hinduism till 2 years ago i started to read the Gits, then i looked more into it and now i have read books that has epened my eyes and i am still reading. these are a few books i have read Sri Ramacaritamanasa, Srimaddevibhagavatapurana,
    yoga vasistha of Valmaki,
    and the vedic history of india. i cannot get enough of this.
    once a man told me if you need to do grah shanti puja do it yourself, if you go to a pandit it is like going to a lawyer to take up your case in from the judge. this stayed with me and i now do puja everyday and i am learning everyday.. I have the collections of prayers and bhajans and i do spend a lot to get knowledge. it is worth every penny.
    like today is Ekadasi i don't know how to preform the pujas but i have the Shri Vishnu Prarthana and i listen to it while i get ready to do the pujs then i read the vishnu chalisa then i did the aarti. in the evening i will do it again and also worship Goddess Ma lakshmi and do her aarti as well..
    i love my prayer time it is so refreshing and here in Australia waking up at 4 some time 5 am is the best time the air is beautiful you have God in your heart and mind u go to your garden to bring fresh flowers for the puja, it is the best thing i do for my soul.. please don't tel any body take this time away of your with God. i am an idiot that is still learning how to do the ritual right. i know with God on my side he will see my struggle and dedication and things will fall in place. i have faith in God and not some so called guru or sadhus.
    Here in Australia many so called gurus come and they advertise their spiritual gifts and they promise to teach you the yoga that will change your like but then there is the donation which they print below....donation for prabhu, or Guruji is $500. hahaha. what a joke..

  92. One good way of checking if a swami is a good man or not is by checking if he bases his teachings on the scriptures or not.That is each of his comments must be supported by corresponding verses from the scriptures.Because spiritual matters are based on Vedic science which is not easily perceptible to the gross senses,it can be easily fabricated by anyone.By adhering to the scriptures at least you know they're not twisting the established facts of the Vedas.

  93. there are hardly any authentic spiritual centres in india(others belong to "sathya" sai baba & asaram).what all they quote cannot be found anywhere in the vedas,they do not follow the injunctions of scriptures.these ppl r not genuine at all,infact they r like wolves under sheep skin .they r noted history sheeters with long criminal records.
    frankly speaking,the culture to impart spiritual Knowledge in india is doomed thanx to ppl like aurnzeb & british.
    anyway,if u r a person who is ignorant about hinduism & u want to search for a bonafide guru today ...i challenge u will at best end up craking pot with a saivite nigger on the banks of ganges.that's how far hinduism has come.
    so called babas & sadhus r a common sight for me when i see them at the railway station with gutka paan or beedi & a cutting chai.
    they do not maintain themselves properly & behave like ascetics
    i alwys wonder what's going on in their minds
    they r alwys kind of weird & remain aloof from general public.
    nithyanand is a sex maniac,,sathya sai is a paedophile pakhandi,, asaram is a black tantrik with many criminal cases registered against them besides the threat of fraud christian evangelists & also the rascal named zakir naik all these big guns have police protection & political backup
    & now what to speak of ppl who call themselves "kalki avatar",one in every 10 ppl in india is a kalki avatar,even muslims call themselves kalki avtar.the only diffrnce is some have huge money to organize pandals & attract huge crowds while others dont.these ppl do not follow scriptural injunction & each one of them invent their own kalki puran from nowhere
    when asked upon"baba,when will u show us ur real kalki swaroop".
    the baba answers"be patient bachcha,wait...may be uptill 2012 they will show(expose) my real avatar in some news chnnel following a released video tape".
    u see they think even the educated public is naive.we r 5000 yrs into kaliyuga what more can we expect . lord krishna had already warned us about all this beforehand in the battle of kuruksetra.
    false godmen speaking on scriptures,,,bluffmasters giving sermons on gita,,,paanwaalas giving lectures on astrophysics,,,flying pigs, will all seem to be believable in today's age
    lord krishna said that harinaam is the only way in kaliyuga ,remember bhimsen joshi's song"JO HARI NAAM BHAJEGA WAHI PARAMA PADA PAVEGA".

  94. FAQS
    1) Why there are so many fake gurus?
    Ans- Because we r foolish and we believe in anyone. We just want or desires fulfilled bu hook or crook. We dont use vivek. We get impressed by looks, speech, followers, biographies etc

    2) Does a real Guru has no possessions?
    Ans- Not always true. Many examples in history prove this.

    3) Is there no way without Guru to realise truth or god or to be truly religious?
    Ans- Thats right. If you see history noone realised God without Guru. Even Buddha had Guru in Sujata and Shri Ramkrsihna in Sant Totapuri, why a queen Meera had to go to a shoemaker Sant Ravidas.....endless list.

    4) How to recognise a true guru?
    In Guru Gita, Lord Shiva tell Mata Parvati: Akhand Mandalakaram Vyaptam Yena Characharam,
    Tatpadam Dharshitam Yena Tasme Shri Guruve Namah. means the one who shows the power which is there is living and non living, which is akhand and which is refered as God, within you is a perfect master and a true guru.

    When you meet such a master and get the divine knowledge, all doubts vanish and vivek buddhi increase. And you see science in spirituality not blind faith.

    5) How to find such a guru?
    Pray with sincere heart. Desire only for God and nothing less than God. He will find you. I have found such a guru or I should say he found me. If you want to know about him visit

  95. I am an NRI who was raised in very religious Hindu household and I totally agree with you on these Swami's and Baba's. I mean I see them marketing themselves as god's for a hefty price. Religion was never meant to become a business, it is for atma shanti and being a better person. People focus on the accumulation of material things and believe that is the reason to pray. I love being a Hindu and your blog totally kicks ass!

  96. Namaste Abhilash,

    I really liked the way when you said ..

    "The real issue is that Gita doesn’t talk about methods to become super rich overnight. Neither do Gita have mantras to find treasures hidden underground or to get promotions or provide miracle cure to diseases. Gita also does not recommend pujas to destroy your enemies. And above all Gita does not predict the future"

    We are so ignorant masses constantly looking for happiness everywhere, doing all things which can keep us happy. We should rather start looking inwards to experience the BRAHMANANDA.

    Only True GURU's grace and his teachings can save us, rest all is there to mislead people for selfish motives.


  97. Hello, I'm the lifelong Initiate. The article helps some issues for me. I ran into one of these. Really seemed like a seeker that has not completed the journey, like me. Only one really did me and my family lasting harm in a time of physical disease and ruin and it did transform my life. Still working that one out. I am thankful for the wisdom I attained thru the experience... something of great value, not the promised material enrichment and lasting employment while working for him. Thanks for the wisdom about reading and doing it yourself. Works for me. That is what I like to do anyway. I learn the hard lessons when I do not.

  98. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is god...

  99. Everyone is God... some people just talk about it more than others.

  100. Almost ALL so called gurus today are fake and are in the business of MAKING MONEY and high life styles. INDIA would be better off without them fooling the public. Be careful and DO NOT waste your money on them.

  101. Indians will spend hours trying to find a saree or gold jewelery but for finding guru they blindly believe anyone.
    tragic!!! In Bhagwat Gita Krsna says
    Go to a Guru who can impart knowledge from the one who has seen the tattva.
    you get what you pay for: if you are looking for material comforts and progress. Krsna will send you such a Guru and if you are really looking for knowledge then Krsna will send you a genuine Guru. A Guru must be in a sampradaya first of all then you must test Him and He should test you before surrendering to him


  103. I've been working to warm people about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. This organization is the perfect example of a long-running guru congame. It is involved in every aspect of criminal activity -- including money collection and sex (including raping young girls). Learn more on Facebook at: The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP.
    Best Rishika

  104. Hi does anyone know rani mathaji of madurai. She said she can clear obstacles. Anyone heard of her. Please enlighten


  105. I live in the UK and since my marriage in 1976, I thought that I had made sense of all my physical, mental and emotional suffering but only to find out from a SWAMI, that my mother in law had been performing witchcraft on me with the help of relatives in her maternal village in India that she frequently visited. It was to split my husband and I. If it was not for this holy man who freed us from the evil spirits, I would never have realised what had happened to me and my son whose destiny she also blocked. It is not until one is cured that one realises how bad a state they have been in and because of the gradual change one usually accepts it as part and parcel of living. I would not tar all the swamis with the same brush and also bear in mind that they also need to make a living to support and care for their families, asrams of orphaned children and or other good cause that does not include personal wealth and its acquisition. For those curios, the mother in law was questioned and she now chooses no to have anything to do with us at all. Could she be fearing something?

  106. Hi
    I read in one book that as per Pathanjali Maharshi the sanyasi who practices Yoga should live in a house which was not constructed by stones. i.e., it should be constructed by wood or bamboos. I request all of you if you find any swamy who is residing in such huts. We should go to him. He is supreme than us.

  107. Yes another hitech fraud swamiji is Ramanswamiji, which he is exploting the people by means of giving blessings online, he think he is god. the pictures are posted in his websites resembles this. People should beware on these types fake persons dont go and lost your life, money and properties to him. Whatever religion u are no problem just think on your god only.

  108. True Said ..I just bought The Bhagvat Geeta as it is by AC Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupad founder of ISKCON for just Rs 50/- and believe me the explanation is simple and superb.

    No wonder so many white people joined ISKCON and spreading Krishna Name through out the world.

    Do read it friends

  109. Just read Bhagavad Gita. Try your best to understand the deep essences of it. Accept Krishna as your Guru. He will connect with you to the right source and people if required. In this materialist Kaliyuga logically a true Guru cannot exist but we do have many subject matter experts who can provide better knowledge and insights to all the shastras and you can have them as a guide but do not take whatever they say as ultimate. Do your own reasoning and enhance yourself. Also it is wrong to say one cannot realize God without Guru. One can get liberated by dedicating all to Shri Krishna the supreme soul using Bhakthi yoga.

    - Venkat Sankar (Troy, MI USA)

  110. FAKE OR NOT IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! SELF-REALISATION HAS THE WORD 'SELF' IN IT FOR A REASON. No baba's or Swami's can help us attain moksha. Yes moksha is through knowledge, and the 3 greatest sources of knowledge are, OUR MIND, OUR HOLY BOOKS AND EXPERIENCE IN LIFE ( THE EXPERIENCE WHICH TEACHES US ABOUT THE WORLD AND IT'S PEOPLE).

  111. you are so right...unfortunately a large chunk of hindus

    want to be lied to and so these charaltans

  112. Another fake person who calls HIMSELF God is Kripalu-maharaj from Mangahr.....he was convicted of molestation in a country named Trinidad and his right-hand man, Prakash-anand Swarswati was convicted in child molestation and is STILL wanted by the US Marshall's as he jumped bail in Texas, US (please check the internet)....the memebers of their organization preaches after questioning this incident that he 'surrendered' to God and he vanished like a true someone tell me? What would it take to see the difference between the real truth and the obvious fake??????

  113. There are more fake swamis that no one knows about in India but seems to have become popular on the internet by buying friends for their blogs. look at this group. it is dangerous.

  114. MAYA
    At every stage in every spiritual path , there will always be some pull felt from worldly distractions.
    These are the delusions created by MAYA. It always distracts persons who are trying to get into the right path of Knowledge. It always tries to veil the path of knowledge by diverting the seeker's mind elsewhere.
    MAYA has many forms and shapes.
    It comes in the disguise of countless persons and misguides you in the path of your spiritual progress. Many have followed the paths of yoga and yet not arrived at the junction where the VEILED PATH is ready to be unveiled by a real master. They are distracted in the path by MAYA in the form of persons acting like masters. Do not blame these masters. They are the makings of MAYA.

  115. Seekers should recognize the delusion created by Maya. The acts of such recognitions will reduce the intervention of Maya in the spiritual path. (This is easier said than done!). When one is ripe, the Guru comes on his own.

  116. have u reached anywhere following gita?
    ask ur soul ....people dont run after babas they run after their desires.
    a real master has no crowd around him and a spiritual seeker has no bondage of scripture or person ...

  117. No religion is free from such fake Gurus. It is we, stupid public, who give them leeway to exploit us. We are purported to be educated people, but none dare to question the existence of God. Why? FEAR. As long as this FEAR is one's heart, it is field day for such Swamis, Gurus....! All religious books are worthless literature, using these to play around the gullible public's minds... and make them weaker and exploit them to the core.... and leave them high and dry.

  118. O dear bhai what great post, also great blog! I'm so happy to see your post about fake gurus. I'm Romania national (European Union) but i practice vedic rituals from my 12 years old (maybe 19 years as devotee today) and i left all this modern hindu schools bassed on marketing. As you wrote i read Vedas in my familly or with some friends, practice puja with devotion and i feel that divine mother protect my heart and my life tripp. O yes dear brother without guru i have only the vedas, prayer, mantra and hope... Maybe i make a lot of mistakes in my rituals, and very shore i need more and more to learn, but as you said si kind, i prefere to surrender all my doubts to our Mother lotus feet! ...In Romania also exist a lot of "marketing" yoga school and a lot of people belive that hindu Sanatana Dharma is somthing abou magic triks or sad! :(... with humbble attitude, i initiated a facebook page Hinduism Romania, and i also try to start a blog where to talk about pure and devotional way of Sanatana Dharma!... Please accept my reverence for your work, and joy to meet you!
    May God bless us with open heart, good inspiration and power to say wvwrytime the truth!
    Om Namah Shivaya!
    ...from Romania :)
    Rudra Dev

  119. I have read the comments of various readers. The reserved class people, particularly, the SCs who are enjoying lavity free under reservation clause are un-necessarily dragging brahmins in this matter. All this happens due to frustration of physical and mental impotancy. Now, the large number of SCs are acting as guru ghantals, fortune tellers, etc. etc. The basic question is still there that fake sanyasis, gurus etc. are exploiting particularly Hindus due to lack of leadership. We must unite and shut them out that bloody exploiers such as, nirmal baba, radhe maa, asa ram and morari bapus, fake peers, road-side dead peers, fake sanyasis etc. as all are looting only and only Hindus. Anmonymous.

  120. Dear All,

    At presebt without going into any Khandan-Mandan ,just want to add something very humbly.

    We must have heard that,now a days money is God.So if not all of us but majority of us is going to different places in search of such God only.That's true ,we are going to such babas & saints in search of materialistic benifits only.Not in search of spritual benifit.

    So we find those type of babas ,who gave us assurance to find materialistic goals in the name of God.

    I fully agreed that ,money is must to live a life.But we should adopt a path where we may earn money with our efforts and think that,it is not the ultimate goal.Time will pass and we have to left all our belongings here only.
    As I understood ,it is the first stgae towards spiritual never know when you have started....

  121. when breath are control,at a point you can realise that you are not breating,you pulse have stopped(but you are not dead and still alive in this world).at that moment you idea of god, demigods, guru's will change immediately to a level you have never imagine before.when ordinary people close their eyes,, they only can see darkness, but people whom control their breath can see glowing light in their darkness.a very logic thinking,,,if you are put in a dark room without any light source, and suddenly you see a light from a match stick fire , would your mind still attract at the whole darkness in the room or a small source of light from match stick?dark is big and powerless but small light is very power.try how to make our breath slow and see the light in our darkness mind?meditation. close eye and imagine a static picture of your choice of gods,continuasly see the imagination for 1 minute, you can see the result and undestand what im trying to say. everyday you have to meditate for atleast 30 minutes.

  122. I want to take initiation from a religious Hindu linage, so can any one suggest me which lineage will be better for me. I enquired about different lineage such as RSSB-Beas, GayatriParivar-Shantikunj, DivineLifeSociety-Rishikesh, KripalujiMaharaj, Brahmakumaris etc. All are good, but I am unable to take a decision which one will be better for me. I influenced mostly in DLS-Rishikesh and Santh Kripaluji Maharaj for his Bhakti-Yoga. So, can any one please suggest me which line will be better for me. Please send me info. about it to my email id : . Thank you all. Prasant from Odisha.

  123. My perception of this place occured with no knowledge of Hindu teachings or philosophy. I expect everyone's road is different and one is better looking over what is in front rather than trying to direct the search. And no one who tries to direct one's search is not in conversion mode, no matter how glossy the cover. Pick your poison, drink it, and let the chips fall where they may. My opinion.

  124. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Sun Yat Sen are worthy of respect, obeisance, kowtow, remembrance, adoration and worship.

  125. Do we have or know fake guys list, convicts, thugs in the cover of Swamis

  126. I could vouch for a few of the "fake swamis" around here in India
    1. Sri Sri Ravishankar - look at the wealth that he has amassed, the way he travels/lives, the businesses that he runs/owns in tandem, the lavishness of the properties constructed, the pricetag on the same product (Kriya/Hyperventilation meditation) in different formats and forms
    2. Mata Amirtanandamayi
    3. Puttaparthi Sai Baba
    Of course Swami Nithyananda
    To name a few, these are the ones that come to my mind immediately. Sure there are scores of them out there. Real Swamis, perhaps, you may never notice, coz., they don't go and seek out their business possibilities/ventures in metro cities. They may be possibly living in the Himalayas or the caves or around temples or even be nomadic, surviving on a "minimalist requirements", eating just fruits or vegetables and spending perhaps most of their time awake pondering why we exist in the first place and the purpose of existence!

  127. Hi, its a very simple yet strong messagge but till someone burt thier finger they will never learn.I had experiance with a Fake guruji at Malaysia Johor Baharu,this guy admit himself a sanyasi,guruji,speak sanskrit but all is lie.He own credit card,have personal bank loan know nothing about sanskrit but people belive in him.He even have affair with girls.GOD HELP US

    He potray himself as guru Raghavendra diciples but the true is he after all the thing you mention above.Rama Rama.

  128. Taking sanyasa is the best business and job now-a-days. You don't need to slog like donkey from morning to evening and patiently expect monthly salary on the last working day of the month ! No annual appraisals from the boss ! No filing of IT returns ! No brain-storming meetings from boss !

    All you need for this good lucrative business is just learn a few slokas and have a good oratory skills :))

    That's it. You can mint money.

  129. We should look at ourselves and our deeds...One has to experience A Guru is as good or as bad as a Shishya...

  130. You dont have to make list or get FBI to find fake guru and swami. they are exposed on their own. you cant fool people. people are smart, know whats wrong and whats right. so relax dont try to be police. there is no need in spirituality. just clean your own heart. thats all is needed.

  131. True saints would not be interested in living in society and passing on their knowledge to all and sundry. It is extremely rare to come across "siddh" swamis.

  132. As per my own experience my GOD is within my heart & the person who connect me with that GOD is true guru..

  133. just watch oh my god movie yu will get all yr answer in three hours

  134. good message to the people,who fall pray to the fake babas. the gita has solution to every problem in the world. so read gita get peace.

  135. good message to the people,who fall pray to the fake babas. the gita has solution to every problem in the world. so read gita get peace.

  136. If Arjuna would have been given the bhagvat gita to read, instead of Shri Krishna's live darshan, satsang & Upadesh, Would he be so much benefitted..???

  137. I commented on this blog over 3 years ago that there are no true yogis or swamis, and that they are no more than charlatans using trickery to deceive the gullible people.
    I will now go further and offer British Pounds 1000 to whoever can put me in touch with a true yogi. Please no yogis or swamis who can fly, walk on water, sleep on fire, haven't eaten for 30 years, and so on. It has all been proven to be trickery that we can see on TV every week performed by very good magicians. The prize will be paid once the candidate is attested to be a true yogi by a panel of independent judges.
    Thank you, Ram

  138. Please send your entries to
    Thank you. Ram

  139. I am speechless
    It is true that many people exploit religin world wide.
    This is happening in all religions.

    It is better if we read the scriptures ourselfes.
    But The question remains. What are is purpose of reading the scriptures.
    Moralty, divinty, magic.
    Nothing more.
    To understand What is good and what is bad. That every action has some result.
    To do good that is the main purpose of all those vast scriptures.
    To read all hindu scriptures you will need many years.
    To understand the deep secrets behind the secrets you will need half yoru lifetie if not all our life.
    The true God wich is a divine force beyond the Many gods (these are all a messengers and keepers of balance). THis force is a very mysterious force wich include all, including all the devtas, ashurs and all living and non-living mater.

    Be happy and think positive, everything you visualize will come true.
    esp during brahamamuhurta

  140. its true that there are many bogus gurus.
    But Bhagwat Gita teaches how to choose the real guru.. and also, moksha is not possible without initiation from a guru. So ,we have to follow guru parampara as given in Bhagwat Gita and know how to differentiate between real and fake guru.

  141. Don't be so self-righteous. If you have a right to carry the message of Gita forward, then so do others. They have a right to carry forward their understanding of things. Yes, it is unfortunate if some fraudster, as you put it, cons not-so-well-to-do people of their hard-earned savings. But if some one well-to-do wants to spend money on a magical ring or ornament,etc., I don't have a problem. Gita primarily stresses on our individual duty, and not on social responsibility which comes with all the issues you refer to.


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