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Story Of Lakshmana Marrying Bhagavan Sri Krishna

The story of Lakshmana marrying Bhagavan Sri Krishna is a beautiful tale from Hindu scriptures that highlights the devotion and prowess of Bhagavan Sri Krishna as well as the determination of Lakshmana in choosing her beloved.

Lakshmana, the daughter of King Brihatsena, was sought after by many prosperous kings due to her beauty and virtues. However, her heart was set on marrying Krishna, whom she deeply admired for his divine qualities and exceptional skills as an archer.

Upon learning of Lakshmana's desire, King Brihatsena, who held Krishna in high esteem, supported her choice. However, he was concerned about the potential backlash from other kings who also sought Lakshmana's hand in marriage. To ensure fairness and avoid conflict, Brihatsena devised a swayamvara, a traditional contest where suitors compete for the bride's hand.

Invitations were sent far and wide, summoning eligible suitors, including Krishna himself. On the appointed day, the suitors gathered for the contest, eager to prove their worthiness. King Brihatsena explained the rules of the contest, which involved shooting down a fish suspended from a revolving machine, using only its reflection in the water below as a target.

The challenge proved to be exceedingly difficult, as many of the suitors struggled even to lift the bow, let alone aim accurately. Some found it impossible to string the bow, while others failed to shoot straight despite their efforts.

Amidst the contestants' frustration and failures, Krishna stepped forward confidently. With effortless grace, he lifted the bow and strung it with a smile, demonstrating his unmatched strength and skill. As he gazed at the reflection of the fish, his aim was unwavering, and with a swift release of the arrow, the fish shattered into pieces, leaving no doubt about his victory.

Overjoyed by Krishna's triumph, Lakshmana happily garlanded him, signaling her acceptance of him as her chosen husband. The swayamvara thus concluded with Krishna emerging victorious and Lakshmana fulfilling her heart's desire to be united with her beloved Krishna.

This story symbolizes the triumph of true love and devotion, as well as the divine grace and prowess of Bhagavan Krishna, who fulfills the desires of his devotees with unwavering compassion and love.