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Mota Yaksh Fair 2024 At Kakadbhit In Kutch District Of Gujarat – Jakh Botera no Melo – Mota Jakh no Melo

 The Mota Yaksh fair held at Kakadbhit in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India, is a significant cultural event dedicated to the Jakhs. Mota Yaksh Fair At Kakadbhit in 2024 is on September 12. The Mota Yaksh fair, also known as Jakh Botera no Melo or Mota Jakh no Melo, is held annually on the second Monday of Bhadrapad (September–October) at the foothills of Kakadbhit. This two to three-day event attracts thousands of pilgrims, predominantly from the Kutch Hindu community, making it one of the largest fairs in the region.

The term "Jakhs" refers to a group of 72 individuals who arrived in the region of Bhuj during the reign of Punara, a local ruler around the 10th century. Legend has it that they reached the area due to a shipwreck, and while some believe they were Iranian Zoroastrians, others suggest they may have been Greek.

These Jakhs, comprising 71 men and one woman, were renowned healers who traveled on horseback, providing assistance to the local populace. They were described as fair foreigners, known for their altruism towards the poor and were considered messengers of God. Despite their benevolent actions, Punara perceived them as a threat and pursued them relentlessly, eventually leading to their tragic demise.

To honor the memory of the 72 individuals, idols representing each of them were crafted and installed on a hillock near Punvaranogadh.

The fair serves as a commemoration of the sacrifice made by the Jakhs and celebrates their legacy of compassion and service. It is a testament to the enduring cultural and religious significance of their story, drawing people together in reverence and remembrance.