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"Akashidharana" (Akashi Dharana) is indeed one of the five dharanas, or techniques for concentration, known as "pancha dharana" in the tradition of Hatha Yoga. These practices are designed to assist in mastering the mind, which, when properly controlled, can lead to self-realization. Additionally, practitioners may attain certain supernormal powers as they progress along this path.

"Akasidharana" specifically involves fixing the mind on the principle of "akasha," which translates to ether or space. In this context, "akasha" represents the subtlest element pervading the universe. Its color is often described as resembling that of ocean water. According to tradition, "Sadashiva" is the presiding deity associated with akasha, and its beeja, or seed-letter, is 'ha.'

The practice of Akasidharana entails concentrating the mind, along with the prana (life force energy), on the principle of akasha for a specific duration. In this case, the recommended duration is five "ghatikas," with one ghatika equivalent to 24 minutes. By steadfastly focusing on akasha for this duration, the practitioner is said to pave the way towards liberation, transcending the limitations of death and even the dissolution of the world (pralaya).

In essence, Akashidharana serves as a profound method for cultivating deep concentration and inner transformation, ultimately leading the practitioner towards spiritual liberation and an understanding of the eternal Self.