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Kartik Purnima Festival At Keshav Rai Temple In Keshoraipatan

 The Kartik Purnima festival at Keshav Rai Temple in Keshoraipatan, Rajasthan, is a grand celebration that draws thousands of devotees to the banks of the Chambal River each year. This sacred shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu, and its significance is heightened during the auspicious Kartik Purnima, a full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik (October-November). Kartik Purnima festival 2024 Date is November 15. The festival begins on Ekadasi (November 12, 2024 and concludes on Full moon day).

Devotees flock to the temple during this festival to partake in the ritual of taking a holy dip in the Chambal River. This act is not only symbolic of cleansing sins but is also believed to fulfill the wishes and desires of the pilgrims. Following the purification ritual, the devotees have the opportunity to seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu in the form of Shri Keshavji, whose idol is enshrined in the Keshav Rai Temple.

The temple's history is intertwined with the devotion of Raja Ranti Deo, who, through intense worship, pleased Lord Vishnu. As a result, the deity manifested in the form of two idols: Shri Keshavji in white stone and Shri Charbhuja Nath in black stone. The construction of the temple was initiated by Raja Ranti Deo in 1250 CE, but due to challenges faced by the royal family, it remained incomplete. It wasn't until 1641 CE, after four generations, that Rao Raja Chattar Salji completed the temple.

Within the temple complex, Mahadev Shiva is venerated as Jambu Margeshwar, and it is believed that the murti (divine idol) was consecrated by Parashurama. The central attraction is the charming idol of Lord Keshavaraiji, seated in a Padmasana or lotus-like position. Crafted from white stone, the idol holds a discus in the left hand and a conch in the right, adorned with a vaijayantimala on the chest and a sacred thread (Janeu) diagonally draped from the left shoulder to the right. The temple follows the Pushtimargiya tradition in its worship ceremonies.

What distinguishes the Keshav Rai Temple is not only its religious significance but also its architectural grandeur. The intricate sculptures and artistic details contribute to the temple's magnificence, making it a place of spiritual solace and visual delight for devotees and visitors alike. The completion of the temple over several generations stands as a testament to the enduring faith and commitment of the royal family in their devotion to Lord Vishnu.