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Baba Baukh Nag Temple – Story

Baba Baukh Nag temple is located at Silkyara in Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. The location where the makeshift Baba Baukh Nag temple stands, having recently provided protection for 41 trapped miners in Silkyara, Uttarkashi, serves as a testament to the deep-seated belief that our mountains have historically safeguarded and sustained humanity. According to local folklore, the temple's removal at the entrance to the tunnel during the construction of the Char Dham Marg is believed to have incurred the wrath of Baukh Nag.

The Tranquil Retreat of Bhagavan Sri Krishna:

After the intense and pivotal Battle of Kurukshetra, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, seeking solace and tranquility, ventured into the majestic mountains that adorned the landscape. Among these sacred peaks, Baukh Nag Tibba emerged as a resting place for the divine entity. The serenity of the mountainous terrain provided a serene backdrop for Bhagavan Sri Krishna to reflect and find solace.

The Enchanting Melody and the Emergence of Baba Baukh Nag:

As Bhagavan Sri Krishna played His celestial flute, the enchanting melody echoed through the mountains, reaching the deepest corners of the region. It is said that the divine music summoned Baba Baukh Nag, a serpent of mystical origins. Intrigued and captivated by the divine music, the serpent emerged from its abode to witness the source of such celestial sounds. This encounter between Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Baba Baukh Nag became a legendary moment, etching itself into the folklore of the region.

The Sacred Peaks - Sem Mukhim and Tehri:

During His sojourn in the mountains, Bhagavan Sri Krishna was drawn to another peak, known as Sem Mukhim in Tehri. Entranced by its beauty and serenity, Bhagavan Sri Krishna chose this peak as His divine abode. The presence of the divine on Sem Mukhim elevated the significance of the mountain, turning it into a sacred site for devotees and pilgrims.

Annual Fair and Sacred Temple:

To commemorate the divine presence and the interaction between Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Baba Baukh Nag, an annual fair is held alternately at Sem Mukhim and Baukh Nag Tibba. Pilgrims from far and wide gather to participate in the festivities, which include rituals, prayers, and cultural events. A temple, constructed with stones on the peak, stands as a testament to the divine connection between the celestial beings and the sacred mountains.

Blessings for the Devotees:

The belief that undertaking the arduous journey barefoot to these sacred peaks during the annual fair brings blessings, especially for newly-wed couples and those seeking offspring, adds a spiritual dimension to the pilgrimage. Devotees undertake this challenging journey with unwavering faith, seeking the divine intervention of the Devta for their marital bliss and familial prosperity.

In essence, the legend of Bhagavan Sri Krishna's retreat to Baukh Nag Tibba and Sem Mukhim in Tehri serves as a cultural cornerstone, intertwining mythology, spirituality, and the natural beauty of the mountains in a tapestry of profound significance for the local community. The annual fair becomes a vibrant celebration of faith, tradition, and the enduring connection between the divine and the earthly realm.