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Kathmandu Hariti Mata Temple – Nepal

Hariti Mata temple is located atop the Swayambhunath hill in Kathmandu, Nepal. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Hariti, a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. Her murti is carved out of a Shaligram stone.

Hariti Mata Temple Story

Kantavati Devi, the queen of King Ran Bahadur Shah (1777 – 1799 CE), had smallpox. It was widely believed that worship of Hariti mata will help in finding relief to small pox. The king propitiated Hariti Mata to cure the illness of his queen. But the queen died out of smallpox. An angry king ordered the murti of Hariti Mata be covered in excrement. The king also destroyed the murti of the Goddess. Soon the king was driven out of his kingdom by his own relatives. When he returned back, he was beheaded by his half brother.

A temple dedicated to her was built after the death of the king.

Hariti Mata is considered to be both a Buddhist and Hindu goddess. She is also a guardian deity.

The two-tiered roof temple is noted for its wood works and sculptures.