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Being Religious Does Not Mean You Can Neglect Family Duties

It is a wrong notion which people hold that when one becomes religious he neglects his family duties. On the other hand he will do it more efficiently than before because his love for God will make him love His children – the family members – and he will serve them all the more ardently with greater love than before as he will see God in them. If one neglects family duties it means his religious outlook is not of the right type.

Hinduism never has said that religion or spiritual instructions are not for the married. Married couples are expected by our Shastras to lead a religious life and a life of sacrifice in the service of society and not be selfish. It is only the unwise ones who do not know the a, b, c of the Shastras, say such silly things, being extremely selfish.

As regards japa, the more you do the better. But then, there is no use repeating the mantra mechanically a large number of times. Instead, if you repeat it devotedly and with great fervour a limited number of times, it is better. Devotion and fervour is what is important and not the number. There is no limit for japa. The more japa you make the quicker will be your spiritual progress.

Try to repeat the mantra always mentally – all the 24 hours, even in the midst of your work. You may forget to do so but as soon as you remember, begin repeating and you will slowly get into the habit of repeating it always.

Swami Vireswarananda of Sri Ramakrishna Mission