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Tips - Balancing Career and Personal Life

When we are having a job and family life, it is natural to come under stress, pressure and exhaustion. Work and family life is equally important for all of us. We need to learn to balance career and personal life.

The first important mantra to balance career and personal life is to not to think of the other in the wrong place. When you are at work, completely focus on work. When you are with family, give all your attention to children and family members. It is impossible for us to be in two places at a time so wherever you are in a given moment give your hundred percent. Do not put ourselves under pressure by trying to do too many things at a time. We need to learn to manage our pressures. To be successful in career and to have a good family life, do not bring work into family time and do not carry family to work.

Focus on what is important for us. Do not focus on what other people will think and what society will say. Stop giving too much importance to others and give importance to what you need. Honest and independent opinion counts more than anything else when deciding on what you want to do with your life. Focus on that which makes you happy and fulfilled. For your future to be happy and blissful, you need to set your priorities and goals first. Then work towards it.

Drop the ego and discuss your problems with people who have positive energy. Take opinion from people who have the capacity to search and find light even in pitch darkness. Discuss matters with people who have seen the world and who are not slave to any ism or tradition. Discuss, help each other and move forward.

Tips - Balancing Career and Personal Life

Be kind and generous in a positive way to all living beings. Do not lose your touch with nature. Empathize with others and help people whenever there is an opportunity. The pressure that we have today is because we have all become closed and compressed. We are all walking pressure cookers. We no longer share or care. When you start sharing and caring, when you start to know more and more people, you gain experience, you learn new things, you get help and you give help, you prosper and those around you too prosper.

So many people around us want to talk. Even there are times we want to talk out our feelings. When you see someone unusually quiet or stressed, you can simply say ‘Do you want to talk?’ Once they start to talk drop everything and listen. You will see that the kind of pressure and problems you have is being faced by many around you. You see them in family, you see them in office, and you see them while commuting… You meet them daily. It is just that you thought only you had problems. Sit, listen attentively and share.

Do not keep thinking – had I done it like that then life would have been better. Instead of focusing on what would have been correct, focus on doing your best in the present. Make a conscious effort not to regret the decisions that you have made in life. You made a decision and now work around it to make life easier and happy. Instead of brooding over lost opportunities or wishing for more, focus on what you have. Be content and happy with the present and work on bettering it.

Be an inspiration to your family, especially to your children. Show your children that you are not weak and you can perfectly balance family and work. We work and struggle for them and the best lesson we can give them in life is not to lose hope and not to crumble under pressures of life.