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Why Non Veg Food Is Avoided In Shravan Month?

Shravan month is associated with Lord Shiva and non-vegetarian food is avoided in the month. From a religious perspective, it is a holy month and therefore non-veg food is avoided. But there is also a scientific reason behind avoiding meat, egg and fish.

Sun and the moon are not visible for majority of the days in Shravan month due to dense rain clouds. This affects the working of the human body. We will not be having the same digestive power as in other seasons of the year. A weak digestive system cannot digest meat. Eating non-vegetarian food can thus cause various ailments. Therefore, meat, egg and fish are avoided during the period.

Another reason is that birds, animals and fish give birth during the period. Killing pregnant beings is a big sin. It is also scientifically not correct to kill pregnant animals, as it is very much necessary for maintaining a healthy livestock population.