Abhyanga Snan during Diwali

Abhyanga Snan is a full body massage and ritual bathing on the Narak Chaturdasi day during Diwali. In some regions, Abhyang Snan is performed before sunrise. Abhyanga Snan 2016 date is October 29, October 30 and October 31. This ritual bath using traditional cleansing and rejuvenating items is more popular in Maharashtra and adjoining regions.

On the Abhyanga Snan, people wake up early in the morning and massage their bodies and head with specially prepared oil. Instead of soap, people use an Ayurvedic mixture known as Utane Churna or powder, which is known as herbal soap powder in local markets. The utane powder consists of Kapur kachari (camphor), kachora, Sveta Chandan (sandal wood), Wala, Nagarmotha, flowers and leaves.

In some regions people perform Abhyanga Snan on Diwali and also the following two days.