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Annaprashana in Bengali Culture – Rice Eating Ceremony

Annaprashana is the first rice eating ceremony of a newly born baby in Bengali culture. The ceremony is performed during the sixth or the eighth month after the baby’s birth. The new born baby consumes its first solid food during the Annaprashana ceremony. From that day onwards the baby can consume solid food. On the day of the ceremony, the baby is given a traditional bathe using Haldi or turmeric and sandalwood paste markings are made on the forehead.The baby wears traditional dress for the ceremony. A baby boy wears dhoti, white silk kurta and a headdress. A baby girl wears red sari, red blouse and headdress.The first solid food offered is Kheer (sweet). The food is first offered to the family deity. Cooked rice and water is then offered to dead ancestors. Finally, the baby is given Kheer by the parents or an elderly member in the family.

Prahlad Jani Has Not Eaten, Drunk or Excreted in over 70 years – this Hindu Man Challenges Science

Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji or Chunri wale mataji, is an ardent devotee of Goddess Amba. He lives at AmbajiTown in Gujarat. Prahlad Jani claims he has not eaten or drunk water for the past 70 years and during this period he has not passed urine or stools. Now he is making news around the world as New Delhi-based Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) analyses him in isolation. He had undergone a similar test in November 2003 and his claim was found to be genuine. Now the Defence Institute study also claims he is genuine. News about Prahlad Jani appeared in respected newspapers around the world around 2 weeks ago. Now Outlook India has come out with more details and an interview.As Jani’s devotees tell it, DIPAS scientists and doctors began as sceptics but were dumbfounded on several occasions, such as when they requested Jani for a 50 ml urine sample. He expressed that exact amount from the 100 ml in his bladder and appeared to absorb the rest within. “On t…

Narasingha Navratri – Narasimh Navratra

Narasingha Navratri, or Narasimh Navratra, is dedicated to Hindu God Narasimha, the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu – popularly known as ‘man-lion’ or ‘half man – half lion’ incarnation. The festival of nine days coincides with the Narasimha Jayanti which falls on the last of the nine-day festival.

Narasingha Navratri is nine days of rituals, celebrations and prayers and is observed in many Narasimh temples in Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

In some regions devotees take out processions to the temples. Some temples and devotees organize Narasingh Yatra.

Chandra Grahan June 26, 2010 India Time – Lunar Eclipse June 2010

Chandra Grahan, a penumbral lunar eclipse, will take place on June 26, 2010. The Chandra Grahan Time in India on June 26 is from 15:46 hrs to 18:30 hrs but will not be visible in most parts of India except for some regions in northeast India. The grahan will be mainly visible in pacific and eastern Australia. According to NASA, the Chandra Grahan will not be visible to the naked eye in most regions and will take place at moon rise in India, eastern parts of Asia, parts of Australia and at moon set in parts of Canada, United States, the CaribbeanIslands and South America. The partial eclipse is most prominent in the eastern part of Australia and New Zealand.In Australia the time is from 20:17 to 23:00 hrs in Sydney.The following map shows the detail view of the Chandra Grahan in June 2010 around the world:Most of the Hindu traditional calendars have not given any importance to the Chandra Grahan on June 26, 2010. This is because it is not visible to the naked eye and therefore there i…

Why are false concepts like Heaven and Hell employed in scriptures? Ramana Maharishi Answers

On seeing her child suffer from pain in the stomach a fond mother desirous of administering pepper to the child, but aware of the child’s dislike of pepper and love of honey, gently coaxes the child with a smear of honey before forcing the pepper into its mouth. In the same way the scriptures in their mercy, seeing the ignorant student suffer in the world, desirous of making him realize the truth, but knowing his love for the world and dislike of the non-dual Reality — which is subtle and hard to understand, gently coax him with the sweet pleasures of heaven, hell etc., before laying bare the non-dual Reality.But how can the ideas of heaven, etc., lead him on to the non-dual Reality?By right actions, heaven is gained; by austerities and devotion to Vishnu, the four stages of beatitude. On knowing it a man practices what he likes among these. By repeated practices in several rebirths his mind becomes pure and turns away from sense enjoyments to receive the highest teaching of the non-d…

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