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How to Observe Mangala Gowri Puja? - Procedure and Rules of Mangala Gouri Puja

Mangala Gouri Puja, or Shravana Mangala Gowri Puja, is an important Vrata observed by married women in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and by some communities in Maharashtra. It is performed for a happy married life and for the long life of the husband. It is observed on Tuesdays in the Shravan or Sawan month (July – August). Below are the procedure and rules of Mangala Gouri Puja and a small description on how to perform the ritual.
Update - Mangala Gouri Puja Dates 

How to observe Mangala Gowri Puja? The method of performing Mangala Gowri puja varies from region to region. This is just to give an idea about the ritual. You can always be flexible in all Hindu rituals what matters more is devotion. And one should not ponder too much over the correct performance of rituals. A simple prayer consisting of lighting a lamp and offering a fruit is more than enough. Things Required for the Puja An image or idol of Goddess Gowri (Goddess Parvati) or five pyramid shapes made from turmeric powder. K…

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