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Sri Muruganar – Words of Wisdom

Not like a boat's sail, outspread wide and worn away by wind and weather, but like the humble anchor, sunk in the vast ocean's depth, the mind should plunge and settle in the heart of wisdom.
Only a one-pointed mind, turned inward, succeeds in Self-inquiry. Weak, faltering minds, like green banana trees, are not fit fuel to feed this fire.
He who has vanquished thought, only he sits like an emperor on the neck of the majestic elephant, knowledge. Know for certain that the mind's movements alone give rise to birth and every cruel pain and sorrow.
When the ego, shaking off all tricky concepts, finally merges in the silence of the Heart, the fullness of blissful, bright Self-Awareness, this is what the sages call transcendent speech.  Sri Muruganar