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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple Pictures – Online Virtual Tour of Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

ThiruchendurMuruganTemple is one of the popular temples dedicated to Hindu God Muruga. This MuruganTemple attracts thousands of visitors daily and this ancient temple is also noted for its architecture. has created an online virtual tour of the ThiruchendurMuruganTemple. You can view nearly 19 different pictures of the temple in 360 degrees. You can take the virtual tour of ThiruchendurMuruganTemple here at

Symbolism in Darkness Associated with Goddess Bhairavi and Kali – Sadhguru

The fundamental principle of Bhairavi is darkness. One meaning of ‘bhai’ is fear. Another meaning is ‘beyond.’ She is fearful for those who are trapped in limitations – but for those who have the eyes to see it, she is the nature of the beyond. For those trapped in the limitations of sensory perception, darkness is a problem. For those who have transcended the limitations of the senses, darkness is a blessing.

For one who is fearful, darkness is evil. For one who is not fearful, darkness is the all-absorbing nature of existence. That which can absorb everything is also that which creates everything.

Why do some associate darkness with evil? Only because your visual senses are such that you cannot see in darkness, it instills fear in you. For all nocturnal animals, darkness is beautiful. There was no light in your mother's womb. The fear of darkness came only after you were born.

SourceExcerpts from an article titled Devi, full of compassion published in the Times of India on N…