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Goddess Kamakhya – About Hindu Goddess Kamakhya

Goddess Kamakhya is one of the most powerful manifestations of Goddess Shakti. She is the great Mother Goddess who fulfils the desires of her devotees. Kamakhya is closely identified with the Dasa Mahavidyas. The most famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya is located in Assam. Here she is worshipped as a natural crevice in a rock that symbolizes the ‘Yoni’ (female genitalia or vagina). KamakhyaTemple is one among the 51 Hindu Shakti piths.Legend has it that Lord Shiva was carrying the body of his dead wife Sati around the world. There seemed to be no end to Shiva’s anger and grief. This led to an imbalance in the universe. Finally, Lord Vishnu decided to decimate the body of Sati with his Sudhrashana Chakra. He cut the body of Sati into 51 pieces. It is believed that ‘Yoni’ of Sati fell at the spot where the present KamakhyaTemple stands. Therefore the popular belief is that she can be worshipped in any form as she is present in all forms. Goddess Kamakhya is associated with Godd…

Book – Rama With An Axe; Myth and Cult of Parasurama Avatara

The new book titled ‘Rama With An Axe; Myth and Cult of Parasurama Avatara’ critically explores the role played by the Parashuram Avatar of Hindu God Vishnu in the development of various cults, rituals, festivals and temples in India. Another highlight of the book written by Pradeep Kant Choudhary, is the in depth study of the Parashuram’s relation with his mother Renuka and the Yellamma worship.The book is scholarly in nature and helps in understanding the origin of various cults, rituals and festivals. There is also a detail analysis of the story of Parashuram Avatar.Rama With An Axe; Myth and Cult of Parasurama Avatara
Written by Pradeep Kant Choudhary
Published by Aakar Books
Price – Rupees 750/- You may also like to readParashuram Avatar – the Sixth incarnation of VishnuGoddess Renuka Worship in South India – the Yellamma Cult

Sarayu Jayanti – Saryu Jayanthi

Sarayu Jayanti is believed to be the day when River Saryu descended on to earth. Sarayu Jayanti 2018 date is June 28. The day is of great significance in Ayodhya, which is located on the banks of Sarayu.

The river is mentioned in the Ramayana and the Vedas. It is also associated with Hindu God Ram and this makes it holy.

The popular belief is that Lord Ram entered into the river Sarayu to end his life on earth and merge with Hindu God Vishnu.

Sarayu Jayanti is observed on the Purnima or full moon day in the month of Jyeshta.

Osho Quotes on Happiness

In life things are very mixed up. Like day and night, life and death, you have happiness and unhappiness. Life is rich because of polar opposites.The very idea that one would like to be happy forever is stupid, and the idea will only create unhappiness. You will become more and more miserable in your greed for elusive eternal happiness.The happy person is not one who is always happy. The happy person is one who is happy even when there is unhappiness. Try to understand it. The happy person is one who understands life and accepts its polarities. He knows success is possible only because failure is also possible. So when failure comes he accepts it.If you can accept unhappiness as smoothly as you welcome happiness, you will transcend both. In that very acceptance is transcendence. Then unhappiness and happiness will not make much difference to you, you will remain the same.Osho