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Teachings from Garuda Purana

Unhappiness comes from the sense of “I” and “mine”. As long as these feelings are there, true knowledge is impossible. Eliminating these means the elimination of one’s ego.
If one thinks of ignorance as a tree, the seed and the trunk of the tree are formed by the ego. Houses and land are the tree’s branches, wives and children smaller branches and material wealth the tree’s leaves.
Papa (sin) and punya are the tree’s flowers, and happiness and unhappiness fruits. People get tired of the hurly bury of life and seek comfort under the tree’s shade. But these are transient comfort and transient happiness. 
True happiness and true comfort come when one recognizes that the tree itself is an illusion.
Those who are learned chop down the tree with the axe of knowledge. It is such people who can unite with the Brahman and it is such people who become truly free. As long as one is ignorant, one confuses the physical being (jiva) with the soul (atman).
What really is knowledge? That which remo…