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Hindu Temple Tour and Wedding Pujas to Help Singles Find Life Partners

If you are a bachelor and not able to get married or if you are a parent of a son or daughter with marriage related problems like delay in wedding then Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation has just created a wedding spiritual package – a tour of Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu that specialize in wedding poojas. There are numerous temples in Tamil Nadu where it is believed that if unmarried people offer their prayers they get married soon. Devout Hindus can conduct pujas at 11 temples in Tamil Nadu that are believed to help in solving marriage related problems. It is popularly believed that by praying and offering pujas at Thiruvidanthai, Mudichur, Thirumanan­ch­eri, Thiruserai, Madurai, Thiruvengadam, Thirukarukaoor, Thiruveezhamazhalai, Nallur Kalyana Sundareshwarar, Nathchiar Koil and Uppiliappan Koil people find solutions to their marital worries.ExpressBuzz reportsThe service would leave on Friday evening, starting July 3, from the city and will drop the devotees back in the cit…

Hindu Prayers for iPhone and iPod users - Shri Vishnu and Maa Durga Prayers

Now iPhone and iPod users can pray and pay tribute to Shri Vishnu and Maa Durga by chanting Vishnu Chalisa and Durga Chalisa and by performing Aarti at any time and place. Shri Vishnu Prarthana and Shri Durga Prarthana is an ideal choice and great help for devout Hindus who want to perform puja and prayers when they are away from home. The Hindu prayer Apps are a product of Robosoft Technologies Inc.Shri Vishnu Prarthana and Shri Durga Prarthana Applications containChalisa text and Chalisa meaning which can be viewed in Hindi and EnglishPictorial representation of Chalisa TextRich-quality, soothing and devotional Durga Chalisa audioChalisa text, Pictorial representation and Chalisa meaning synchronized with Chalisa audioEasy swipe gestures for Fast Forward and RewindPerform Virtual AartiHigh-quality, soothing and devotional Aarti audioPerform Puja starting with touching the bell to start AartiTouch the lamps to light themTouch the incense sticks to light themTouch the flower bowl to s…

Teachings from Mahabharata

Grass, earth, water, and good words – these four are never to be found missing in the homes of noble men.
It is good character which makes one a Brahmin. It is not caste, family, birth, studies and learning.
As a calf recognizes and approaches its mother in the midst of a thousand cows, even so, the effects of the past deeds do not fail to recognize and visit the doer in his new life.
Everyday hosts of living beings enter the abode of the Lord of Death, the rest nonetheless strive to live forever. Mahabharata